Euthanasia Essay: Pros and Cons


Do you know what means the word “euthanasia”? This term means the stopping of the life of somebody who suffers from severe and terminal disease. Doctors have started to practice this method long ago. They give a person an opportunity to die. This method also is used for putting an animal to sleep. For the first time the term “euthanasia” was mentioned in the 16th century. This word was a synonym for “easy death”. The Oxford dictionary gives three meanings of the word:

1. Simple and quick death.

2. Means to cease one’s life quickly and easily.

3. The actions that stop one’s life.

We would like also to mention that it is not Against Euthanasia Essay. In this paper document writers will show you two sides of one aspect.

Among European countries the idea of euthanasia was widely spread before the Second World War. Euthanasia was highly popular within medicine practice. However, it was criticized after Nazi killing programs. Sigmund Freud has become one of well-known people who have committed euthanasia. With the help of doctor Shure Freud passed away. Nowadays the popularity of this method again becomes extremely high. In many cases doctors support patients and their relatives in this decision. Nevertheless, euthanasia has nothing to do with the doctor’s (Hippocratic) oath. The traditional form of the oath contains such words: “I will never neither give any person mortal means nor show the way to commit this deed.”

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Euthanasia may be of two types: a person being in absolute conscious may wish to stop his life in this way; a family or relatives of someone who stays in coma can decide to separate his/her body from a life-support machine. Usually it happens when a child or an old lady or man is laying without consciousness. Any way euthanasia means killing. People used to do it for mercy’s sake but they interfere in very serious matters.

The Bible says that God has created a man. He gave his body strength and his nares a breath of life. Since a person has been created, he/she does not belong to himself. The life of a man is in the hands of the Lord. A person does not have a right to deprive himself of life which was given to him. The Scripture claims that it is one of the sins.

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According to the Bible the soul of a suicide goes to the hell. In previous centuries Christian priests refused to bury suicides. They were buried separately as outlaws and sinners. Euthanasia is a sin and everyone who is involved in it – doctors, relatives, or patients are murderers. All this is very interesting when comes up to the next issue. Do you know what the law says about euthanasia? It is very odd that some Christian countries support this kind of suicide.

Have you ever thought about mercy killing? What do you think now when you know what is this? Many people think about it differently. There are many supporters of this method. As you see, Hippocratic Oath does not influence the decision of doctors about euthanasia. Many of them consider it a wise way out. Some people say that euthanasia is a part of business. Probably you would like to read Essay on Business.

There are some pros and cons which can prove that euthanasia is a sin or that it is a right decision. Let none of us face this problem. All in all, it is always useful to be aware even of such difficult and complicated things.

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While backing to the topic, we should say that euthanasia is a widely spread method of putting animals to sleep. This moment is very moving. An average person must be ready for this. We get used to our pets so quickly. It is always so difficult to say “good bye” to your fluffy friend. However, there is useful information about it which one needs to know. It is helpful to be informed of how, for instance, to put a dog to sleep.

Why People Say “Yes” to Euthanasia

1. It is a very humane instrument which frees a person from sufferings.

2. Relatives and family are released from duties to pay for treatment which cannot be successful.

We should mention that euthanasia changes the lives of people. Life Changing Event essay speaks about such things like this.

3. Euthanasia reduces the stress which relatives feel all the time. It gives freedom from heart pain.

4. The hospital does not use the extra amount of drugs which have no effect on a patient.

5. Euthanasia gives possibility to open financial reserve for patients who need medical cure.

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6. Doctors assert that it is a wise decision to apply to euthanasia and give a place for someone who has chances to be cured. Today all hospitals are overcrowded.

7. Every person has the right to decide how long should he live and when his life may over.

8. Hippocratic Oath has been reconsidered greatly. Some of its tenets are too old. Not to do harm now may mean to release a patient from severe pain through the death.

Frankly speaking, mass media and social media play important role in maintaining the idea of euthanasia. Find more information on social media on this page:

Why People Say “No” to Euthanasia

1. Human life is the biggest value. Euthanasia underestimates life.

2. The act of euthanasia is considered to be immoral naturally.

3. Doctors as well as health care suppliers do not want to find new and effective ways of treatment of such patients. They consider euthanasia as a kind of excuse.

4. Euthanasia helps to curb the expenditure of health care program.

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5. Doctors swore not to stop the life of a person even if he/she would ask for it.

We have already explained to you what Christianity thinks about euthanasia. What is interesting is that Muslims also realize that euthanasia is a wrong way. So, all forms of it are forbidden. In Hinduism euthanasia again cannot take place. It spoils the natural process of living. In Japan most people are convinced in freedom to choose when one can stop his life.

The reasons due to which people agree to use euthanasia or disagree increase all the time. These two lists indeed influence people. Although it is a very difficult decision, sometimes one needs a small push to decide. Yet, in most cases everything depends on one’s believe and hope of a person. People die every day. This is the fact which everyone understands including a writer who is in charge of revising writing process. It is an integral part of social life and inevitable thing which happens to everyone. Euthanasia is not the only way out. Pray and seek for any help and any opportunity of productive treatment.

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