Games to Improve Your Memory



Some antiquated methods of improving your memory include learning poems and, God forbid, texts by heart, copying information in longhand or using flashcards. If you come to think about it, flashcards are the most loyal in this list of tortures, but nevertheless they presuppose mechanical memorizing. What we suggest is using your creative thinking and having fun while boosting your memory skills at the same time. There are games playing which you will become able to learn faster, simply because they require your memory to win. It enables you to spend your time with pleasure and benefits at once. Our custom writing services have prepared a list of such games, so get ready to try them.

Games for your smartphone

Google Play Market and App Store will give you plenty of useful apps to keep your memory fit. Basically, such games are simple yet entertaining, and you can shoot a few minutes with them whenever you stand in a queue or take public transport.

There are several types of such apps. For example, you may need to memorize cards and then choose them in the correct order. Alternatively, you may find apps that work with figures or pictures. The idea remains the same: such mobile games are not only interesting; they are also beneficial for you.

Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles will help you develop your short-term memory. When you are trying to find a place for another piece of the puzzle, it activates certain processes in your brain that bring your memory into play. Here you have to work with different colors and shapes, but this work is not exhausting. On the contrary, you get much fun from piecing together the puzzle.

If you want to make the task harder, take a new jigsaw puzzle each time because it is much easier to do a puzzle you have already done before. You can also invite your friends to your place and organize a real team competition. Which team reconstructs their picture first wins. If you do it alone, you can complicate the task by setting a timer. It will give you an additional stimulus to finish the puzzle quicker.

Multi-player games on the snowball principle

You will have to gather with your friends to play one of these games. The rules are simple: you imagine any story and start enumerating things on the topic. The first person says only one word (or phrase), the second one repeats it and adds his own, and the same goes on until somebody gets mixed up. Stories for this game can be very different, for example:

  • what you will take for a voyage with you (then each player starts a sentence with the next phrase: “I will take for a voyage…”);

  • what you see in the park;

  • what you will do at an old age;

  • what you would take to a deserted island, etc.

Writers from our writing services also recommend you to prepare a prize for the winner (the player who can remember all the items when all the others have given up). You have no idea how efficiently this game can improve your memory.

Memorizing pictures

This game is more interesting when you have somebody else to play with. Ask a person to show you any picture from the Internet or a magazine, look at it for several seconds (from 5 to 10 is usually enough), and then ask the other player to hide it from you. Now your task is to remember all the things that were in the picture; it will be even better if you also say their position. Alternatively, you can try to draw a sketch and then compare it with the original.

After this you switch your roles, and it is your turn to show a picture to your partner. Of course, you should not take the same image. In the end you estimate whose description was more accurate, and this player wins.

If you play this game alone, then you have two options. First, you draw a sketch as we advised previously. Second, you write down all the details you can remember. Then you estimate your results on your own, by counting the things you forgot about. The less numerous they are, the more you succeeded.


Chess is an all-time classic. This board game does something more than simply improving your memory. It teaches you the basics of strategic thinking. When you try to predict the next moves of your opponent, your brain works at a high speed. An average player can think over 2 or 3 next moves, while professionals are able to keep in mind up to 10-15 moves ahead! Can you imagine the power of their memory? It is up to you to improve yours to any extent you like. All you need is regular practice, but do not turn this absorbing pastime into training torture. Remember that your satisfaction comes first, and you get memory boost as a bonus.

Rebus puzzles

Rebus puzzles teach you how to think out of the box, and improving your memory is simply an extra effect. Rebuses and charades present an entertaining way of spending your free time: both for adults and children. They will also become a perfect family game if you want to do something together on a winter evening.

Board games

Manufacturers give you a treat in the form of numerous board games that are aimed at increasing your memory efficiency. You should visit a local store to pick something for yourself out of this abundance. Looking for a suitable game on the Internet is an option, too. Basically, we can name several variants:

  • Dixit,

  • Scrabble,

  • Monopoly.

As you see, the names of the games are pretty popular. What is more, each of them will be beneficial to your memory skills.

Although we did not include memory in our essay on vital skills for your career, we emphasize that good memory is very important for you to succeed in various spheres of life. The financial one is definitely among them. Now you know how to help your brain memorize more by merely playing interesting games. Call your friends at the nearest weekend and suggest playing something from the list. Make good use of your spare time.