Essay On Character And Its Traits


Previously we discussed virtual reality and its necessity. Today I am going to introduce you a characterization essay. As many people live in the world, so many characters exist. People have various values, interests, principles and points of view, they respond to outer stressors in different ways. A person’s actions are conditioned by the type of character and those actions make up the very person’s life.

So, what is character? It is the most significant element of personality. Let’s start the essay about character from its definition. Character is said to be the stable and distinctive qualities built into an individual’s life, which determine his or her response regardless of circumstances. So, we can say that character of a person is being formed during interaction between an individual and surrounding people, along with evolving conditions of life and along with education. It expresses certain man’s needs and interests, tendencies and aims, feelings and will-power, which are shown in one’s behavior and relations with others.

The following basic qualities distinguish character:

  1. Moral breeding is the most valuable feature of character in society. It characterizes a person through relations with other people as well as one’s behavior.
  2. Completeness describes person’s versatility of needs and interests, intentions and passions, diversity of one’s activity. Some people are multilateral and omniscient, other ones are unilateral and have certain limits for their development.
  3. Integrity defines inner unity of man’s mind, harmony of one’s relations with various manifestations of reality, absence of contradictions between intentions and interests, unity of words and deeds.
  4. Distinctness characterizes person’s hardness and inflexibility in behavior that agree with one’s beliefs and ideas.
  5. Strength defines efforts with which a person achieves expected goals. It characterizes man’s ability to develop oneself facing possible obstacles and difficulties and overcoming them.
  6. Balance describes correlation between discretion and activity that are favorable for communication and interaction with people.

Character of a person is formed during the process of cooperating between an individual and surrounding people, and the phenomenon of reflecting circumstances of life and education.

Character is closely linked to temperament. We can name it as one of the parts of personality because it serves as the cause of the people’s behavior. Temperament is unusual personal attitude or nature as manifested by peculiarities of feeling, temper, actions, often with a disinclination to submit to conventional rules or restraints. Everyone knows that there are four types of temperament, by which people can have different reactions to the same situations. I think it is useful to make a list of temperament types that helps us to distinguish specificity of people’s behavior according to them:

  1. Choleric is a fast person with intense feelings reflected in speech and gesture. Usually they are passionate people who have emotional outbursts.
  2. Sanguine is an active, fast and emotional person, whose behavior doesn’t conceal one’s feelings, that can be easily changed.
  3. Phlegmatic is a slow, steady and peaceful person, who can hardly be ruffled. His behavior doesn’t reflect his feelings, though they can be accumulated inside him and burst out with impulse.
  4. Melancholic is a quiet and analytical person, who has limited variety of experiences, which are not reflected.

Temperament imbues person’s behavior with originality but does not determine one’s motives, actions, beliefs and morality. It influences only the way character can express itself. For example, choleric character shows persistence by tireless actions and phlegmatic one shows it by deep concentration. Representatives of each type of temperament can achieve the same success though they do it in different ways. Temperament types have positive and negative sides that can’t be changed, but a person with strong will can control and correct its bad qualities.

Neither documents, nor person’s appearance can determine one’s character like conscious behavior. That is why character can be identified by possible actions, which a man chooses in different situations. One person carries out assignments quickly, another, thinking over the conditions, does it slowly and the third one can start working at once without any consideration. These peculiarities of people’s behavior are called character traits. They can be defined as complicated individual features of a person that allow to predict one’s behavior in a particular case. Everyone may have written an essay on character traits. There are good and bad qualities of character. Let’s take for consideration to them. Life circumstances, education, requirement of society influence formation of positive and negative character traits. The most popular good qualities are honesty, loyalty, integrity, kindness, courage, patience, fairness, ambitiousness; the bad ones are cruelty, dishonesty, impatience, wickedness, laziness, insincerity and many others. As a person possesses many positive and negative traits, one's character is shown in different systems of relations:

  1. Self-rating. Such traits as self-criticism, egoism, self-confidence appear.
  2. Relationships with other people. Examples of traits are honesty or dishonesty, politeness or rudeness, cheerfulness and unsociability.
  3. Attitude towards work. Here we can notice laziness and ambitiousness, responsibility and irresponsibility.
  4. Attitude towards things. Traits as wastefulness or thrift, generosity or greed are shown.

Traits of character, especially those that are meaningful for a person, are remarkable for strongly developed consciousness. The same quality is formed in different ways and can be changed depending on various life situations as well as other features and character in whole. Every person has a lot of traits of character most of which were set under the influence of external environment.

So, character of a person is an individual, distinctive, original peculiarity of one’s behavior and attitude to surrounding reality. It is an appointed style of actions and relations between an individual and other people that was completed under the influence of different life conditions and circumstances. Character of a person expresses definite constitution of one’s needs, interests, aims, tendencies, will and feelings. They appear when people choose the manner of behavior in various life situations. As I mentioned at the beginning, as many people live in the world, so many characters exist. But if you know what temperament or traits a person has, you can partly predict one’s actions in some specific cases.

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