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America as you know it now is not one of the oldest countries in the world. In this American History essay we will raise interesting facts and biographies of people that played important role in the establishing of this great country. By the way, we are the website that revise essays. So, please do not afraid to cooperate with us.

The USA indeed is one of the most influential countries in the world. It is very attractive. The USA has become the mother for many world investigations. People from all over the world travel to America. Although one cannot find there antique buildings or masterpieces of the past as in Europe and Asia, it draws attention of many tourists. Shopping is not the only reason. America is a big cultural center. Hollywood, movie stars, and different TV projects make the USA very popular. While having fast food restaurant in your own town, you would probably not refuse to try truly American burger. This is a very special country. But how everything began? One of our thesis writers services would try to give answers on all questions.

Nobody knows the certain date of the establishing of America. What do you know about it? Some experts say that everything started in 1492 when Columbus arrived with his crew to the distant shores of America. Others claim that it started in 1600. No one can say for sure how everything happened. What one can say about native people of America? Where they came from? It is said in the Bible that the earth was divided. So, it is logically to suppose that the world was solid but then it split. It explains to some extent the presence of people in America before European investigators has settled there. This is the Biblical reason, so our online essay customer service has decided to write it.

There is another version which says that native Americans were people from Eurasia. They crossed the bridge that connected Asia and Alaska. Then they moved further. It happened during Ice age for about 30000 years ago. These people opened new possibilities on a new place. They settled wherever they wanted inhabiting all the mainland. Later they created separate tribes and groups of people with different laws and worldviews. Smaller groups were defeated by bigger. As the time was flowing indigenous people were developing. These were two major explanation of a complicated question.

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What was next? Then colonial period started. Europeans opened to the world a new continent. Approximately, in 1607 the first settlements were established in America. These were English settlements. They brought their own goods to America but took potatoes, tobacco, corn, and squash to Europe. It was a fair exchange. Together with goods Europeans brought diseases which were deadly dangerous for native people of America.  If you have an essay on colonization and do not know how to improve it, chat with us and we will help with essay review online.

Even though the history now criticize the investigation of Christopher Columbus, some still believe that he reached the shores of Puerto Rico in 1493. Other European explorers reached Florida and different territories. They established their own settlements which grew very fast. Such settlements turned into big towns with important merchant and business centers. British colonists took the eastern part of America. As somebody remember it was the time of hard labor and slavery. From now on we suggest you a list of significant events in the history of America. Thus, it would be easier to catch the idea of the order.

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1. By the 18th century there were 13 colonies in America. Each territory had its peculiarities because of difference in political structure. London government appointed each head of the colony. They were in charge of laws and taxes. The population of every colony grew fast. The birth rate and rate of immigration was much higher than death proportion. America was the country of goods and prosperity. Many people especially youth immigrated to the new land. Africans were brought for work on plantations. If you do not know how to write paper about Africans, you can buy essay online.

Christianity spread greatly within 13 colonies. Preachers talked freely about God and freedom of slaves. Among African-Americans many were turned from slaves into pastors and Evangelists. All colonies needed the protection of Britain.

2. In Virginia appeared a sort of upper class. These were people who had power above some political structures and even churches. They had plantations which delivered them big money. In the mid of the 18th century French-Indian War started. The result of the struggle was the consolidation of all 13 colonies. It was unexpected. Leaders called people to unite. During that period for the first time in the history of America the idea of united states was voiced. Britain suppressed American colonies by new taxes. People began to resist. They came up to the beginning of the revolution. It was the time of big unification of Americans.

3. In 1775 the rebellion against British Empire started. It had many causes and logical reasons. Two countries were separated by the huge strip of ocean. Till that time Americans established its own political body. Britain passed new taxes which limited Americans. There were armed conflicts. All these and many other things provoked the beginning of Revolution. Many people in America still were doubt about revolution. There was a faith in reconciliation. However, some people joined into organizations which spread propaganda in support of revolution. Editors printed newspapers which demonstrated cruelty of Great Britain towards Americans. People filled with fire and strength rushed against enemy. Americans won the battle.

4. The first President of America became no one else but George Washington. He was a national hero and the commander of Continental army. In 1789 he was elected as the President of independent country. Since then Washington became the capital. The main task of the country and President was the development of a strong government. In order to keep financial system in steady state the new government established The Bank of America. The country had a debt which had to be paid off. George Washington wanted to maintain good trade relationships with Britain. But he faced a strong opposition from Republicans. They blamed the President in attempt to make America the puppet in the hands of Great Britain.

5. Especially after Revolution slavery in Northern states was weakened. African-Americans obtained freedom all over the country except Southern regions. Between 1812 and the beginning of Civil War many events happened. That was the war between America and United Kingdom. The war had serious reasons one of which was suppression of trade limit from the side of England. However, everything finished in 3 years with the returning of peace between two countries. In 1830 the government declared the deportation of native Americans. They occupied the territory which was attractive for settlers. Some Americans did not welcome this law. Religious leaders opposed to the government’s decision. Some Indians especially in region of Florida resisted pressure with weapon in their hands. The attitude towards slavery separated South and North. That was the main reason which fired Civil War.

By the way, because of slaves who were brought from Africa and immigrants, America has become a greatly diverse country. Cultural diversity essay emphasizes significant issues and questions about it.

6. 1861 became the year when Civil War started. It was a severe opposition between two sides. As someone knows the Northern states won the battle. The final result of the war was Emancipation Proclamation which historically did not change the lives of African-Americans. During the period of Reconstruction one of the main goals was to bring freedom to all slaves. Ex-slaves met many struggles. Nobody wanted to give them job. That was a time when the fate of African-Americans was in the hands of the government. People needed support. Besides, one can always get the best customer support from essay writers.

The second part of 19th century was notable for huge migration of Europeans to America. People needed land for living. The industrial side of the country rose quickly. Nevertheless, it did not take long. At the finish line of the 19th century America faced depression. Railroads and businessmen were unable to pay debts. It was followed by Progressive time which came thanks to the golden standard. Richness returned to America. It brought it the strongest economy in the world.

7. The period of Roaring Twentieth was the time of blossom in the USA. People had more than needed and spent more than had to. Great Depression was a logical continuation of that era. People suffered from unemployment. The country saw many deaths. Franklin D. Roosevelt became the salvation and way out from economic decline. His policy helped to regulate economy of America. It provided people with work which reconstructed the country. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a great leader. Find out what are the main qualities of a leader in this work:

8. America joined the Second World War. It supplied its allies with money, food, and new military equipment. The USA was involved into war. Nuclear weapon was the last word of the retribution. Later America had war conflicts with Korea and Vietnam. Civil Right movements started in the USA. It was a very tough and responsible time. It turned the lives of black people. The names of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr and other influential people will always remain in the hearts of Americans as the national heroes.

9. Terrorist attacks and war with Iraq rushed on America in the new century. The continuous war with Iraq and crisis in financial sphere of the USA led to big changes. One of which was the new President. Barack Obama became the first African-American leader of the country. Obama took important efforts to save economy. His program was successful and in a year the economy of America began to recover.

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In 2016 the USA got new elections and new President. Donald Trump is the present leader of America.

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