Frankenstein Essay: Think Before You Act


Every literary work has its own audience, while the real masterpieces are adored by people of different age and various tastes for literature. Frankly speaking, I can talk about literature for a pretty amount of time, because literary discussions never make me tired, and I am able to enumerate a lot of the world famous masterpieces easily. I just have no time to do this, as my task for today is to compose an essay on Frankenstein.

Reading became my hobby long ago and since the day, when our love with a book began, my home library has already gotten a rather decent size. I am often asked about my favorite book, without which I don’t imagine my life at all. There is one, which takes the main place among all the other publications. Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ is the book, which I reread for several times a year. My love to it is unexplainable and follows no rules. The story of one monster and its creator was able to fascinate people several hundred years ago, it has captured me, and I am sure that it will do the same wonderful things with many other generations of book readers. Mary Shelley’s contribution to the genre of science fiction was really inestimable. What does make this book so popular even now, when the number of books and various publications is really colossal? Why does a story, which appeared in 1818, still worry people and have such an impact on their minds?

Popular Story

The name ‘Frankenstein’ is usually associated with a monster. Those, who have never read the book of Shelley, are pretty sure that it is a monster’s name, though such a misunderstanding has nothing in common with reality.

Victor Frankenstein – it was the name of the young scientist, who was extremely interested in creating a new life himself. His sharp mind, good knowledge, and God-given talent played a trick on him. Was this trick good or not? It was difficult to say, because he really brought his dream to life, though the next turn of events makes us hesitate in the importance of this discovery. He created not a human being, but a monster, and he didn’t know how to behave with his own creature.

Mary Shelley and her ‘Frankenstein’ impress people even now, when it is really very difficult to amaze somebody. Our world is full of wonders and the scientific progress is at such a level now, that real monster appearing in the street will surprise nobody.

Step by step, I came to the point, which makes me feel worried. I think that it is really the main reason of my regular rereading of this story: I just try not to let myself forget about the consequences, which scientific developments and especially genetics may lead the mankind to. I want the others not to forget about this and keep in their minds that everything has its limits, which we are not allowed to overstep.

Victor Frankenstein was not satisfied with his powers and he started competing with God. He wanted to create a life against all the rules and Mother Nature’s laws. He wanted to catch God by his beard, though he failed in this too risky game with God. Was Victor Frankenstein the first one, who took the attempts to leap up to the sky? If people had been a bit more religious and had had some faith in their hearts, there would have never appeared the monsters and the Babel Tower would have never been ruined. They would have simply never existed at all! Unfortunately, people preferred not to learn from the others’ mistakes and it seemed that this problem would be immortal.

Science is the main power in our life, which moves the planet towards something unknown. What is waiting for us if it is developing in such a rhythm? What should we be ready for if the scientists continue making such breakthroughs as in the field of genetics? I really think that everything new is good, though when it is within the bound of reason.

During the Enlightenment the attitude to science was unambiguous. People were afraid of it, while the others tried to seize all its spheres and possess all its secrets. Where did such a desire lead? Frankenstein’s example shows us that nowhere.  


Tastes are different and there are people, who feel sorry for Victor and hate the monster by the end of the story. Another group of readers may start having a little liking to Victor, who left his creature alone and got the world into trouble. Everybody is free to choose his own attitude to this horror story, which is really able to make the hair stand on ends. But nobody has a right to foredoom the world with all its inhabitants to danger!

I tried to explain why this story, which was written so long ago, is still popular and actual. I think that my Frankenstein analysis essay met the challenges hundred per cent. Each time, when I close the book of Mary Shelley and the thoughts about our reality start disturbing me with renewed vigor, I ask just one question to myself: up to what level will the scientific progress guide us? I hope that such a question arises not only in my head and people think before commit this or that action.

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