Essay on Smoking Warns You


From one point of view, to smoke or not to smoke, is a private choice of any person. Who can forbid anybody not to do this if he makes a choice in favor of poisoning himself? One may think something like this, ‘He knows about the tobacco influence on the organism, though he wants to continue smoking. I am not going to poke my nose.’ Such a way of thinking is typical for the biggest part of people.

Unfortunately, smoking is not a problem, which deals only with a smoker himself. This problem involves all those people, who are around the smokers and who have already made their choice and are leading the tobacco free lives. Everybody, who breathes fumes, gets into a risk group. Smoking is prohibited in public places, and this radical measure was welcomed by people, who want to breathe the clean air, all over the world.

If you are a smoker and you are still sure that there is no harm in blowing smoke rings, the following effects of smoking essay will shed light on the harmful consequences of having this dangerous habit and will remind all those, who have forgotten about it, why it is better to break off this habit at all.   

Cigarette Is Poisoning You

I know some smokers, who have already replaced their cigarettes with hookah and they spend hours on smoking it and enjoying its fume. The scientists are sure: there is no harmless ways of smoking! Not everybody knows that one cigarette contains more than 500 ingredients, each of which is of too little use for a man’s health. While the cigarette is burning, it vaporizes more than 7,000 elements, the colossal number of which is poisonous. Just try to imagine that 70 elements are able to provoke cancer!

Tobacco, which is used in hookah, is actually of the same composition as an ordinary cigarette. Of course, its influence on the organism is a bit lesser, though it can’t be called useful.

Nicotine is one of the main components of tobacco, which reaches the smoker’s brain in several seconds. Some people consider that nicotine helps them to relax, become a bit calmer, and start looking at the world without having any irritation. Nicotine is really a good stimulator, which makes your nervous system feel a bit more relaxed, though its effect is very short. Soon you will have a desire to take the second cigarette, then another one, and you will become a chronic smoker in the blink of an eye. Nicotine is addictive, so when you decide to put just one cigarette to your lips, a desire to take another one after this will haunt you soon.  

More than 10 million smokers try to get rid of their bad habit, though it is not as easy as they think. Nicotine changes the brain’s structure and makes it send you the signals that you need to smoke one more cigarette. You become dependent on nicotine while you continue thinking that you may quit this habit anytime. The smokers can’t live without a dose of nicotine and they start resembling the drug addict, though they deny this fact.

Smoking Can Provoke…

If you have just become a smoker and you feel no changes in your health, don’t think that it will be always so. The bigger experience you have, the more dangers will wait for you. What changes in your health smoking can provoke? I don’t want to frighten you, though if you smoke for many years, you may get:

  • cough;
  • problems with sight or even its total loss;
  • heart diseases;
  • wrinkled and dull skin;
  • bad teeth;
  • chronic lungs diseases, among which are bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis;
  • cancer of breathing and digestive systems;
  • diabetes;
  • osteoporosis, because tobacco weakens the bones;
  • problems with reproductive system;
  • problems with pregnancy;
  • poor health of a newborn child.

I know that a lot of people don’t take such info so seriously and they continue thinking that all these warnings are just the fake, which has an aim to make people feel scared and forget about the cigarettes at all. The statistics says that more than 5 million smokers die annually and there is a terrible prediction, which confirms that this quantity will increase up to 10 million people by the year 2030.

If you think that you may smoke just one cigarette and stop then, reread the info above. Nicotine is addictive! It is better not to try the cigarette’s fume at all rather than to endanger your own life and the lives of people, who are next to you and whom you love gently.

Stop Smoking, Please!

My father is a big lover of smoking one cigarette after another. He smokes 20 cigarettes a day and when he feels too nervous, this quantity may be risen up to 35. He smokes early in the morning and late at night. He can’t live without having a cigarette in his mouth. The saddest fact is that he is sure that tobacco doesn’t influence him at all. He says that he is a smoker for nearly 40 years and he is still alive. His joke doesn’t make me feel optimistic. I asked him to stop killing himself, though my words are still unheard. I know that none of my requests will make him forget about the cigarettes and start leading a healthier life, though I hope that my persuasive essay about smoking will influence at least a couple of persons and they will say ‘No!’ to tobacco! If my smoking essay will save somebody from being finally poisoned and killed, it will be possible to consider that my heart cry wasn’t vain.

If you have a task to prepare an essay about smoking too, buy it from as I did and let your smoking should be banned essay remind people one more time that nobody has the right to subject other people and environment to danger. Stop smoking, please, until it is not late!