Essay on Lord Of The Flies. To Stay Alive


Well, let’s talk today about a very interesting and sometimes very controversial book by William Golding with such trivial title “Lord of the Flies”. When I first saw this book, I immediately thought: “Who is this Lord and why he commands flies?” The associations with the title of the book to me were not bright and pleasant. The book “Lord of the Flies” can be found in many popular lists of books required to be read. So, after reading that, I decided to write an essay on Lord of the Flies, because this book is worthy of reading carefully. Be sure that you will think a lot after reading this book, discuss it with friends, debate and prove your opinions. So, I wrote this paper with the help of research paper writer and it provides a critical analysis of Lord of the Flies. Use the best services and get the best help from professionals. 

Strange, terrible and infinitely attractive

My Lord of the Flies leadership essay explains why it is a strange, terrible and infinitely attractive book. Though this book is about children, I’m afraid that it is absolutely not for them. I think it is needed to grow for it. A group of children of different age found themselves on a desert island in the result of a plane crash. Trying to organize oneself children decided to choose the leader. It became the boy whose name was Ralph. This decision didn’t like Jack who was the leader of the part of present children of the island. Children began to forget about the discipline and common interests very quickly. Charismatic Jack, who has reached success in hunting for wild pigs, began to gain more trust. The camp was increasingly splitting on children who supported Ralph, and “hunters” that supported Jack. The split was exacerbated by the fact that children began to believe that on the island there was a mysterious beast. After some time most of the children began to support Jack and Ralph remained in the minority. With him were 2 twin brothers and a boy nicknamed Piggy – fat boy who suffers from asthma, but a very smart boy. The best asthma essay you can read on our website. Jack didn’t like Piggy very much. At one point Jack took the majority of boys who formed a tribe. They unquestioningly accepted the authority of Jack as the leader (the authority of the Ralph was shakier), hunted for wild pigs and tried to lure everyone who supported Ralph. After a successful hunt, Jack left the pig’s head as a sacrifice to the beast, from which one of the boys named Simon had a seizure. After the feast on the occasion that they could get the meat, boys from the tribe of Jack in the cult dance killed Simon mistaking him for the beast. And it didn’t cause a great controversy. Moreover, the “hunters” of Jack attacked at night Ralph and his companions and took Piggy’s glasses that were the only way to make a fire on the island. The tribe of Ralph was deprived of the fire source (and therefore chances for rescue), and Piggy could see no more (he has myopia).  Boys decided to go to the “hunters” and ask for the glasses back, but the communication didn’t happen. Jack and Ralph started the close fight and Piggy was killed by a stone that “hunters” used to defend the “camp”. Then began the hunt for Ralph, who miraculously was able to escape and hid in the jungle. The next day the hunt continued. “The hunters” set a fire in the jungle and drove Ralph to the sea. At the most critical moment Ralph met sailors who landed on the island after seeing the smoke from the jungle. The book ends with the moment when Ralph was crying over the fact that he lost the childlike innocence. Through the book, there is the theme of peer pressure and our essays as well cover this topic.

Why is it so popular?

Essay questions for Lord of the Flies can be different. For example, why this book is so popular? It is popular because it answers a lot of questions about the structure of human life outside of civilization and public opinion. It shows what can do a person who lost control. Who of us in childhood did not dream to be somewhere alone, away from annoying adults who know only how to teach, to educate and have no idea how cool it is to run barefoot, swim naked or not to brush the hair the whole day. These boys are such genteel English boys who found themselves in the middle of a wild civilization. And there are no adults with them. They are alone. And what happened? And where does a Lord of the flies? The book is scary and creepy because everything is too true. The title will seem strange at first. Why, why Golding is called his work so? But here is needed a little patience and you will reveal the deep meaning of this.  

From different essays on Lord of the Flies, most of all I liked the question that is not laying on the surface, but that is no less important. I would even say it is the initial question about the children’s behavior. Why did Jack and Ralph become such a boys at the end of the book? What is it – parenting or a primal essence? Why Jack – the boy from the Church choir was the devil and Ralph left the remains of humanity and hope? I don’t know what exactly Golding meant, but I think he wanted to show how thin the line that separates wilderness from civilization, culture, society, and everything that made people. Millions of years have passed since that time when there were cruel laws, but how fast a person can go back. Because inside of every of us there is a beast, the only question is how deep.

It is not a funny Lord of the Flies essay because in the novel Golding showed what changes occur in the values of the children who were being placed in unusual circumstances. A moral degradation occurred very fast. The way from well-behaved children to a semi-wild tribe took very short time. Genteel children turned into killers, offering sacrifice to an unknown (non-existent in reality) creature. In a critical situation, when children reached the stage when they were ready to destroy each other, adults who are guilty in all the troubles on Earth saved them (originally William Golding had meant a nuclear war, which led to the evacuation of children from the mainland). Finally, people are ready to substitute right values to “devil”, and only a few can adhere their values in extreme circumstances. Hope you enjoyed my Lord of the Flies analysis essay.