Essay On Honesty Is The Best Policy


Recently I have read pretty strange words that one girl said: ”I have a problem. I lie constantly though I don’t understand why. People around me don’t notice it and believe each of my words. I have a feeling that I cannot live without lying.” I was engrossed in reflections then. Nowadays we live in the world of injustice and hypocrisy where almost every person is not sincere for different reasons. That is why I asked myself: “Is honesty the best policy essay to be written?” Certainly, it is!

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. Can you be honest with yourself and people around? Sometimes white lie seems to change our lives for the better. But usually harmless deception entails to more serious one. People cannot realize that they harm themselves being unable to tell truth. I would like to mention an eastern parable in the honesty is the best policy essay. I will introduce it in short.

An emperor of some Far East country grew old and understood that it was time to find his successor. Instead of choosing one of his sons he decided to make a choice among all young men in the country. So, he gathered them and gave each boy a seed. He mentioned that these seeds were special. The emperor wanted the youngsters to bring him grown plants in a year. He said that he would inspect the results and then he would announce a new emperor. One of the young men whose name was Ling came home and told his mother everything. Together they planted the seed. Although Ling took care of his plant there were no results. Unfortunately other boys managed to succeed. After all year passed and young people carried their plants to the emperor’s assessment. Ling didn’t want to go because he had nothing. His mother persuaded him to bring an empty pot and tell the emperor honestly that he failed to succeed. Ling understood that his mother was right and went to the palace. He was amazed by different beautiful plants, which other young people brought. The emperor inspected all plants, noticed Ling’s empty pot and asked the reasons for that. The boy was honest with him. When everyone burst out laughing the emperor commanded to calm down. Then he announced Ling a new emperor. Each one of young men were shocked. The emperor explained that he gave boiled seeds that couldn’t grow. Only Ling had enough courage to say the truth. That is why he was the one to be new emperor.

This parable makes us fall into thinking. It teaches us that honesty can lead to success. A person who tells truth is respected and trusted. That is why honesty is a valuable trait of character. People who tell truth achieve sincere attitude from others.

Honesty refers to a facet of moral character and connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, straightforwardness, including straightforwardness of conduct, along with the absence of lying, cheating, theft. It is a notion that can influence our lives in different ways. Parents teach us to be honest since childhood. They help us to understand that being sincere means to be humane. And bad actions cause deception, cowardice and fear of being exposed. That is why an honest person tries to go for good deeds. He respects and values parents’ labor. A man who doesn’t lie always delivers his promises. Better to do well than to say well. Sometimes it is difficult to be honest but you have to be truthful as it makes you life better.

What makes people lie? There is no decisive answer to this question. Modern life often instigates lying. Let’s make the list of reasons for a person to lie:

  1. Control. The prime example is relationship between mother- and daughter-in-law. They can turn to lies in order to attract attention of her son/husband.
  2. Benefit. Most of people do not tell the truth as they try to improve their welfare. Children can color the results of their studying to receive pocket money.
  3. Self-defense. Truth can provoke negative emotions and people want to avoid them. That is why they try to protect themselves by telling incomplete information.
  4. Peace. White lie may serve as calming fib. For example, parents often keep back their health problems for the children not to worry.
  5. Attention. It is the most dangerous aim. Deception is necessary for improving a person’s significance. Such lie becomes constant and causes serious consequences.

Unfortunately, examples of honesty are rare nowadays. People who have this trait are considered to be confident and strong. A person accepting himself the way he is doesn’t need to color his dignity and achievements. It affects positively the relations with other people.

I think the essay on honesty is the best policy should contain advantages of telling the truth. Here is the list of them:

  1. It helps at work. If a person doesn’t want to tell his companion the truth negative situations can occur. For example, if your colleague’s project seems to fail you should honestly tell him about it. Indicating his inaccuracy you can help him to achieve success in further.
  2. It makes our lives easier. This is particularly important for modest and diffident people. Honest confession of your feelings can save you from misunderstanding and unpleasant communication.
  3. It keeps you healthy. When a person lies he feels awkwardness and embarrassment. It negatively influences his health. High emotional worrying can cause dangerous diseases.
  4. It helps to get rid of remorse. Any person is born sincere. That is why a compelled lie instigates displeasing feelings. They can occur even when other people don’t tell the truth.
  5. It saves your time. While you invent different excuses you spend much time and strength. Truth can protect you from hours of worrying.

So, honesty means that a person is sincere with his relatives and friends and he can tell them truth without hurting anyone. We can define an honest person by his characteristics. He is cheerful, happy, smiling and full of energy. He is not overwhelmed by lie and deception. Sincere person is frank and wealthy. People gladly establish contact with the one.

Concluding it all we can say that the truth is definitely better than falsehood. Honesty is one of the most significant traits of character. Though sometimes you don’t have enough courage to tell the truth you should try to be sincere. It can help you and other people. The proverb “As the call so the echo” means that your deeds are reflected in attitude of others. People respect and trust an honest person and they can rely on him.

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