Essay About Teamwork And Its Principles


Previously we discussed the movie evaluation essay. Today I am going to write a teamwork essay. I think it is rather interesting theme to talk about. Working through my essay I understood that many aspects of life are covered by teamwork. Let’s recollect some important events. Parents and other relatives, friends and colleagues arrange any kind of celebration. All those weddings, birthday parties or business require the work of a group of people. You might have met certain teamwork essays. They can be of any topic: sport teams, school arrangements, any assignments. My essay on teamwork is going to cover the whole process of forming of a group of people, its principles and conditions.

Firstly let’s sort out the reasons for gathering together:

  • Need for safety. An individual can decrease the sense of danger and anxiety by joining the group. Here he can feel stronger than he used to be, doubts less and is able to resist external risks. 
  • Need for self-respect. A person receiving any task can perceive discomfort and get depressed by certain losses. Being a member of any team helps an individual to feel his necessity.
  • Need for affiliation. People want regular and stable relationships. Communication is one of the ways we respond to the need for affiliation.
  • Need for achievement. There are amounts of tasks that are complicated for one person. These assignments require various abilities, skills and knowledge. Working in a crew you are able to fulfil purposes and achieve the expected results.

Thinking about the whole process of forming a team and principles of a teamwork I understood that any activity has positive and negative sides and requires certain conditions. Let’s consider all those issues in detail.

A list of conditions that can help to achieve successful results of teamwork activity:

  1. Precise setting of aims and tasks.
  2. Crew participants’ ability to work in groups.
  3. Proper selection of a team.
  4. Elaborate system of working for each member of a group

Positive sides of teamwork:

  1. Ideas that emerge in teamwork cannot appear in usual activity.
  2. Group of people can solve problems that are beyond the limits of one man.
  3. All participants’ points of view are taken into account while making a decision. It guarantees that nuances worth of attention will be considered. That is why it minimizes inappropriate decision-making.
  4. When a person is responsible for a certain job it becomes ordinary for him and he can even miss an important point. A new pair of eyes can figure out all inadequacies.
  5. Teamwork teaches regular habits and trains each member to be patient, precise to tolerate and respect other opinions, to overcome egoism, to behave correctly during the dispute.
  6. Either every participant of a group or the whole crew can reveal their creativity and fulfil its potential.

Negative sides of teamwork.

  1. Searching for adequate form of joint work also needs certain time. Getting accustomed to each member of a group can last too long. So, it is necessary to have additional time in reserve.
  2. Teamwork can be noted for its slowness. Especially it is noticeable in big team size. Complications that appear while gathering members of a crew can influence negatively on activity progress.
  3. Earnest controversy may appear because conversations in teamwork take much time.
  4. Decision-making can be delayed since different opinions of participants are generalized only after all discussions end.

So, what can we say after reading the information above? The process of teamwork activity creates the strongest energetic potential. Clear objectives facilitate system of searching for effective ways to realize the purposes. Besides, it can positively influence each member of a group. They are interconnected by the same aims and goals and are interested in successful results. The main condition for teamwork is cooperation. It helps the members of a crew to trust each other and to give a hand if someone needs it. Working in a team an individual doesn’t want to be an outsider that is why he tries to do everything perfectly. He uses all his efforts and creativity.

From my own experience I can give you the examples of teamwork activity: as successful as well as failed ones. When I studied at university we had competitions on a definite topics once a year conducted between groups. There were certain tasks among which a song and a sketch we had to prepare. The first two years we failed to win. The reason for unsuccessful results was inappropriate teamwork activity. Although we had several planned meetings only a half of students could gather. The ideas we suggested weren’t good enough. We managed to do the tasks though we understood they were not worth of attention. Then we had to explain everything to the students who missed gatherings. It took too much time and we weren’t even able to rehearse the performance. So, the lack of responsibility, ideas and time was the main reason for our failure.

Being the third-year students we learned our previous mistakes. Our performance was adaptation of “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen. We maintained our teamwork activity effectively. All students participated in discussions. We suggested as much ideas as possible and created the script altogether. Then we started to think over the stuff we needed. We made a list according to which each student was responsible for a certain item. We used to meet as soon as any free time occurred. We had enough rehearses to be sure that we would be able to win. We had even some extras that we didn’t use. We got the victory! So, this teamwork activity was managed correctly. We acted due to the rules for achieving the successful results.

Working as one team you can fulfil tasks that are too complicated for one person. Although all team members are united for attaining the same purposes each individual should be able to have his own point of view. Not only one man but the whole group is responsible for all cases and achievements. That is why we can say that a solvable task and the members of a teamwork create the rules by which the successful results of joint activity can be achieved.

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