Essay On Cannabis. To Legalize Or Not


Let's start with understanding what marijuana is from a scientific and medical point of view. Marijuana is a narcotic substance that is derived from some varieties of cannabis, which contains a psychoactive substance that is called cannabinoids Society is for that the drug will be legalized. Therefore, this war is lost. Do you want proofs? Recreational marijuana sold legally only in such States as Colorado and Washington. More than 20 US States, has already adopted a law on the legalization of the drug, to them also joined several European countries. Such a huge support of the legalization of marijuana was expressed by residents of the United States for the first time. It is obvious that in the moment the situation is changing to the legal status. In this essay on cannabis, we will figure out what are the pros and cons of the legalization of marijuana. If you still don’t know where the best essay writers are, then try our website and you will find them.



In some European countries, people want to legalize drugs. In some places, the movement for legalization is very well organized and has at its disposal powerful financial resources. Even today, the spread of drug abuse causes significant harm in social and medical terms. There are the obvious negative economic consequences. If the prohibition of some drugs is canceled, it will lead to a sharp worsening of negative consequences. It is necessary to resist drug abuse, and the struggle for a drug-free society should not stop even for a minute. All attempts to legalize drugs must be rejected. The movement for the legalization of drugs is a threat to the welfare and safety of people. Like most of the allowed substances, marijuana can be abused. Too frequent use of large amounts of marijuana can lead to dependency.  A research of the National Institute which studied drug dependence shows that cannabis cannot be used as easily as nicotine, alcohol, and even caffeine. It is believed that only from 4% to 9% of smokers who regularly consume marijuana are experiencing the discomfort that is associated with addictive. It is noteworthy that the majority of marijuana consumers in the US at the first signs of addiction seeks medical help and gets it. In 2012, for example, professional treatment had 957 thousand persons. In addition, abuse and dependence can manifest itself in different ways. Some heavy smokers of cannabis experience symptoms of clinical dependency and feel discomfort due to drug withdrawal when trying to quit. But the intensity of their feelings and the danger of this condition don’t have any comparison with that people who experienced a similar situation, an alcoholic, a smoker or heroin addict.

Marijuana as dangerous as heroin or LSD

In this essay on legalization of cannabis, we can say that very few people bring this argument unreasonably. Even Barack Obama was forced to admit that there is no conclusive evidence to support this claim. However, cannabis is really equated to such dangerous substances as heroin and LSD. In the US illegal drugs of 1st category is defined as “the most dangerous drugs that can cause strong psychological or physiological addiction, which shall not be used in medicine”. And to this group of substances is included marijuana. However, in many cases, when officials simply refused to answer the questions: “what is more addictive: meth or marijuana?” and other questions of this kind.

People who use marijuana sooner or later will move to a more «serious» drug. This theory does not yet been confirmed. Many addicts who use hard drugs (cocaine, heroin, and others) used weed some time before. But to draw any conclusions based on this fact of their biography would be wrong. Many marijuana users smoke it for many years without feeling of desire to move to heroin. Most often happens on the contrary – at some point life people understand that they can live without marijuana, and abandon it.

Millions of people a year die from cigarettes. It would seem logical to assume that if people smoke marijuana, it also has a negative impact on health (particularly respiratory). However, science has disproved this hypothesis. Studies have shown that the smoke from cannabis and cigarettes have the different impact. Cigarettes contain nicotine which damages health much more than marijuana that contains cannabinoids.

In world practice, there was not a single case of death from the use or overdose of marijuana. According to scientists a fatal dose of marijuana is more than 60 grams at a time, to smoke this amount is not possible, even with the big desire.

Also, there is no credible evidence that the constant smoking of marijuana can cause memory problems, reproductive system, or the risk of development of schizophrenia. The only proven harm is its effects on the lungs, but it is not because of harmful substances that are in the marijuana, but because of the smoking process. You can read about it in essay on smoking and to make sure that it is dangerous for health.


Medicinal use of marijuana is allowed in Belgium, Spain, Israel, other European countries. They were joined by 20 U.S. States and Australia and we have told about it above in our legalization of medical cannabis essay.

By the way, marijuana can be used for the treatment and prevention of glaucoma (eye disease), in which pressure in the eyeball is increased and can damage the optic nerve and loss of vision. The beneficial properties of cannabis may help to slow disease progression and prevent blindness.

Marijuana can prevent epileptic seizures. In the experiment, a marijuana extract was given to epileptics rats. Weed saved the rats from seizures for about 10 hours. Cannabinoids, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (known as THC) that are contained in marijuana controlled seizures through an interaction with cells of the brain which are responsible for the control and regulation of excitability.

Those who used marijuana for medicinal purposes claim that it helps reduce nausea and pain, as well as side effects from chemotherapy. In 2010, the researchers suggested that this effect may be related to the fact that people under the influence of drugs become calmer and they have a good mood, so they forget about their problems.

According to research, led by Kim Janda of the SCRIPPS research Institute, marijuana helps slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

Studies have shown that the weed protects the brain from damage that was caused by the stroke and reduce the size of the area which was struck. It was also proven that the herb protects the brain after a concussion.

As the conclusion of our legalization of cannabis essay, we can say that cannabis in many countries is called exclusively the drug. It is a psychoactive substance derived from cannabis and is often forbidden. Its toxicity is quite low, but this does not diminish the damage that can inflict the plant. Many people pay attention to this plant because it can bring pleasure. However, this is achieved not always. Often such plant leads negative consequences, which are formed by physiological factors.

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