Essay On Power: Alternative Power Sources


This essay on power does not cover the whole wide range of information that concerns the energy sources subject. You can easily find many other essays on power, such as nuclear power essay, solar power essay, wind power essay and so on. But we will try to give you at least an idea about traditional and alternative sources of power.

There is no secret for anyone that today environmental pollution is increasing, what leads to disruption of the thermal balance in the planet's atmosphere, reduction of clean water and clean air that we breathe. Using conventional energy sources to a large extent contributes to this.

Energy prices increase constantly due to the steadily growing needs of mankind. However there is a way out and it is quite obvious – it is the transition to alternative power sources. The most developed countries already do that. And not only those that do not have their own sources of energy and have to constantly buy resources from other countries, but also those who think about the future and understand that resources are not unlimited and saving at least some of them today will give the opportunity to exist in the future. The need of fuel resources increases not only every day, but even every second.  Lack of energy and the constant restriction of fuel resources lead to an inevitable transition in the near future to alternative energy sources. These alternative power sources are environmentally friendly, as the foundation of their work is solar power, wind power, earth energy, bio-energy.

Currently, the total energy consumption in the world is approximately 1050 Bln. KWh per year.

Coal accounts for 80% of fossil fuel reserves on the planet. Nowadays coal is becoming less popular. Yes, it is a relatively cheap resource that our planet offers us. But its production every year becomes more difficult, and now it constantly requires increasing of resources for the mining of this type of fuel.

According to the data of international experts in the near future oil and natural gas will begin to decline. Keep in mind that these fuels are constantly increasing in price because of the constantly dwindling world resources. Even the discovery of new fields can influence and stabilize prices as their production and development each time require more and more time and money. All these factors in the near future will reduce the global domination of these types of energy sources and their share in the fuel and energy balance will decrease by 2030 from 65% to 20%.

As for hydropower, which accounts currently 1.5% of total energy production in the world, a small percentage can be considered only a secondary resource of energy in a country that has this resource.

Nuclear power

Nuclear power is a separate global subject in the world energy sector. There is no secret that every country in the world wants to have this resource, but also everyone understands that this is a huge risk to the environment in case of any accident at the nuclear power plant. Thus, the postulate of clean and safe nuclear energy is not more than a myth. It turns out that nuclear energy does not have long-term perspective because of the huge potential danger and low profitability.

Types of alternative power sources

Here belong Earth's heat (geothermal energy), the energy of sun, wind, heat, sea, sea waves and oceans, as well as hydropower: tides, biogas, heat pumps and other energy converters. This large selection contains only renewable energy sources that can be a real alternative to traditional familiar to us energy sources in the future and in the present.

Solar power

The Sun, as everybody knows, is the primary and main source of energy for our planet. Sun is the most powerful source of energy.

The total amount of solar energy that reaches the Earth's surface is in almost 7 times greater than the global consumption of fossil fuel resources. If mankind is able to use at least 0.5% of the total solar energy input, then this would be enough to supply the global energy needs for several millennia.

Conversion of solar energy into electrical power has many advantages. First of all, it is 100% reliability: according to scientists’ predictions the Sun will not go anywhere from us at least for a few million years. It is also clean and therefore safe for the health source of energy. Of course this kind of energy can not be used in areas in which as a consequence of the climatic characteristics sunny days are little or almost absent (although modern solar cells have the ability to store energy).

In this case, we can talk about the use of wind power as a separate source of energy, and its combination with solar energy as well.

Wind power

Wind energy is inexhaustible on the Earth. Wind occurs due to the uniform distribution of the atmospheric pressure. Due to the fact that atmospheric pressure constantly changes, wind direction and its speed change too. As the practice and experience of many countries prove, the use of wind energy is very beneficial, because the wind costs nothing – this is first of all, and second of all there is nothing required to get this kind of energy except the wind itself. Today, wind energy has a huge spread, especially in low-resource countries, what made them look for the alternative sources of power. A large number of examples of this energy sector use can be observed in Europe. Industry engaged in wind energy conversion (kinetic energy) into an electric current, is called wind power. The most spread and popular today is the use of wind turbines. They are widely used in huge power plants, and also in the small, for private use.

As you can see, an alternative to traditional energy sources exists. And it gives hope that in the future mankind will be able to overcome the energy crisis caused by the depletion of non-renewable energy sources!

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