Essay on America: God Bless the U.S.A.!


I always tried to comprehend the dimensions of our planet and a number of the countries, which are situated on its surface. Finally, I was forced to admit that my imagination was not enough to understand the real size of our world. An American Steve Fossett needed 67 hours to fly around the globe with making no stops. This record was beaten several years after, though the time, which was spent on making such a tour, was able to help me to imagine the world better.

I haven’t been to every corner of the world, though the modern torrents of information let us get the extensive data about any country, any event, and any news, which are happening in the world. I made this conclusion long ago: I don’t want to live nowhere, except here! I am an American, I live in this marvelous country, and I will never agree to leave it even if I am proposed a pretty sum of money! I am proud to be an American!

Why I Love America

If I am asked why I love America, I will be ready to answer at once. Its advantages are countless and it is impossible to mention all of them in my essay on America. Let’s deal with some of them.

America is considered to be a country of freedom, where everyone without distinction of his skin color, nationality, or any other reasons, has a right to be free. Everyone has a freedom to say what he wants, to believe in God he likes, to marry a person, whom he is in love with and the color of your partner’s skin or his gender identity doesn’t matter. The United States Constitution provides the citizens with all the rights, which are needed to live according to their own models and not to have any frames. Unlike the countries, where it is forbidden for women even to show their faces, an American woman has the equal rights with man, she is free to vote and even to be elected as the President. The right of a woman to wear the clothes she likes shouldn’t be mentioned here at all. Nobody is able to point out the Americans what to do, what to eat, and what to wear. Nobody is able to doubt the fact that America is a place, where the dreams come true. I know this for sure.

Not one generation of people and outstanding activists fought for freedom in America. The way, which America had covered before become as democratic as it is now, was long and exhaustive, though it brought us the positive results. It is not a problem for any American to find a work he likes and build a bombastic career. Your social status doesn’t influence your opportunities and you are always free to choose your own way in life. Just come to New York and it will be enough for you to understand that America is really a place, where the wonders happen to everybody.

The United States of America became free from slavery, which is still a usual thing for some countries. Just imagine that such a violation is still flourishing in our modern world! America has successfully pulled through all the troubles and got rid of such a terrible phenomenon as exploitation of man by man.

I Am Proud of Being an American

When I switch on TV and hear that the United States of America helped this or that country, a tasty feeling of pride for my country starts filling my heart up to its top. I know that our President will never leave the neighboring states in trouble. All the needed help will be rendered to everybody as soon as the info about any cataclysm come to light. The American official authorities and groups of volunteers sent tons of help to Haiti, when it suffered from the terrible earthquake, and to many other countries, which needed our help. The American rescuers are systematically sent to rake the consequences of air-crashes, terroristic acts, and tremendous fires. I know that our country does this not for gaining some benefits or getting the compliments. We do this just because our country is strong, innovative, perfectly developed in all the spheres of life, and we are sure that it is our mission to help the fraternal nations. Uncle Sam is always ready to lend the shoulder.

I love this land and every night, when I am ready to fall asleep, I repeat one and the same phrase: ‘God Bless the U.S.A.!’ I really want our country to be prosperous and never lose our forward position!

I know that I am not the only patriot and nearly every American shares my views. I am sure that God hears our prayers. Maybe I am a too naive person, though I want to believe that America will soon find a sure remedy for cancer and surprise the world with its potential. I know that it will be always the best country for living!

Your Ideal Essay

America is a native country of Hip-Hop, iPhone, and Coca-Cola, over which people all over the world go crazy. The list of the aspects, which make people be proud of America, is limitless. It is a country, which gave us a lot of adorable things and made our nation popular all over the world.

There are very many reasons why the Americans should be proud of their country and bear their titles with their heads held high. When I go to Egypt, Turkey, or somewhere else on holidays and I am asked here something like, ‘Where have you come from?’ I answer quickly and without a shadow of a doubt, ‘I am from America, sir!’

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