Essay on Fast Food: Health Can’t Be Bought


If several decades of years ago people knew nothing about the fast food restaurants, today they are situated round every corner. It is clear enough why the adults like this quick, substantial, and cheap food. It is really very comfortable to spend just 5 minutes on waiting for your order up while you have a break and go out of the restaurant in 10 minutes and feel that you are not hungry anymore at that. Just 15 minutes is enough to satisfy your organism and forget about hunger at least for several hours. Unfortunately, this category of clients is not enough for the fast food restaurants and the managers do their best to attract as much children as possible and get them used to eat here. Funny clowns, surprises for kids in each pack, and many other special offers are influencing both the children and their parents and the client base of these restaurants is growing bigger and bigger every other minute.

MacDonald’s, KFC, Subway, and many other quick service restaurants open the new and new branches of their chains all over the world. More and more people become hooked by the quickness and cheapness of these restaurants, while a problem of fast food is growing at a great rate. Is a habit to eat at such cafes really as harmless as their fans think? What pitfalls such fast methods of food preparing are hidden from our eyes? We will disclose several secrets of such foods’ influence on human organisms in our fast food essay and we sincerely hope that the further info will make you think better about your health.

Save Time or Poison Organism?

As it was said earlier, fast food has one undeniable advantage: it is super quick! If you have not enough time for waiting until your dainty dish is cooked or you simply have just several dollars for having a bite, a restaurant of quick service really seems to be the perfect place for you to eat well and do this very quickly at that. Unfortunately, this advantage is one and only. Then the disadvantages step forward and, frankly speaking, their number is much higher.

The statistics says that every fourth person in America, where a problem of excessive weight is growing rapidly, eats fast food every day. Although the overfatness for the Americans has become a norm long ago, a lot of countries in the world start suffering from this trouble too.

The adverts try to persuade us that there is no harm in eating fast food. The actors bite big pieces from their sandwiches, wash down them with Cola, close their eyes in delight then, and these attractive picture gives a signal to our brains: do the same! We catch it at once and a desire to go to MacDonald’s or to any other cafe like this appears inside us immediately. Stay alert! Fast food is a real poison for your organism! It is killing you from inside!

Let’s Conduct an Experiment!

Maybe I am sounded too categorically, though I am sure in fast food harm. Food, which is proposed at the restaurants of quick service, is super caloric. What do you usually eat at MacDonald’s? Let’s imagine that you will order hamburger, fries, ice-cream or any other dessert. This is an ordinary set for each MacDonald’s visitor. If you get know how many calories such a meal contains, you will understand the alarm of nutritionists, who call people not to consume fast food at all.

Just imagine that one Big Mac contains 560 kcal, one portion of fries has more than 385 kcal, and if you go crazy over a vanilla shake, it will be useful to know that there is 730 kcal in this delicious drink. Sum up these figures. 1675 kcal per one meal! It is nearly a daily caloric need for an adult. If you prefer to have such meal every day, you shouldn’t be surprised when your shirts and jeans will soon be too tight for you. Your harmless habit to eat at fast food restaurants will soon result in fatness.

If you are not afraid of being fat and ugly, there is one more argument. Fast food contains no vitamins at all. If you prefer not to cook at home and eat at the fast food restaurants, be ready that your organism will be exhausted soon. Then you may have problems with heart, diabetes, apnea, impotence, cancer, headaches, asthma, and many other terrible diseases.

When I see people, who are moving towards MacDonald’s and who takes their kids with them, I always wonder what these parents think of, when they let these small children poison their organisms. I guess that nobody will be able to give me a reasonable answer and explain why fast food is so attractive for people.  

I am pretty sure that there is no necessity to eat fast food too often. If you like these fried foods so much and you are not ready to say ‘No’ to your visits to MacDonald’s, I think that it is absolutely enough to visit it once a year. Such rare doses of calories and fats will not bring you too much harm and will provoke no diseases.

Do Like Me!

The above-given text was not written by me, though I think that my essay about fast food is substantial enough to make people start taking care of their health, which is really one of the most precious things in the world. Unlike an essay, it can’t be bought on the Net or somewhere else. If you spoil it, no doctors will restore it again. As to the essay, I tried to compose it by myself at first, though I didn’t like the result. I wasted a lot of time, but it was with no effect. I went to and bought another one. I received a paper in a couple of hours and it was perfect! If you need an essay too, do like me, please!