Essay On Business: Every Businessman Must Know


Nearly each of my fellows is sure that opening his own business is not a difficult task and such an enterprise will promise him tremendous money and comfortable life forever. The word ‘businessman’ is always associated with luxury, spending time abroad, and wearing brand-name clothes only. Everybody, who imagines himself a businessman, is sure that when he acquires such a status, he will be popular, wealthy and maybe even greater than or equal to Bill Gates. Not everybody knows what is having his own business, how much paperwork he will have, and how many sleepless nights he will spend on thinking over his idea. Does your own business promise you the mountains of gold or being a businessman is something different from this widespread conception? The following essay about business will open your eyes to this field of work and will help you to understand whether you have enough powers, energy, and knowledge to start your own business from scratch or not.

When I was a kid, I was sure that I would become a big boss anyhow. I knew that I had to wear an expensive business suit, my shoes would be on the super high heels, and I would never get to work by tram. I was sure that I would have my private driver for this, who would give me a lift each time, when it was needed. I knew that my car would be Bentley or something like this and a huge amount of money in my suitcase would give me freedom to get all things, which I was dreaming about.

When I got older and started understanding how much force it was needed for me to become an entrepreneur, I dropped this crazy idea and my desire to be a businesswoman fell into oblivion. My idea to become a millionaire, do nothing and get money from my production selling had nothing in common with reality. Before to achieve these laurels, I had to work and do this very hard.

Must Have Qualities

Everybody, who is sure that he needs no higher education to be a businessman, will be amazed. Education is just a tiny grain among the other characteristics, which are needed for any green entrepreneur to become a great one. This business essay will give you just several items, according to which you will be able to come to a conclusion whether business sphere is for you or it is better even not to waste time, money and your inner resources.

One, who is going to succeed in business career, should:

  • Be a leader. You won’t be able to arrange the working process of the whole team of your subordinates without having the prominent leadership skills.
  • Be brave. Those, who start their business, should remember that all the responsibilities for the successful outcome of transactions and contracts rest with them only. 
  • Be competitive and optimistic. Your desire to be better than your competitors and do the same work, which the competitive companies do, better are the main aspects, which are able to propel you to the top.
  • Be a brainy person. Every leader, who wants the other people to follow him, should be acquainted with the fundamental principles of doing business properly, should know history, economics, politics, and accountancy and be good at them.
  • Be demanding. If you want your enterprise to be productive and all your plans to be brought to life, you should have indulgences neither to yourself nor to any other person, who is working for you. Everybody should work harder to achieve all the desired goals.
  • Have perfect communicative skills. You should be a great communicator if you want to impress your partners and correspondents and inspire trust.
  • Be super ambitious. Each of your goals should be attained.
  • Be a great personality. People, who are around you, should enjoy spending time with you and co-working with you.
  • Have good appearance. Your irreproachable appearance, perfectly matched components of your clothes and good hair style are able to contribute to your successful career

If you have at least a half of these qualities, you may try your fate; if all of them are typical for you, your dream about being a great businessman and multibillionaire then may really come true.

How to Start Business

The business consultants are sure that every business sector, in which you are going to open your own firm, can’t be conquered suddenly. You should pass through a pretty amount of stages before find a place for yourself in the giant competitive and sometimes even cruel world of business. What is the next stage, which you should pass on after you have determined that being a businessman is for you? Then you should:

  • Find a unique idea, which will help you not to become one of a thousand, but to establish such a company, which will fill the gap in the world market and make you a famous producer. No ordinary idea will make you outstanding. You need something really new and genial!
  • Compose a written business plan, which will help you to see clearly what items you are going to produce or sell, where your company will be situated, what goals it will have, and whether it will be competitive or not. A number of essays about business are really able to help you to succeed.
  • Assess a sum of money you need to open your business. Every new company building requires money from its founder. Moreover, you should have even a bit more finances, because some unexpected expenditures may arise in front of you.
  • Determine the kind of your company. You should be perfectly informed before to determine whether you will open a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a limited liability corporation. You may find more info in a business ethics essay right now!
  • Register your business. Make your business legal and register it with the government. Despite the fact, that this stage is the hardest and the longest one, it is one of the most important for you to become an official entrepreneur. If you don’t know anything on this subject, a business law essay, which is written by, will help you to get into it deeper.

Starting your own business is an extremely difficult task. Keeping it afloat then will be the main task for you for the next several years to come. Get ready to find yourself in various stressful situations, when you will have a desire to send everything to Hell. Just remember that your business and your life are in your hands only!

Start with becoming a good student at once and soon you will notice that you are able to cope with any problems, which arise on your way to the bright future. Buy any essays on business from It will be really a pretty good step!