Essay on Life Changing Experience: Interesting Examples


Essay on life changing experience

People used to say that any experience is good. Let us consider this question. A person comes to a shop and takes stuff not paying for them. In simple words, he stills goods. Then the police arrest him and drive to the police department. Yes, this experience is very bad. Still, it serves as a good example. Next time a person will not commit the same thing. A wise man will think about it and make a right conclusion, and only a fool will back to his past deeds. Each day we experience something. We need it for improving our lives. Some events change lives of people. In Life Changing Event Essay we will discuss moments that happen to people and the power of their influence.

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The birth of a child is a special moment and the first event in the life of a person. Every day brings us occasions, chances, and meetings which become moments that influence and change life. Life is a long stream of events. Going to the kindergarten, school, college, dating with somebody, making a home task, cooking dinner, and many other things serve for us as an experience. Do they influence us? Yes, they have a great impact to such a big extent that even change us. Pets also may change the life of an average person. Read more about it here:

Simple moments teach us how to live and what to make different. When a student cannot cope with his essay on health care, for example, because he has started too late, he will get a poor grade. However, he will know that next time he has to start much earlier for it will influence his mark. This is the experience. Check useful information on health care on this page:

When a woman overroasts a dish, next time she will know she has to keep an eye on a cooking meal and do not be distracted from the process. If a young girl will come in a singing group but she has no necessary skills, it will spoil everything. Besides, people will make fun of her. All these are little experiences which bring little changes to the lives. To become an excellent essay customer service is not easy. All in all, it is a big experience to face problems and cope with them.

School is a good example of experience. Any school consists of a particular kind of society. Even though all pupils are kids, they can be cruel, rude, and ill-mannered. There is always a group of girls which are called mean girls. They often spoil life of others. Such type of girls not always belongs to a cheerleading team. However, you can order Cheerleading Essay to find out everything about this sport.

At school all your fails and flops are noticed. Pupils pick up them and laugh at a student. School may be a real disaster but if you look at it as the field of experience, everything may change. This time is a preparation to a bigger life. Any confrontation with a mean girl or a teacher is a huge experience. School teaches a student how to live further and how to face similar situations in future. Choose to love any experience. Accept it as a gift and useful instruction. Life is a mentor. Every day it gives people a chance to change something. Turn experience into something big.

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Sometimes parents punish kids unjustly. It happens for different reasons. A mom or a father may have a conflict with his/her boss or get low wages. This factor causes distress. Because of such a problem parents beat children as a way to relax. It sounds crazy. Children suffer but when they grow up, they understand that their parents were wrong. It becomes a life changing experience for such kids. When they bear their own children, they understand that it is bad to repeat the actions of their parents.

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We would like to suggest you several interesting examples which we caught from movies and literature.

1. “Bruce Almighty” movie with Jim Carrey tells us a story about a man who is not pleased with his life. He works as reporter but would like to be an anchorman. The main character looks at his life as the field of failures. The man is very angry with God. He is sure it all His fault. Finally, the hero meets the almighty God. He gives Bruce His power. Now the main and the most interesting part of a movie starts.

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First Bruce is very happy. He enjoys his new assignment but then he understands that together with power he has received a huge responsibility. He cannot cope with his task. Bruce loses his girl friend and cannot return her back. The situation in his town turns into a chaos because Bruce does not answer on prayers. All these become for Bruce a life changing events. At last, he understands that he has to value his job and people that surround him. This experience changes his life. It gives him strength to become a better person.

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2.  The novel “Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austin describes a very nice period in the life of one family. The author writes about two sisters the eldest Elinor and younger Marianne. We will talk about Marianne. She is a very emotional and sentimental girl. The younger sister likes and pay much attention to an attractive man named John. Romance makes Marianne to become blind. She cannot see that she has no future with this young man. Finally, he leaves her and gets marry to another lady. All this time colonel Brandon loves Marianne willing her to be happy. The young girl meets on her way many sufferings and pain which play the role of experience. The story ends with the marriage of Marianne and colonel Brandon. The girl understands that his feelings are not a fake and with the time falls in love with Brandon.

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3. Do you remember “Sabrina” with Julia Ormond and Harrison Ford? Sabrina is a daughter of the driver of a very wealthy family. There are two sons in this family and Sabrina loves the younger one. Her father sends her to Paris where she works at “Vogue”. After several years she returns home. Linus (Harrison Ford) is the eldest son in the family. He is a bachelor and thinks about nothing but job. However, it happens that he has to watch his younger brother who has to marry a girl from a prosperous family and who suddenly falls in love with Sabrina. Linus does all his best to prevent a catastrophe. All his deeds direct the attention of the girl to himself. Linus is doing well and Sabrina falls in love with him. All these moments that he spends with Sabrina become very valuable for Linus. The bachelor figures out that he also loves the girl. How can such events influence him so deeply? Suddenly they change his life. Linus abandons everything and rushes after Sabrina.

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4. Charlotte Brontë once wrote a brilliant novel “Jane Eyre”. The main character Jane lives with her uncle’s wife but everyone hates her. At the age of 10 she has to leave the house and move to Lowood institution. Jane is often accused of things she never committed. The chef of the institution calls her a liar. She meets many unjust situations and even death of her best friend. This period of studying is the main experience that influences and changes all her life. Jane becomes very reserved and strong. Lowood institution hardens her character and prepares Jane for new adversities and adventures.

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