Essay On Bill Gates: King Of Computer Technologies


Have you ever dreamt to earn more than 200 dollars per second and this inflow never to be interrupted? If to sum up the incomes of such a fortune, the total sum will make your jaw drop. If such an earning could be real, you would be able to get more than 20 million dollars a day! Just imagine this! I guess you will say that there is no use of letting yourself fly so high in the sky. Nobody is lucky to make so much money daily.

If you are still sure that it is impossible to do this, get ready that the next info may astonish you. There is a person on this planet, who earns 250 dollars every second, 20 million dollars a day, and 7,8 billion dollars a year! If he let 1 thousand dollars fall, he won’t even bend to pick up this sum. He will earn it back just in 4 seconds! Don’t say that I have a fever and this is just the figment of my imagination. Bill Gates is a happy man, who earns so much money that he will never spend all his capital even if he throws 5 million dollars to the wind daily. My Bill Gates essay will tell about this phenomenal man, who was born under a super lucky star.

Being Successful

My mom always told me that if I wanted to succeed in life, I had to study well and did my best to get only the excellent marks. I didn’t know who had told her that only the excellent students were able to achieve the incredible heights, though she believed in this stupid rule and terrorized me during several years of my studying at college. Frankly speaking, I wasn’t able to explain this phenomenon, though not everybody, who studied perfectly, made the killing progresses then. Bill Gates was one of those, who passed not all the exams successfully and failed from time to time. Once I read his famous phrase, ‘I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.’ Oh, if you knew how much force this quote gave me! It made me forget about my race for marks forever and my mom’s shouting stopped influencing my new ideology.

Why Microsoft

I think that the name of Bill Gates is known to people of any nation, any age group, and any social level. Each time, when I press the button ‘Power’, which is on my computer, I remember about Bill Gates, because my favorite device is always associated with the name of the Microsoft Corporation owner. Should I deviate from the topic and remind you what Microsoft is? If you are among the minority and you can’t formulate the list of Mr. Gate’s merits, I need to tell you that Microsoft (MSFT) is a company, which was founded by Bill Gates and which became the largest and the most popular PC software company in the world. MSFT and its perfect software, its computing devices, and various new and new ideas, which always make the real revolution in the world of computer technologies, let people all over the world get more and more computerized and use their computers and laptops in both business and everyday life.

The success of Microsoft is still the biggest secret of our time. Why so many computer users pay for MSFT software and don’t change it for any other platforms? What does make MSFT so attractive? Bill Gates scholarship and his perfect feeling of the humans’ needs help this company to stay on top. Unlike the competitors, which appear at the market daily and which want to supersede the leader, there is no day, when the engineers of MSFT have no new ideas. All of them are fresh, effective, and are oriented to make the users’ work more productive. Nobody doubts that Microsoft is a name, a quality, and a number of interesting propositions, which can’t be ignored by the smart computer users, who know how many beans make five.

Everything Is Possible Without Leaving Home

Bill Gates has made his fame international and I even think that if the mankind had an opportunity to communicate with the other civilizations, the name of Bill Gates would become known even on the other planets of the Universe. This entrepreneur, philanthropist, and genial computer programmer, knows how to make money, bring people satisfaction, and stay a kind and emphatic person at that. Very often I hear the phrase that money is able to spoil its owner’s nature. Mr. Gate’s millionth donations show that it is possible to be rich (super rich, by the way) but stay humane.

I had so many chances to change my Windows for Mac. I know the battle between these two innovative companies doesn’t cease even for a minute. I know that I won’t change this situation radically and if I even do this, MSFT will lose nothing. I like my Windows and I am absolutely satisfied with it. I even think that if I meet Bill Gates, I will shake him by the hand and say thank you for his genial brains.

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