Essay on Friendship: I Love You, Lucy!


Among all the treasures, which a person can have, friendship may be put on the first place. Career, money, success – these components are important, though it is doubtful that they are able to make up a good model of a full life. Whom will you share your success with if you are alone? Whose shoulder may become a good support for you when you get into a trouble? My best friend is always next to me when I am on the anxious bench. I want to say her thanks for all her good deeds, which she does for the sake of our friendship. I know that I tell her such words too rarely, though today I have a perfect opportunity to say about my gratitude to her for all to hear and I am going to use it.

Friend VS Fellow

Despite the fact that nearly all people of the world can boast of having friends, not everybody knows what a true friend is and what principles a friendship should be based upon. A lot of people really see no difference between a true friend and just a fellow, the conversations with whom usually circle over such questions as, ‘How are you?’, ‘How do you like the weather?’, ‘Are you OK?’ No penetration into the depths of the souls, no intimate chatting, no questions about private life. Fellows are not allowed to touch these spheres, which are usually hidden from the eyes of society.

I was always surrounded by a colossal amount of fellows and some of them were considered to be my friends. I was a very sociable person and I always knew whom to call to kill the time together. I had no communication deficit and I never wanted anybody to whom I could open my heart.

When I entered the college, I met a person, who became an inseparable part of me very soon. She entered my soul, unlocked my heart, and showed that the relationships may be a bit more different from these ones, which I had before. I understood that this person was mine, because we really had the common heart beating.

My Best Friend

We were not alike and we had absolutely different preferences in food and style of clothes. I know that a lot of people consider that the best friends should be like the twins. It is an absurd that they should wear the similar clothes, like the same food, and watch one and the same genre of films. It is really the largest absurdity, which I have ever heard! You may think whatever you like, though I will keep to my own opinion: the main thing which should connect two people and make them the friends should be the mutual feeling of each other’s emotions and moods. You don’t need to be a close copy of a person to bear a name of the closest friend of him. It is enough for you to feel, when he has some troubles and why he keeps silent; you should look at him and understand that something is going wrong with him; you shouldn’t been told about many things, because you will feel them even at a distance.

What is friendship? For me it is the common joys and grieves; it is the mutual help and ability to dial your friend’s number even late at night; it is a feeling of respect for a person, who is not ready to give you his last slice of bread, but who does this without asking you whether you need such a sacrifice from him or not. Friendship is much more than a light chatting about boys, new models of trendy jeans, and new lipsticks, which were bought in the sale. Friendship comes when your friend takes her new shoes and gives them to you, because you have no money for buying a new pair for yourself. Friendship means that you call your friend every evening despite the fact that you have a lot of your own affairs and you are an extra busy person. I can’t guarantee that my concept is right, though it is my experience that let me think so. I can enumerate a lot of qualities of a good friend, because my thoughts on this topic are endless. I just want to say that I have such a person in my life, who is able to be presented as a real example of the best friend.

Even the best and the warmest day may be spoiled by a sudden thunder. Our friendship was subjected to the serious trials and it was bulging at the seams. There were the nasty days in our ideal relationships and I guessed that we wouldn’t withstand them. I was so happy, when the hardest period passed and our connection became even stronger. The storm really made us even closer to each other and I was sure that our friendship would last forever.

I dedicated this best friend essay to a person, who still plays an extra important role in my life, who saved me from troubles, and who is always the only one, who is ready to come to my help even from another side of the world. I hope that I am a good friend for her too and none of my words, which can be said in the heat of the moment, offends her. I want to apologize for my impulsiveness, and say that I love my friend with all my heart. I will never betray you, Lucy!

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