Freedom essays leave no heart untouched


Freedom Essays Leave No Heart Untouched

What can we say when we are given freedom of speech essays to write? Only that we know what it is. We all know that we have it and can express our opinions freely and without any fear or oppression. However, it wasn’t always so. There were times when people were not allowed to say what they really thought and had to follow the protocol while speaking. Nowadays there are still many countries where freedom of speech is unheard of and not planned for the nearest future.  And honestly, pity twists the heart when you think of all those poor men and women, children and elderly people that can never say anything against the government that oppresses them and they see no improvement, though they may hope for one. If you are interested in the list top most oppressive governments in the modern world, please contact us, or when you want to write an essay on the topic of oppression, we are looking forward to reading it.

Freedom of speech can be included in general freedom essays, because the lack of it violates the basic human rules. Without it there is no notion of freedom at all. In countries with totalitarian regimes people feel imprisoned all the time, without any hope of ever getting out. If a regular prisoner gets sentenced to life, they are always hopeful for the appeal against the court’s decision or for the appearance of any other lightening circumstance. The citizens of the states with totalitarian governments have, however, no hope. The only way out is to overthrow the current government and form a new one on the principles of humanity and democracy. Sadly, this easier said than done.

Any religious freedom essay would have to do with history. Although, the last religious pursuits were not so long ago, it already feels like forever for those who weren’t touched by them. The people that lived through these dark times, fifty or so years ago, know what it’s like not to be able to worship the God the way they were taught. During those ominous times before and after World War II, many learned what it’s like to live when the divine is forbidden. Human are created that way: they need to believe in higher power that watches over them. This belief helps make them more obedient. But the unspeakable happens when one man turns all this belief all onto himself. He gets practically unlimited power. Such things could be observer when the entire nations were christened against their will, with their religion take away, and they obeyed not because they believed in God, but because they feared and worshiped their king. When interested in reading an essay on different works of literature, look for it in our popular topics.

Personal Statement Is Manifestation of Freedom

We can often find essays on freedom on the Internet. These are very explanatory and with countless historical examples. But do we ever think what freedom means to each of us? The answer is most absolutely negative. And it is so, because the modern world has known little of slavery and other kinds of tyranny. We live in times when following simple rules feels to us like our basic needs are being denied. We do not think how lucky we are to be able to travel, receive good education, express our minds and do whatever we like during our free time. We do not appreciate it, because one can fully be grateful for something when they know what it’s like to live without it. Our blog offers numerous advice and help in solving burning problems.

Every freedom essay must necessarily include one paragraph devoted to the topic of the constitution. The constitution of any democratic state is a set of basic freedoms and duties of a citizen. Generally these rules are similar with only minor differences. The constitution cannot keep its status while there are many prohibitions to basic human needs in it. Here comes also the freedom of speech and religion issue. A person must not be persecuted or subdued just because they have something to say and want to be heard. No one can tell you what to believe in. you must be able to proclaim your beliefs at every corner and not be threatened by the authorities at any rate. If you do not know how your essay must be written or have any doubts concerning its outlay, we have a couple of advice here.

What It Means To Every One of Us

We have grown believing that we are free and live in a free country. But is it really so? Freedom comes from different sources and you can feel incarcerated while still free or fell like a bird in the sky even is there are bars all round you. Everything comes to your mind and you must make the decision: whether or not let the daily routine make a prisoner of you. You are the only one who can truly make the difference on your life, as no one else has the right to choose what you can or cannot think, do or talk. You must remain strong and always hold your ground when you believe that the truth is on your side.

We often become prisoners of our fears and inner insecurities. Probably, there is nothing worse than a person overwhelmed by their inner demons and unable to free them. Nowadays we have shrinks to help us when we have no more strength to struggle. These weekly visit are a luxury and only available for those who can afford then. Social workers at schools do little to help the children achieve their well-deserved freedom. Their following the procedure only makes the kids go deeper into themselves, hide from the world. The peer pressure gives no hope that something can change and so the children go into depression over nothing, believing that they have lost their personal freedom to the rules, obligations and promises.