Essay on Mother: My Love Confession


Will you be able to give a quick response if you are asked about the dearest and the most admirable person for you, whom you can give your life for? My mother essay will tell you about such a person in my life, without whom I would have ever come into this world. I am ready to present you my darling mummy in my mom essay right now.

Perfect Beauty

Each time, when I meet with my mom, I can’t stop looking at her and admiring her unearthly beauty. It seems that she is the prettiest woman in the world and the ages don’t influence her. I know that nearly every person in the world likes his mom and considers her the best one, though I think that I am objective in this case. My mom is still a super slim and super gorgeous beauty and I am always proud to hear such a compliment, ‘Hey, is it really your mom?’ When I show my mom’s photo, nearly all my friends raise the eyebrows in amazement, because the first phrase, which usually passes their lips, is something like this, ‘We know that it’s your sister!’ You have another guess coming! This is my mom!

I like my mother’s eyes. They are very kind even when she is in a dark humor. They are always the best indicators of her mood, which is usually super good, by the way. When I was a kid and caused some troubles in school, my mom’s eyes became of dark-green color after my teacher’s calls. One may think that a real storm of abuse fell on me after that. If you think that she gave me hell after this like nearly all the moms usually do, you are wrong. My mom is a very reserved person and she tried to keep her anger inside herself, though now I understand that it was very hard to do this. She asked me to sit next to her, embraced me, and started talking about her emotions. She said that she loved me and would always love even if I committed something bad, though my rash actions made her sad. She told me that each of my failure made her feel terrible pain inside her heart. Such gentle and loving speech always influenced me greatly and I began to understand my fault. Only at the age of 17 I started feeling what grieve my bad behavior brought her. She was a good mother for me and I started being a perfect child for her.

My mom’s disapproval was always the measure of my actions. I tried to keep to her opinion, because I know that her life experience and limitless love to me couldn’t give any bad counsel. She always felt me better than anybody else and sometimes I even start thinking that she really knows me better than I know myself.

Is my mom the best friend of mine? I can’t say that she is my friend. This word doesn’t express all my gratitude, respect, and love to her. She is more than just a friend; she is more than just a person, who bore me 21 years ago. She is the whole Universe for me and I don’t even want to imagine that one day this adored person may disappear from my life. Hey, stop! The tears have already appeared in my eyes! What’s about you? I wasn’t going to make my essay too sentimental, though I guess that the essays about mothers can’t be written with any sentiments at all. Our moms deserve all the best in this world, because their mission in the world is really the most important and the hardest one.

Love Your Mom! Call Your Mom!

I had no intention to make you cry; I just wanted you to remember about your mom after you finish reading my mother essay and gave her a call. I am sure that she is always waiting for it even if she never says you about this.

I know that my mom always takes her iPhone with her wherever she goes. At first, I didn’t understand why she took it even to a bathroom, though when I noticed that she answered my calls all the time and there were no miscalls in her phone, everything became clear. We live apart now, though her thirst to hear me every minute hasn’t become less.

I try to make my mom happy as often as it is possible and I buy her good and expensive presents. Her smile is much worth it. The last time, when such a chance appeared, I did my best to make her shine with happiness. She had a birthday last week. Frankly speaking, mom doesn’t like this day. She is sure that she is getting older, though I usually try to over persuade her and explain that years don’t make her worse. I am pretty sure that she is getting younger and more beautiful day after day. I bought a hundred roses for her and brought them early in the morning. If you could only see her eyes… I made several hundred photos, because my mother’s beauty was indescribable. I hope that I will be the same beauty in 20 years’ time.

I can say firmly that my mom is my hero, my idol, and a person, whom I want to look like.

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I am ready to work for 24 hours a day but to have an opportunity to give my mom all the best things in the world, to buy her the trip tickets to let her relax for some time, and the flowers, which usually makes her drop a tear. My mom deserves the kindest words and my gratitude to her can’t be expressed by any words, presents, and actions.

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