Essays On Baseball: Connecting People


It is really little wonder that you are given a task to compose any of baseball essays. Why is this topic so predictable? Just ask any American about his plans for the weekends and in seven of ten cases you will hear something like this, ‘Of course, I am going to play baseball.’ There are so many people who play this game in the USA that baseball has already become of national interest. It is adored by people of different age, height and weight categories. Has it already become understandable why this topic is of such popularity among the American students?

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Useful Recommendations To Take Into Account

While thinking about which topic to choose to start a baseball essay writing quicker, the priority is usually given to the origin and further development of baseball in the United States of America. It is most common and needs no special basic knowledge to start it. It’s fair enough just to make an online journey with Google’s help. Steroids in baseball essay is also of great popularity and actuality, though to argue this issue one should be medically-savvy. It seems to be too hard to draw the conclusions when you have no understanding of the mental processes, which the steroids consumption causes.

As to the history of baseball, everything is not so intricately. Pay attention to the next paragraphs, which were composed by the professional writers and think of your own introduction of such a topic. How would you begin your baseball essay, if you were given a task to do this?

History Of Baseball Essay: Start Like This

When was the United States of America captured by baseball? It seems that this game is as old as America itself, though it is not exactly so. Although the interest of people in playing baseball-like games appeared very long ago and had no formal rules in fact, baseball appeared in 1791. Later on it was baseball that provoked a lot of debates about its origin. The eager fans are still sure that baseball is entirely American invention, while some other opinions voice the following: baseball derived from a British game, which is called rounders. Soon after this game became popular it was announced that Abner Doubleday, a national Civil War hero, who in fact had nothing in common with this kind of sport, was proclaimed as the inventor of a national pastime. How did this game concern a famous military officer? Nobody was able to answer this question. It was just a beautiful myth, which was so needed to Americans in the post-war period.

Besides this, there is another opinion. According to it baseball (‘base ball’ if to be specific) was a game, which was played on Saturdays from 1823 around New York City. Does this theory have any grounds? The newspapers’ articles of the time described the game, which had much in common with modern baseball indeed.

In 1845 the first baseball team the New York Knickerbockers appeared in the USA. Its players were amateurs, who played according to the rules that had much in common with these for kickball.

In 1857 the first championship of baseball was established by the National Association of Baseball Players, which consisted of sixteen teams. Soon the amateur game, which conquered a lot of people all over America, grew out into a professional kind of sport adorable by millions of fans.

In 1950s baseball started expanding its geographical range and in 1992 it became an official Olympic sport. It was last played in the 2008 Olympics, though this year it was announced that baseball will return for the 2020 Olympics. It is a common hope that the prediction will be fulfilled.

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