Essay On War: Worse Than Hell


My reflections on my war essay made me start thinking that such a terrible occurrence as murderous conflicts were the scourge of the mankind, each generation of which had to defend its country, stand up for the systems of beliefs, and shed floods of blood for the right of children to have the clear blue sky above their heads. Peace and prosperity are always replaced by chaos and depression, though the historians are sure that such ‘leapfrog’ is normal for the world development. It seems that none of us, none of the governors or diplomats is able to put an end to such a phenomenon as ‘war.’ It maims a good part of population, though it happens here or there with regularity.

The best thing, which can make people feel proud, is that nobody is left indifferent, when a trouble comes to his motherland. Soldiers don’t spare themselves and fight bravely against the enemy.

Call of Duty

Wars happen all the time. The statistics shows that more than 39,000,000 patriotic Americans were sent to fight in wars during the last several hundred years. Nearly 650,000 of the soldiers were killed and more than 1,200,000 were wounded terribly. The tragedy of all these people lied in the fact that each of them had had their own lives, each of them had left his beloved with small babies and old mothers, each of the soldiers had had his own interests and plans for life, which were ruined in a blink when the war was started. The civil duty of these people, who ventured to change their habitual style of life for the muddy trenches and camouflage uniforms, was usually stronger than any other feelings.

War is not just Hell. It worse than Hell several hundred times and anyone, who fought, is able to prove these words. Severe bombardments, everyday attacks, smell of gunpowder, which is mixed with blood, and terrible fear, which makes nearly all the soldiers lose appetite and ability to sleep, drive people crazy. The deaths, which are observed day after day, soon become something usual for those, who go through the war.

Great Armed Conflicts

The wars were the usual phenomena for our brave forefathers, though the number of armed conflicts today is still extra high. So many countries are in wars now and a lot of new ones are just at the early stage of launching. What were the greatest violent conflicts and how many victims they involved?

  • The French and Indian War, which covered the period from 1756 to 1763, was fought between France and Britain for the supremacy and caused the Second Hundred Year’s War. It ended with the Treaty of Paris signing. More than 22,000 people were killed, captured, and wounded. Do you need to study this topic more detailed? French and Indian war essay, written by, will help you to do this.
  • The War of 1812, which was fought between the United States of America and Great Britain, began in 1812 and ended in 1815. The US, which was the country-aggressor, failed in this war, though the conflict cut off a lot of lives. Here are the battle casualties of both parts of the conflict. 2,260 American soldiers were killed and 4,500 soldiers were wounded. Britain lost 1,160 soldiers and more than 3,500 soldiers were wounded. More than 20,000 American and British people died because of diseases and many other causes. is able to propose you a perfect War of 1812 essay if you need to cover this topic.
  • The World War 1 was started in 1914 and lasted till 1918. It killed more than 9 million soldiers and 7 million civilians, caused wounds to more than 21 million fighters. The total number of casualties of this war was more than 30 million persons. Europe became the battleground for this war, which was fought between the Allies (the British Empire, France and The Russian Empire) and Germany with Austria-Hungary. The Allies won in 1918 and if you want to discuss this topic, will help you kindly. Its essay on World War 1 will impress you with its informational content.
  • Unlike other wars, which shattered the world from time to time, the crimes and casualties of the World War 2 still make people speechless. The war, which was started by the leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler, was started in 1939 and ended in 1945 by crashing victory of the Soviet Union and its allies. This war brought so much pain and misery that it is impossible to describe all of them. The total amount of casualties of the World War 2 was nearly 50 million people! A great amount of the World War 2 essays, which are composed by the perfect experts, may make you sparkle with knowledge and wit.
  • The Korean War, which was fought between North and South Korea, was started in 1950 and lasted for 3 years. An attempt of North Korea to invade South Korea led to the terrible human casualties. More than 5 million soldiers and civil people were murdered! Modern Korea is still divided into two parts: the northern part and the southern one.  If you need a Korean War essay, is ready to provide its services.
  • The Vietnam War was started in 1954 and lasted up to 1973. It was the long and painful struggle, which had an aim not to allow the communists set their regime in Vietnam. Finally it was ended by the withdrawal of the American troops and setting of the communist regime. The total record of the casualties of this bloody conflict was more than 58,000 people. Those students, who are going to compose a paper about this period of time, may buy a Vietnam War essay right now.

Is such enormous amount of deaths and ruined lives the adequate price for somebody’s desire to redraw the global map? It seems that this question is rhetorical and the right answer will never be found.

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