Essay on Earth Day: Brief History and Ways to Celebrate It


Environmental protection is extremely important topic. Teachers explain children at school how it is significant to treat nature properly. There are special subjects for pupils and students. People organize meetings and conferences to discuss this theme. Almost in every country there are occasions through which people show how they care about environment. One probably has noticed that the presence state of things nowadays differs from what it was even one hundred years ago. Today too many basins and soil areas are polluted. It is not a peaceful time for the nature. Since people live on this planet, they have to think about it. Our future depends on how we treat nature now.

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The History

Today people all around the world have Earth Day festival in April, 22. Special organizations and permanent participants set up activities, marches, concerts, and different projects to support the action of environmental protection. These activities make people to be aware of this problem. Speakers always explain how it is dangerous to live in polluted world and what people should do to improve its condition.

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Everything started in 1970. That was the year when for the first time Earth Day was celebrated. A huge number of people were involved in this case. For about twenty million of people in America came out on the streets. In this way they showed respect to the nature and drew people’s attention to the environmental problem. An immense amount of people gathered to claim that the planet must be defeated. That was the demonstration that had no aggression and fight. People made it massive and loud.

Gaylord Nelson became the inspiration for this event to occur. That was his idea to organize Earth Day. He tried to put all the power to bring the problem up to the political level. Gaylord recruited important people who could influence the society. Very soon people could hear from mass media about environmental protection. Groups of men and women opposed spilling of oil, poisonous dumps, highways, and devastation of wilderness. Gaylord Nelson achieved his goal. The event obtained great support from the government, businessmen, farmers, actors, and sportsmen. All people both poor and rich were engaged into a protest action. The influence was huge. It covered a big mass of people at once.

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In 1990 Earth Day achieved its main aim. It gained worldwide popularity. Now people in more than one hundred countries lifted vital environmental questions. Since then it became an annual event. In 1995 Gaylord Nelson received Medal of Freedom from the President of the United States. That was the highest and the most honored award that could be given to a simple person.

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Earth Day in 2000 was the same passionate and powerful event as in 1970. The managers of the project for the first time used Internet as the important instrument in spreading the news. That gave the opportunity for people from all the world to join the festival. The host of the celebration became Leonardo Di Caprio.

There were several variants of how to call this day. It seemed to be the most obvious and logical name for the event.  

How Can Someone Celebrate Earth Day?

Now you understand the total significance of Earth Day. Also, you probably know now why we should take care about environment. So many countries and people are involved in the event. If you are interested in it and would like also to be the part of this program, there are several simple ways how to do this. It does not mean that somebody has to make something big. A person can plant a tree, remove the garbage from the lawn, or tell a friend about the environmental protection issue. The understanding of it may change somebody’s life. Can it be true or not, find out here:

We suggest you several steps to celebrate Earth Day.

1. Find out more about the environmental protection. It is a very easy task, and this  is the first and right step. What is the present condition of the environment? What things destroy and harm it? On the Internet and in newspapers someone can find all necessary information about it. Search information about the region where you live. One must be aware of how the nature in his town is treated. Learn more about other countries and places in the world. For example, find more about Egypt, forests, and deserts.

Look at the condition of a drinking water. If you live near the river or some basin, find out whether it clean or not. Notice how climate negatively influences the environment. Search for information about species that inhabit your region. Maybe some of them are in real danger. Think what you can do for this.

2. Join any local group that takes care about environment. This is the second smart step. Like in this case you have found the best essay editing service, you also have to search for the best group of people to protect environment. So, one goes from theory to practice. Almost in every region and town of the country where people celebrate Earth Day one can find such a group. If there are issues that bother you, and you have not settled them, find a group to protect the nature and improve the environment. Usually the activities of such people include cleaning the beaches, shores, and ponds; fight against the pollution of air; sow seeds, plant bushes and trees; teach people how to protect nature.

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3. Tell about environmental problem. This is the best way to engage as many people as possible. If you are fighting for this, you need a god support. Nothing will be changed if only a small group of people defeats the environment. People must be aware of the disaster that we can face in future. Talk to your friends, parents, office workers, cousins, aunts, and uncles. It is not as difficult as online dissertation proofreading. You can cope with it.

Once you get involved into a group, you have a right for many things. Arrange children’s visit to the place where things are recycled. Let them know how it happens and what cannot be recycled. Wear clothes that have green and brown colors. These are the colors of a tree. Somebody will ask you about it, so you will explain the purpose of Earth Day. Teach your friends or colleagues how to treat environment more friendly.

4. Participate in Earth Day celebration. People have made it an excellent day for amusement and education. What someone can do during this day: thematic artwork, singing songs about nature and its protection, declaring of poems, games and funny activities for kids that include recycled goods or demonstration of healthy foods.

So, all these serve as a good basement for someone who wants to be an active member of environmental protection group. We hope it is useful.

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