Essay on Your Name: Way to Yourself


Essay on Your Name: Way to Yourself

What is your name? Have you ever thought about your name’s origin and what power it has over you? Why did your parents give it to you? I will never believe if you say that your name has never made you think about it deeper than about of a combination of sounds only. It’s really not just the letters and the sounds. Your name is your life, your success, and your state of mind.

I am sure that there were many episodes, when you had a desire to change your name. Such a desire is not strange to me. Is it right to change a name, which was given you at the start of your life way? Is your decision to take another name really able to change your destiny forever? What info does your name contain? You will have a perfect opportunity to give the answers to these questions and the others in a process of essay on your name preparing.

Best Identifier

Everybody and everything has a name. The names of the inanimate objects indentify them and help us to imagine a subject of conversation soon after it is pronounced. You know how a spoon looks, what shape a ball has, and what a rose is. You don’t need to be explained the meanings of the words as they are really elementary for you. You don’t need to have these things before your eyes to imagine them, because you know what their names identify.

Like the names of the inanimate objects, the names of people are very important. They present a person and can give a lot of info long before you distinguish the very core of a person. You meet a person, hear his name, and the certain associations appear in your head immediately.

Of course, you may contradict me now and say that our own associations can be wrong and have nothing in common with a reality. Our own memory really keeps the events from our own life and very often it plays with us. For example, if you were hurt by a boy long ago and his name was Johnny, you will remember this name throughout your life. You can hardly like your new fellow, who will have the same name as your offender had. His name will always call back to your memory, and your offence will produce the antipathy. If you meet a person who has the same name as your best friend has, your emotions will be very positive. A chance to make friends with this man will be high.

Our brain really works like that.

Curiosity Didn’t Kill a Cat

Do the human names really bear so much info about its owner, or it is just the prejudices? The mystery of a name is a question, which disturbs the generations and still has no integrated answer. How did the names appear? Who decided to give the names to all the subjects and objects of the planet?

Everybody knows that curiosity moves the world and a task to compose such an essay is a good chance for you to make a contribution into the theory of the names’ appearing. No matter that this contribution is small; your discovery may become really important for the mankind.

If you are curious, this topic is for you! You will find a lot of super interesting info when you start essay about your name writing. I had such a task too. It killed a pretty amount of my time, though the secrets, which I disclosed about myself, made my hair stand on end! I was so interested that I went deeper and deeper into the depths of my name origin. It seemed that it was impossible to stop me! My desire to get more info about my name made me find gigabytes of e-books. Can you imagine that I read them all?

Like many other men, I didn’t like my name, especially when I was a child. It sounded too funny and the smiles of my friends made me angry. I had just one desire: to change my name and forget about it forever! My caprice hurt my parents… I was getting older and I began to accept my name. The info, which I found while working at my last essay, made me see it in a new light. My researches made me proud of my name and I said “Thank you!” to my mom and dad.

If you have the same problems as me, I want you to solve them too. It’s really easy! Just try to do this!

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Look Deeper!

Try to answer all these nagging questions in your what is in a name essay and maybe you will become a bit better psychologist soon. A day, when you will understand people around you and yourself better is really not far from you!

Some names are gentle and even comic, while the others are strong and powerful. When you hear something funny, you can hardly imagine a strong and powerful man. If a really big guy appears in front of you and he is called in a funny way, it’s a sign to look at him more attentive. He can be very sensitive, kind, and harmless. Look deeper and your relations with people will soon become better!

A lot of people don’t like their names, by the way. What is the reason of such a phenomenon? Is it really possible to change the name, which is given to everybody at birth? What mystery does it preserve? How does it influence a life of its bearer? One thing is evident: essay about name can really help to answer a pretty amount of questions. Do this right now and who knows, maybe your life will be changed after that!