Essay On Marijuana: Useful Information


Why Legalization Of Marijuana Is A Challenging Problem For Modern Society?

The main thing is that marijuana is the most popular drug of abuse. In fact, illegal use of marijuana is one of the most challenging problems for modern society. It causes various health problems, such as memory disorders, psychological addiction, etc. For this reason, it is necessary to briefly overview the main features of this drug of abuse and provide readers with sufficient information that may help them write interesting and informative essay on marijuana.

Is Marijuana Addictive?

Initially, it is necessary to find out whether marijuana is addictive. It is important to differentiate two types of addictions: physical and psychological. Physical dependence is a state when addicted person needs to increase the doses of certain drugs in order to achieve necessary effect. Noteworthy, human organism can develop tolerance to certain substances. Consequently, physical dependence is associated with negative experience that feel individuals when the amount of their drug of abuse is ceased. Persons who use marijuana regularly need to increase their doses of cannabis. Psychological addiction is another type of dependence. This state involves behavioral changes, emotional and motivational withdrawal. Psychological addiction to marijuana is followed by bad mood, negative thoughts, and lack of positive emotions. Numerous researches showed that regular users of marijuana could experience both type of dependences. Consequently, marijuana is considered to be addictive in many countries throughout the world.

Why Marijuana Is Legal In Some Countries?

The main thing is that marijuana is a light drug. It does not cause immediate and irreversible negative effects. Therefore, certain countries legalize this drug in order to control the rates of marijuana use. The governments of these countries take the position that it is more beneficial to legalize this light drug than introduce criminal responsibility for this type of drug. They claim that the use of marijuana is a problem of public health. Thus, they want to reduce harm to marijuana users and provide addicted persons with necessary rehabilitative measures. This information is beneficial for students who need to write essays on marijuana. Additionally, marijuana legalization provides countries with money that may help improve the quality of medical services. However, there are certain restrictions concerning possession, cultivation, and sale of marijuana that help to keep situation under governmental control. Different countries have their specific laws concerning marijuana. Our essay paper writers have valuable experience in academic writing.

Why Marijuana Is So Popular?

 Actually, it is crucial for students who need to write essays about cannabis to understand why marijuana is so popular. It should be stated that marijuana is a drug that provides a person with different mental and physical effects. It may cause spontaneous laughter, euphoria, hallucinations, etc. Persons may feel relaxation when they use this type of drug. Additionally, marijuana is rather cheap kind compared to other illicit drugs. It does not cause serious side effects. Persons prefer to use marijuana in order to achieve satisfactory and recreational effect from this drug. For this reason, many people throughout the world use marijuana, despite the fact that it may cause negative in the long run.

Medical Use of Marijuana.

Medical use of marijuana is another important issue concerning the use of marijuana. In fact, marijuana medications are not widely used throughout the world. Marijuana is not legal in many countries. Consequently, it is impossible to carry out necessary researchers associated with positive effects of medical cannabis. Some scientists believe that medical marijuana can be used as analgesic or painkiller. Furthermore, it may help patients with AIDS/HIV who have problems with appetite. Additionally, it can be used as a sedative medication for persons who have depressions or anxiety. . Generally, this information can be useful for those students who need to write marijuana essay. It can be concluded that medical marijuana has a great potential to become widely used in the nearest future. You can read about other popular topics on our website.

Legality Of Marijuana.

In fact, marijuana is legal in certain countries. Its legality depends on several factors. Different countries have their specific laws that restrict or allow persons to cultivate, sale, and store this drug. For example, cannabis is legal in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, and some other countries. Moreover, marijuana is legal in eight states in the US. These states are Alaska, Washington, Nevada, California, Oregon, Colorado, Maine, and Massachusetts. There is a tendency in the USA to reconsider laws concerning marijuana illegality. There are different movements that try to achieve legalization of marijuana in the USA. They strive to allow people possess and use medical marijuana. That is why many educational institutions want from their students to write essay about marijuana. Students may express their own attitude to this problem in their essays. Our professional writers can help students to write reliable and qualitative essay about different urgent topics.

Interesting Facts About Marijuana.

It is important to mention that marijuana is the most popular illicit drug in the USA. The majority of American population have tried cannabis at least one time. It is the second most common satisfactory drug in the world after alcohol. Noteworthy, this drug was known as a medication in Ancient China. Marijuana is associated with popular music genre called reggae. Famous Jamaican singer Bob Marley used marijuana regularly. Mylie Cyrus and Snoop Dogg are other popular singers who are marijuana lovers. California was the first American state where medical marijuana was legally allowed for patients.

To conclude, it is necessary to say legalization of marijuana is a challenging problem for modern society. There are different points of view related to legalization of this drug. Modern educational institutions offer their students to write essays about marijuana, because it is a crucial issue. Our writing service may help students to write essays on different essential topics. Contact our support service in order to get necessary information.