Essay about Water: Pollution and Scarcity


Water is the second most important element that gives a person the ability to live. The first vital factor is air. Both significant features are polluted. Any modern society is surrounded by the environment which is not clean. People live in polluted world. Since this is a water essay, let us pay attention to this topic.

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What is the most important liquid? Of course water! It is everywhere: under the ground and in the air. We breathe water. This substance forms oceans, seas, and rivers. It can be found in the depth of the earth. Hundreds of water springs are flowing in the soil. The planet was created out of water, and the Earth is standing on the water. Our body contains a high percent of this liquid. When it lacks water, one’s body suffers. Have you ever known that people use the same water all the time because of its circulation?

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People have been using water for thousands years. They depend on it greatly. We use it while cooking, cleaning, and washing. People need it for transportation goods. Water makes someone’s body to function properly. Without water there is no life. Besides, our company can offer online essay editing. We try to be useful. So, if you have an essay about water qualities, we can check it together.

Now a main question rises. Why people knowing that do not take care about this vital resource? Pollution is the main problem of the society. Folks have done all possible to make this world dirty. Probably they can do nothing to factories and stations, but people could behave better towards water basins.

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The Main Causes of Water Pollution and Ways Out

Water pollution is a dangerous state of the substance which is caused by different factors.

1. The influence of industry. Industry is very good, we need it, and we got used to it. But it has a waste which negatively influences water. These are toxic and chemical elements which pollute water and air. It happens because some industries have not taken care of proper waste systems. For these reasons, they drain toxic matters into the pipes which lead into open water basins. Such dangerous elements make water toxic. They change its color and the mineral composition.

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2. Sewage is another important factor that pollutes fresh water. It is produced by every household. The harm lies in its falling into rivers and seas. Sewage waters contain bacteria which are dangerous for people. Some of them can cause severe disease and even death. Fish and other creatures in a water basin serve as a carrier of a harmful toxin. When such water reaches a person, he/she gets ill. Malaria is a common example of the impact of waste water.

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3. Mining is not only an important branch of industry but also a significant factor that makes water polluted. People extract minerals from rocks. They become dangerous when are mixed with water. Such minerals increase the amount of toxins in the water which cause problems with one’s health. This activity spills some metal waste that brings evil to all water. 

4. Oil spilling is also a common way of polluting . Usually it happens accidentally. Its substances do not dissolve. As a result, water becomes an extremely dangerous place of living. Fish suffer and die. It also brings harm to birds that live near the seashores.

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5. Chemical manure is widely used among farmers. They support crop growing, but they become a dangerous weapon against water when mixed with it. It deeply gets into the soil, and when it rains, the rain drives it to the water canals and rivers.

Water pollution is a common problem of the modern generation. Nowadays significant methods of filtration are installed into factories. Also, there is a special rain water program which aim is to gather it into huge containers for holding under the ground. People have to learn how to prevent the pollution of water. What everyone of us can do to preserve water clean.

What is Water Scarcity?

The major part of our planet is covered by water. This is shocking when understand that many people do not have an access to it. There are whole countries where people lack drinking water. People have water needs. Water scarcity means the absence of material that will fulfill these needs.

The highest index of water scarcity is found in African regions and some Asian countries.

Causes of Water Scarcity

1. Water overuse. People often do this. It happens for different reasons. The main is that people do not consider water as a vital resource which must be protected. While taking care about themselves, animals, plants, or other things, water can be easily overused.

2. Climate issue. This theory is also very popular. Because of the climate changes the amount of drinking water reduces. Indeed climate influences the flow of rivers and the volume of ponds and lakes. Drought is a global disaster that decrees the level of accessible water. Some areas on the planet experience a lasting drought.

3. War and conflicts. This event changes the life of a society. Water becomes unavailable. Sometimes its lack results in hundreds deaths. Apply to our essay paper buying service to have more essays about war conflicts.

4. Water pollution. Some regions of the Earth have extremely polluted water. It is impossible to drink it or use in any way. It can be poisoned. So, one drink of such water causes the death of any living being.

5. A big distance. There are countries where people cannot get water because its spring or well is too far or too deep from them. It mostly concerns deserts and desolated areas.

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Drinking water is vital for planting. If a folk does not have it, it will not able to feed itself. It causes hunger. Animals can die because of lack of water. It means that people will not use them as a source of meat.

The absence of clean fresh water brings diseases into people’s lives. It mainly reflected into problems with bowls. Water scarcity leads to poverty. Any country which does not have enough supply of water, inevitably becomes poor. Death is the last stage of the horrible impact that water scarcity carries.

The main way that can become a solution in such situation is education and water recycling. Modern technologies allow people to survive even in dessert areas. The right step is to learn how to use the same water many times without any harm.

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