Essay On Ambition: Does It Help In Life


It was said to many of us that personal ambitions never lead to good. But the practice shows the opposite. People with high developed ambitions more often reach something in life. It is a people that are described in essay about leadership. From my ambition essay, you can learn everything about ambitions. There is the meaning of ambitions, its classification, positive and negative aspects and recommendations for its development and self-improvement.

What are personal ambitions? It is the desire and the intention of man to reach any individual goals. What could be wrong? I this ambition definition essay I can notice that this word was translated from the Latin "ambitio" and means vanity and pride. An ambitious man is a person with a heightened vanity and with too high aims. Ambition can be too high, too low or adequate. If you are an ambitious person, then you don’t need too much of extra stimulation. For business personal ambitions are an indispensable quality, especially if we are talking about management. A good leader, a successful businessman may not be unambitious. Otherwise, he or she is doomed to failure in the economic depths. If you want to be such a person, my advice is to read more about it in short and long term goals essay.

"I am easily satisfied with the very best", said Winston Churchill, and it is an accurate phrase for a man with ambition. How much do you want? If you do not need a lot, you want a little - your ambitions are small. If you want a lot, if you have the highest claim, if you are not satisfied with anything but the best - you're an ambitious person. Among essays on ambition, it is written that an ambitious person first of all strives to be the best, always and everywhere, occupies a status above the rest. He is a determined, motivated and strives for self-improvement.

Sometimes, big goals are determined by man's faith in oneself and his purpose, sometimes it is a heightened ego, sometimes – a personal inadequacy. On the other hand, there are people who think it is wrong to live a grey, plain, empty life, it seems necessary to make life bright and big. It is the people who raise the bar of their life to the max, because they love life and respect themselves. An adequate ambitious person sets realistic goals and successfully reaches them. They are always happy to hear the opinions of others and have a sober assessment of the situation. Such people are absolutely not jealous, don’t flaunt their importance, make friendships easy at work and on vacation and also easily gain respect from others. Psychologists say that ambitions that person has now are laid in childhood. A lot depends on parents, from their reactions to the child's success. Excessive praise can lead to too high ambitions. Dismissive attitude leads to low ambitions. An adequate ambition gives an appropriate reaction on positive achievements. For the better understanding of this question you may ask professional essay writers to write a paper for you, where you will find all that you need. 

How to develop an adequate ambition

  • Confidence. Be confident in yourself and in your actions.
  • Self-esteem. Always evaluate the degree of compliance with your own abilities, ambitions level.
  • Motivation. Ambition refers to those human qualities that are constantly evolving and changing. At the core of ambition is the motivation of the individual.
  • Listen to others. An objective assessment of your activities by colleagues and friends allows you to learn better your own ability, growth potential and enhances the confidence of your abilities.
  • A clear understanding. Be aware of what you want. Mark the path of realization of your desires.
  • Set goals. Always set a realistic goal! Move on only after reaching them. Only then your ambitions will be realized.

What factors affect on ambitions

  • The level of self-esteem. The higher self-esteem, the higher ambitions.
  • “A family heritage ". Successful parents promote the development of children’s ambitious, because there are originally laid the "expectation of success". And remains nothing but to justify the expectations of parents.
  • Personality type: extroverts and introverts. Extroverts are more active, communicative and they need acceptance from other people, unlike introverts who do not care about who and what is thinking about them, because they feel quite comfortable with their thoughts.
  • The learning process requires constant goal setting, both in the short and in the long term, and you need to achieve it. Success breeds faith in oneself and the motivation to further activity.

A little bit of classic

Shakespeare's tragedy about the lust of power moved in our days. I want to write about it in my Macbeth ambition essay. "Macbeth" is the story of a fearless warrior and a charismatic commander, who was ruined by unbridled ambition and desires. Without a doubt, "Macbeth" is one of the most famous classical works of Shakespeare that after four centuries since the publication are played on stages and filmed in movies. Let's look at the main character. Soliloquy of Macbeth shows this man so withered by ambitions and that normal human reaction so strange to him; it is even more than an instinctive fear reaction. Probably, only the most insane killers are capable of objectivity, similar to that which is demonstrated by Macbeth in relation to his own inhumanity. The alienation of consciousness from the unconscious of Macbeth’s ambition is expressed in the form of hideous witches, symbolizing his desires. As a result, of "the emotional reconfiguration of consciousness" Macbeth becomes completely indifferent to his ambitions and to the crown. These radical reassessments of the meaning of life are expressed in a powerful monologue of Macbeth. Emotionally this monologue talks about the despair, about the collapse of the projection. The insight of Macbeth indicates that "I" is "the aspect of personality that puts an end to all projections." Macbeth is often described as a madman who in the end of the play seeks to meet his own death. Would we say that he is a hero who has made the painful path of transformation of consciousness? In everyday life we are killing much more than aware that. We kill in love when a hunger of ownership and pride take over, and we are trying to subjugate the other, when marriage becomes legalized form of the possession of mental, physical, and intellectual talents of another person. Even friendships can involve us in a murder when one becomes a victim of our kindness, our indulgent willingness to save a person from the possibility to be oneself, regardless of all consequences.

If you write an essay on my ambition, you should notice some rules. For example, it is important to learn to maintain balance, and then it will become much easier for you to perceive the reality and the world around you will change. Moderately ambitious approach to the case will accelerate it and make the solution more productive. Think about how much easier and more enjoyable it will be to communicate. And this will be a big advantage in life.

Do we need to be ambitious or we just need to live and go with the flow? It is not easy to find answer on such difficult question. As well as difficult to find a good helper who can write for you essay on any topic. But if you try our service, you will have one less problem.