Essay On Censorship. Defend Freedom of Speech


Censorship is some control over any information: distribution, publicity, exchange, etc. This type of control is used to limit or prevent the dissemination of information which is considered undesirable by powers. There are two forms of censorship: preliminary and subsequent. Preliminary censorship implies the need to obtain a permit for producing books, papers, performances of a musical work, etc. The subsequent censorship involves considering of an already published information and taking of prohibitive or restrictive measures against persons who broke the rules. In this censorship essay, I will describe different types of censorship. If it is interesting for you, then visit our website and order essay. Our English essay writer will write for you the best one.  

Internet censorship

I will start my internet censorship essay with this kind of censorship. Internet censorship is the control or prohibition of materials that anyone can publish on the Internet or download it. Freedom of speech on the Internet is the ability to be online anywhere in the world, as well as the right to freely express own opinions without any restrictions or censorship application, which can be carried out both by countries and private organizations on their behalf. Internet censorship takes many forms. The most popular are the management of network communications, a block of websites, a traffic analysis, and an application of appropriate measures regarding journalists or the owners of the resources. The costs of censorship are often more than its overcoming.

Starting from 2016, 163 Internet users got in prison. Such cases are most notably in China, Iran, Syria, and Vietnam. During this time, authorities detained 150 journalists. "Reporters without borders" has documented 11 murders of media workers – 4 of them happened in Mexico. In 2014 the United States received the title of "Internet enemy". The reason for this decision was the activity of the National Security Agency of the United States.

One of the most reputed projects in the field of Internet censorship is the Chinese “The Golden Shield Project”. The system began operation in 2003 and gives the ability to filter content that is available to residents. So, the authorities can restrict access to certain sites. Even for access to the network in an Internet café, visitors will need a passport. To identify the author of the unwanted material will not be difficult for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Film censorship

The need of censorship in the film industry arose immediately after when audience who thirst for spectacle, fell under the influence of the movies. Even in those days when films were silent, the action itself could produce a much greater impression than words. So soon around the world began to emerge the organizations that control the content and distribution of films. Now I will explain everything in the details in this film censorship essay. In the US MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) monitors the censorship of movies. In 1968, the MPAA introduced the so-called formula of evaluation of the film content, which is based on the determination of the force of the video content impact on the viewer, for example, the presence of scenes of violence, sexual scenes, and more. For determination the rating of each individual film MPAA creates a special commission that watches a film. A commission votes after watching and discussing and then the film is assigned to its future rating. In a case of disagreement with the decision of the commission, the producers or the director may appeal. In accordance with it there will re-create the new commission which identifies the scene and determines the impact on the rating of the film. As a result, the filmmakers make their own decision: delete scenes, remove them again or to accept the decision of the commission.

However, with the desire of modern society to abolish the still existing moral principles, the boundaries of censorship have become increasingly blurred, releasing on the screens not always high quality, uninteresting and often violent product attracting an unassuming viewer.

Media censorship essay

Censorship to some extent is a moral concept. Because often the media penetrate into people's personal lives (violating the inalienable right), and then for various reasons put the extracted information for demonstration to a wider audience. The question of the relationship between freedom of speech and censorship remains open even in the most democratic countries. As a result of such actions, the person may lose a lot in life, and even if the court will take his side- leaked information will not return.

From my media censorship essay you will know that not so long ago, sociologists conducted a questionnaire survey of Americans on the topic: "Is there a need for censorship in the modern media?". According to the survey, Americans want to get rid of the propaganda of violence and debauchery, and of the defamation in the media with the help of the national audit office. According to sociologists, the older the respondents are, the more of them support a state censorship, but also among young people there is prevail view that it is necessary. What is censorship in the minds of citizens? According to 40% of interviewed Americans, censorship is a barrier to excessive violence, immorality, vulgarity in the media. There are also opinions that censorship will help to remove all of the media slander and misinformation, to provide viewers, listeners, readers a reliable information. They also believe that it will help to avoid stupidity and to promote culture and education of citizens through the media and that uncensored programs and articles degrade children and youth. There is also a view that censorship will help to reduce and even completely remove advertising from media. An essay about advertising will allow you to learn everything about it, starting with the history and ending with the influence of advertising on people.

Censorship in the United States really works and it is built very efficiently. The media, especially television largely monopolized, i.e., there is no need to control hundreds of thousands of newspapers, TV studios, TV channels and internet resources, because they are all somehow integrated into a few large holding companies, namely Time Warner, News Corporation, The Walt Disney Company, Viacom/CBS Corporation, and Comcast/NBCUniversal. It should be noted that it is the global corporations. It means that they control the media. Five of these giants control in the aggregate more than 90% of the media market of the United States - from book publishers to Hollywood, which plays an important role in the formation of a "correct picture of the world". I hope that my censorship persuasive essay clarified your questions and now you become a bit enlightened in this topic. Use our services for finding out more information on different topics and write a cool essay.