Essay on Facebook Addiction: How not to be Hooked


If you have an account on Facebook and you log in it every day, this Facebook essay should be read by you even against your will. Do you have no time to look through it till the end? If you have enough free time to hang on online, it won’t be so hard to find just three minutes for this post. A pound to penny, you will find some useful info here for yourself.

Captivating Facebook

Nowadays every second person has his profile in the social nets. You shouldn’t be a fortuneteller or have some extra human skills, because it is not difficult to identify the Internet user in the street even at the first sight. Just point at anybody from the crowd and I am pretty sure that you will find him. If you see a person, who is holding a Smartphone in his hands and touch it all the time, if his attention is focused on this device only and he crosses the road against the lights, be sure: this is a typical netizen!

Among all the social nets, which exist nowadays, Facebook takes the leading position. It beats all the records and the number of its followers has already risen beyond 1 billion! Mark Zuckerberg is really able to be proud of his creature, which brings him perfect earning, by the way.

I always start smiling, when I imagine so many people, who are glued to their computers, tabs, or phones, and who are typing the messages like mad, making selfie to share them with their online friends, and all of them do this simultaneously. The world’s population depends heavily on the Net and this innocent fun has already become a harmful addiction.

I use networking sites to make my mood better or simply to kill my time before going to bed. It is my habitual ritual to check my Facebook account in the evening, though when I have no access to the Net, I feel calm. Unlike those, who start tearing his hair out, when the Net is unavailable, such a trouble doesn’t make me worry.

Are you among those, whose attention is fully captivated by Facebook and you can’t live a day without publishing the posts, sharing your photos, and ‘liking’ the other followers’ pictures? If your innocent game started killing too much of your time and the virtual world attracts you more than the real one, it’s time to take a close look at you. Maybe you need to be helped.

Are You Addicted?

Facebook appeared in 2004 and from this time it began to spread all over the world. It is like a spider, which tries to captivate each living being on its way and it does it rather successfully. Some people have a calm attitude towards it, while the others started suffering from the Facebook addiction greatly and more often they even don’t understand that they have the problems.

How to understand whether you are a Facebook addicted user, or your mind is free enough to not let you spend all your time on the Net?

Read carefully the following info to not miss any telltale signs, which may show that you need some kind of help.

  1. You start sharing the info about yourself too actively. There is nothing strange or wrong in sharing your photos and thoughts with your friends, though the exceeding publication of your private secrets with the first available persons, whom you meet online, is really the height of absurdity. Sharing of your private photos is nothing but your desire to receive just a five-minute dose of satisfaction and your desire to look more attractive on the screen. Is it really so important to be ‘liked’ by the unknown people?
  2. When your Smartphone is always in your hands and you click it to check your messages and newsfeed, when you prefer not to log out from your Facebook app, and your name is always online, you stop getting satisfaction from your real life. You have no time for your friends, who are sitting next to you, and your work is done by half. You don’t enjoy your life because you are always on Facebook.
  3. Are you too concerned over what other people will say about you and what comment they will leave under your new post or photo? If you are ready to spend your precious time on thinking over what status to type today and how to make your post attract new and new Facebook followers, it’s one more sign of your addiction too.
  4. A lot of Facebook users can’t live without posting anything online. They report to the other users their routines, their own photos and the pictures of their pets, clothes, and many other things. The biggest absurd, which can be published online, is the photos right from the maternity room.
  5. If you spend just an hour a day on Facebook, you may still feel unworried. Such a time is considered to be a norm. If you start forgetting over your everyday duties and people, who are around you, if your cat is mewing from hunger but you prefer to pay no attention to it, such a behavior is the indicator that you have some problems.
  6. Your desire to get as many online friends as possible is able to lead you to the online addiction too. You need to understand that such a completion is absolutely useless.
  7. If you get used to communicate through the Net, a real communication starts losing its interest for you, though it is not right! A tendency to communicate by the means of messages is not healthy! You drive yourself into the online frames and deprive yourself from talking to your real friends, laughing with them in cafes, and going out. Instead of this you have just the smiles, which you send in the messages from your room. You start living within four walls and, unfortunately, such a thing doesn’t frighten you.

Did you find any symptoms that are inherent to you? If you have some and you are not afraid to admit this, everything is not so bad! You are half a way to recovery and all you need now is to forget about your Facebook account for some time. Go out, enjoy your offline life, and you will notice that it is much better than sitting with your phone daily and nightly.

My essay on Facebook addiction, which was prepared especially for me by my favorite writing company, is not just an ordinary paper. It is the appeal to spend not all your free time online, but to go here just in case of need. I am pretty sure that buying the essays online is definitely a good reason to be connected to the Internet. At least, it brings you no harm.