Five Acts Of Kindness You Can Accomplish In One Day


Right said Mark Twain: `Kindness – is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ` Kindness doesn`t have its physical appearance, but we can percept and feel it clearly. Kindness lives inside our soul and serves as a starting point for inner beauty development. Even though, kindness is the feelings we all were born with, some adults need much time and efforts to return kindness back into their hearts.

Why people lose kindness

Sometimes, the loss of kindness doesn`t depend on a person. We might not even notice how busy we are at times, when we are passing the beggars and homeless people on the street. We don`t show any empathy or sympathy to these group of people but very often blaming them for not living prosperously.

We are used to a strict and formal way of communication, especially at work, we forget using `please` and `thank you` not because we are impolite, just because it`s not necessary anymore. `Please` and `thank you` aren`t needed, because it takes more time to say it, without them questions can be answered faster so the deal will be done sooner.

People forget about help. Helping each other develops you as a person, it brings pleasure to your soul. It`s very important to help others not waiting for anything in return. One more quality of a modern society is when you want to help somebody, but you don`t put any efforts to do so. You can say how poor the person is, that`s it. What does restrict us from real action of help? Why did people become so detached and isolated?

People are losing kindness because the life speeds up. We practically don`t have time for visiting our parents, for playing with our kids, we don`t have time to go in for sport and read book. Instead of it, we install Skype at our parent`s house, we send kids to additional classes and summer camps, we take pills to lose the weight, the same story with gaining kilos and finally we buy gadgets for listening to audio books. Some people would claim, that we can`t avoid technological progress and such reality isn`t bad at all and it has a lot of benefits. I agree, such reality may not be bad, but it can`t be called good if people are losing kindness because of it.

Five actions that help you to return kindness

  1. Be empathic. Being empathic means take other people and their opinion into consideration. Don`t be sure that only your point of view is right and other people don`t have a right to speak their thoughts out. Especially if you occupy leading position at work or you are a head in your family. If you show empathy while talking to someone, the conversation goes smoothly and equally, don`t put people into the subordinate position. Listen to other people`s opinion, that will help you be more empathic;
  2. Praise people when they deserve it. The most part of people don`t get enough praise in their lives. It leads to the inferiority complex, thinking that I am not good enough, because I have never been praised or thanked for my work. Some people overestimate themselves, but even then, they need a healthy praise when they deserve to be praised. Kind people never forget good actions and are always ready to acknowledge and remind someone about something great they did;
  3. Give help, ask for help. Some people strongly believe that if they give help, they will not be thanked in return. They are practically afraid of giving help, because they think other people don`t need it until they ask. So, here it goes – don`t be scared of giving help. If the person doesn`t need it - he or she will let you know about it. Moreover, don`t be scared not to get `thanks` in return. It`s not about their thankfulness, it`s about your kindness. One more and very important – ask for help. It`s a well-known point of view, that some individuals don`t ask for help, because they are ashamed to do so. Shame is a feeling that was created by the society we live in. Shame isn`t our nature, it`s more about our nurture. The sooner you get rid of your shame, the more kind deeds you will accomplish in your life.
  4. Forgive people, even if they don`t apologize. Being able to forgive is one of the main characteristics of a kind person. We all aren`t perfect and everyone has a right for mistake. We cannot judge people for being bad-tempered, moody or arrogant, the only solution is to accept them the way they are. Remember, you are going to do it for yourself first of all. Forgive people no matter how much pain they brought into your heart. Only kind people have such a luxurious ability as to forgive.
  5. Know when to be silent. Obviously, this thing is the hardest to complete. Each of us can be furious at times. Feeling different emotions isn`t a bad thing at all, just be reserved with showing your bad emotions. When you feel down, sad, angry or frustrated, stay silent. Self-management traits are important to be a remarkable person. You can`t restrict yourself from feeling anger, but you can control yourself and hide that negative feeling. What will you get as a result? First, people wouldn`t be afraid to talk to you, to come up with the idea even if they think it`s not so good (never know which one is good and which is not). There are minimum chances that you might insult or offend someone with your words. There are enough of mean, grumpy, angry and even frantic people nowadays. Society needs more people who are caring, trustworthy, open-minded, loyal and kind.

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Therefore, there were five main acts of kindness you can easily do in one day. The advantages of them are the following: you don`t have to break your usual timetable for completing these acts. Moreover, you don`t have to put much physical efforts to do them. The only thing which is required is your desire and aspiration to bring more kindness to this world.