Forgiveness Is The Best Remedy For Our Soul


Egoism as a natural quality of human beings

There is no way to avoid betrayals, lies or cheating in our lives.  No matter how careful you are or how happy your life is, it`s all about ups and downs. You can`t feel eternal happiness without experiencing strong pain. Without loss people can`t appreciate simple things in life. It`s not because human beings aren`t thankful, it`s more because of our egoistical nature. It would be wrong to say, that being egoistical is completely a wrong thing, which should be changed by a person in his own character. No, it`s absolutely not. If we go back in time and look deeply into the roots of human`s origin, we can clearly see, that egoism was inserted in people`s nature long ago. Having hunted the animals, people were greedy sharing food with others and did it only with the members of their tribe. Even then, the getters used to separate those members who they were willing to share with, and not. It signifies, that self-survival was on the top of other human instincts. We centered our life and ourselves among other members of the tribe. It wasn`t because people used to be bad and now the world changed and people became good. Obviously, it sounds ridiculous. Our nature is still the same, it was just modified due to technological progress, economic development, improvement of life conditions and culture progress. Here, it`s very important to understand, not that our nature was improved with the time flow, it was just modified and developed, because it`s impossible to stay constant for a long period of time. As the time flows, as the day changes the night, so the human beings have been developing for a long period of time, but we can`t refuse who we are and where we came from.

Frustration in our life

What I am leaning to is that people often don`t appreciate things that they have in life. In most cases, we don`t realize, that we are blessed to live the way we live. Our essence is to desire more, better and faster. It leads us to frustration. Frustration is a feeling, state or condition that shows a conflict and disagreement between `I have` and `I want`. It`s the situation when we want more than we can afford. It is when our desires don`t comply with our possibilities. Referring to some of the modern psychologists, frustration is the most common psychological disorder nowadays. Where does it go from? Visibly, it goes from our ungratefulness. The major part of ungratefulness is offense.

State of offense demolishes our personality

Whenever we are feeling offended, it`s only our problem. We are all individuals, we have different organisms, our life isn`t connected with the life of another person. If somebody dies, your organism keeps living. Here, I am talking only about physical existence, someone can start arguing that, at times, people can`t deal with the depression after someone`s death, but your arguments will be mostly about pain in your heart and soul, not about physical body.  Remember, you are what you thinking about. Our thoughts, emotions and feelings are tightly bound with our physical health. It`s impossible to influence on us, unless we allow to be influenced. Being separated organisms, we should clearly understand that nobody owes us anything. Your husband, parents and even your children don`t have to behave in a certain way towards you. We don`t have a right to request some kind of behavior from other people. Our right is to accept that behavior or not. Thus, whenever you are catching yourself on a thought that somebody should have behaved in a different, more polite way towards you, keep in mind, that a person doesn`t owe you anything, even such a thing as politeness or good manners. If you realize it one day and start letting go your offense, you can surely say that you became free. You became free from a huge burden inside yourself, such as offense. The moment when you stop being offended – means you were able to forgive.  

What`s forgiveness?

Forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do. Moreover you have to not just do it, but sincerely feel it. Forgiveness is a state, which is characterized by absolute freedom of thoughts and peace of mind. I don`t know people who don`t want to be free. To get rid of it, you have to start forgiving. One of the most common offenses is for our parents, even though, not many people are able to confess it. We can be offended for not giving us more in our childhood: more attention, more possibilities, and more resources. The second most common offense for our second half or husband: for not being loyal enough, for not being attentive, for not being able to provide for us. And the third one is for the society: it`s unfair that somebody works less and gets higher salary, it`s unfair that some young adults use parent`s money and can do whatever they want without restrictions, it`s unfair that a woman with such a nasty character has been happily married for over 10 years by now. We have to understand, that these kinds of offenses limit us in our range of vision. Offense poisons our soul and ruins our inner strength. We become weaker and dark side of our existence starts reaching our pure nature. The only way to recover is to forgive. As soon as you fill up your inner world with forgiveness, you will realize that it was the best possible treatment for your ached soul.

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In conclusion, I would like to point out that forgiveness is the best remedy for your body and soul. It looks like a circle and the process is endless. Offense is eternal unless you realize that nobody owes you anything. Forgiveness is impossible unless you understand that offense is gone. Freedom of mind is unreachable unless you let forgiveness inside your heart. May the forgiveness be a part of your consciousness most of the time and you will realize that the colors of your life have been completely changed.