Free Persuasive Essay about Advantages of Reading Fiction


Free Persuasive Essay about Advantages of Reading Fiction

The type of a free persuasive essay that you will be able to read further can also be called argumentative. As the rules of academic writing prescribe, in our free persuasive essay examples we try to persuade the reader to agree with our point of view, to share our position about something. The main purpose of free persuasive essays is to convince the reader that your statement is true, to accept your logic and way of thinking with the help of facts, examples, quotes, statistics, etc. Reading these free persuasive essays online can help you to write your own paper, but it also can give you an idea what kind of free persuasive essay you can get to be custom written for you, if you just order one here. You can see more free persuasive essay examples and their similar types in our blog here.

The structure of persuasive essay is similar to one of philosophical kind, about which you can read in more detail in this post. Therefore we will not focus our attention on the structure but rather on other specific features of this type of essay.  

  1. The opening and closing paragraphs must be the most engaging and provocative. The introductory paragraph should contain a “hook” statement that would intrigue the reader and encourage to read further;
  2. The thesis statement must openly reveal the author’s position regarding the subject and leave no doubts about what side of the argument he is on;
  3. Each paragraph of the body of the essay must cover a certain individual point supported by facts, quotes, real life evidence, statistics, etc.;
  4. Use different ways to illustrate your argument: analogy, comparison, hypothetical situations (what if?);
  5. The concluding paragraph along with restating all the main points made in the essay must include another most striking statement or piece of evidence that would win the reader over for good and all. The main purpose of this closing paragraph is to inspire the reader to choose a position in the argument or take some action.

Some of these writing techniques may also help you to craft a better essay. If you still wonder what topic to choose for your persuasive essay check out some options at this website or just ask our professional writers for help here, while the one you are going to read now concerns reading of fiction literature.

Reading literature facing the reality or avoiding it?

The world can be divided into two categories — the people who read books and those who don’t. Those who decide not to bother with reading state that it is a waste of time, that they are realists who prefer to live in a tangible world. The avid readers take an offense from such a comment which implies that they are impractical people who prefer to look at the world through pink glasses, because they know that with the help of reading they can actually see and understand more of the real world. So is reading literature an impractical or a sensible thing to do? Is it just an indulgence for those who don’t want to face the reality or is it a whole reality in itself that shapes the world we live in? One thing is certain, reading literature can change your life and the lives of those around you for the better.

Reading makes you happy. It is not just a thing that booklovers say but a fact supported by scientific evidence. It reduces stress and promotes relaxation. The act of reading induces our mind in alpha state similar to meditation. If a good book becomes a part of your going to bed routine it can help you to slow down your jumping mind and to have a better night sleep. Researchers from the University of Liverpool discovered that people who read fiction have 21 per cent less chance to suffer from depression and 10 per cent more chance of having a good self-esteem than those who don’t read.

Reading is good for your brain. As you might have thought it is good not only by making you smarter and knowledgeable, though that is the fact that cannot be denied. The research suggests that reading, similarly to the way exercising affects the physical body, helps your mind to stay sharp and fit for the rest of your life. It can even save you from onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease because the process of reading trains your neurons the way sit-ups train your muscles. The neurologists found that the readers showed 32 per cent lower rate of mental decline in the elderly age, while those with rare mental stimulation by way or reading showed 48 per cent bigger decline rate.  

Reading teaches you empathy. The lack of empathy is one of the biggest problems of humanity. So many world issues like hunger, wars and global warming could be solved just if people learned to relate better to other people’s experience. Psychologists from the New School for Social Research in New York discovered that reading literature can develop in the person a “theory of mind” — the skill that enables you to understand and relate to other people’s mental states. It transports us into the skin of another person and this way helps us to become more aware of the people around, to be less judgmental and to better understand the consequences of our action towards the others.

When non-reader states that those who read fiction are impractical people who perceive the world though the pink glasses, then somebody should explain to him that reading teaches you much more about the actual real world than just limiting yourself to the people you know, the city you live in and watching TV (which is also largely based on things first described in books). Through books you can visit not only places and other cultures but also other people’s minds. The non-reader will not understand the limitations of his “real” world unlit he reads a good book.

The argument between the readers and non-readers, whether reading literature means facing the reality or avoiding it, will probably continue as long as the existence of books and those who never read them.  After learning that reading books makes you happy, keeps your mind healthy and fit, and teaches you empathy, it is also worth to learn that reading fights one of the worst of human evils — ignorance. Ignorance is the root of hate, judgment, aggression and the failure to act when it is necessary.  So it will not be too grand to state that reading can save the humanity. 

What do you think about this free persuasive essay? What category of people would you relate yourself to, readers or non-readers? Share your opinion with us here. Have you already chosen the topic for your persuasive essay? If not then you can consider this popular subject.  If you don’t have time to compose the paper, our team of experienced writers will gladly do it for you and I am sure this post will convince you that your essay and you will profit from using our writing and editing services.