Feminist Essay Writing Isn’t a Problem


Feminist Essay Writing Isn’t a Problem

 “God took one of the man’s ribs and made a woman”. Who has never heard this story from the Holy Bible? All men, whom I know, smile when they hear it again and again. They usually say something like this, “Hey, girl! You were created later than me, so this world is more mine than yours”. Just remember their criticism towards women at the wheel. All men are sure that they are the better drivers, though the statistics shows another fact: women are much more careful and attentive while they are on the road! Hey, men, do you hear me? I am sure that if you read this post now and you are a girl like me, you will nod your head yes. I know you will understand me and I bet that you have heard such masculine arguments not once.

Why woman should always fight for her rights and prove her equality? Is the reason of this continuous battle only in the fact that she was created on a second-priority basis? The woman’s path has never been very easy, though each of us is still able to change this unfairness and make the world a bit better. The question is how it can be done…

Change the World!

I don’t think that anybody of modern women liked if she had no right to the property of her husband, while he was able to control her earnings entirely. I am not sure that anybody of us would like to be just a housekeeper and be illiterate at that, while her husband was a many-sided person and enjoyed his life. None of us wants such a style of life. Each of us wants to be independent and realize all her desires and dreams. Thank God, we have such a chance and nobody is able to prejudice us. Just imagine that long ago women were discriminated and they didn’t have even one tenth of the rights, which every modern woman has. Were we able to live in such a world, where all the rules and laws were elaborated for men to live in harmony and happiness?

Our ancestresses were decisive and strong. They found the irrepressible energy inside their souls and changed the world. Women became independent due to their strivings. Whom should we say thank you? The feminist movement, which became especially popular in 1968, let us live freely and have no limits at all. Do you want to be the President? Does a career of a lawyer attract you? Are you dreaming of conquering the new planets in outer space? All the doors are really open in front of you! Just do your best to make your dream come true, because the world lies before you.

Women are the presidential candidates now, the deputies, the managers, the actresses, the engineers, and nobody looks at them in amazement! Women build the bridges, solve the international problems, visit the most troubled areas of the world, work as the air-hostesses, and cover the thousands of miles daily. Women are everywhere and they make the world go round. Who is ready to doubt that they do this really professionally?

To Write, or not to Write: That Is the Question

Not long ago I was given a new task: I had to compose a new essay and its topic made me jump to my feet as if a bee bit me painfully. It was my dream to write a feminist essay because I was an avid supporter of equality in all of its aspects. I always imagined that if I had been a woman of the ‘60s, I would have been one of the feminists and I would have kept a large and colorful banner in my hands. I knew so much info about this period in our history, I liked it greatly, and I wanted to throw light on this movement anyhow. There was one thing that worried me greatly. I don’t know how to tell you about this… I was an awful writer! Writing was really the most hateful occupation for me. It made me start yawning and usually I had no alternative but to go to bed.

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Say “Yes!” to a Writing Service!

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Be decisive and no trouble will be able to frighten you. I know what I am talking about. Remember about women, who changed this world for us. What are you thinking about now? I hope your decision will be right and you are half-way to the service, which I recommended you above.