Get Your Mark For Third Person Essay


Modern society requires different skills, for example, to describe your thoughts. The education system as a source of knowledge is required to teach the student all they need in life. Often schools give a task to write a narrative essay. Only training will help to learn how to write interesting and good compositions. This first person narrative essay will help you to understand how to write such an essay, and there are some examples of it especially for you.

What is a narrative essay?

Usually it is stories about any event, interesting occasions, or recollection of the journey, or how you spent the holidays, or a story about a kind of book you have read, what a wonderful film you have watched, what kind of person you have met, or a story about your favorite writer or actor, about politics which made a big impression on you. It could be a biographical story, i.e. a story about yourself or it can be life person essay. If you need to write an essay for your class but for some reason can’t do it, then you can ask essay writers online to write it for you. Be sure that it will be done perfectly and in time.

Make a plan

So, at first, you have to make a plan and think about what you want to write. Here is the plan that you should stick:

  1. The introduction. How it all began? Where do events take place? When? Why? Who is the main character? Introduction prepares the reader for the main event.
  2. The main part. The narrative becomes clearer here. Events follow one after another. Here you will use a lot of verbs in describing the actions of the characters.
  3. The end usually contains the denouement of the story. The denouement can be very unexpected, even paradoxical.

Write an essay

Now I’m going to write most influential person essay. Choosing this topic, I asked myself the question: “Who influenced my life the most?”.  It is very difficult to answer unequivocally, highlighting only one person. In fact, all the people that we meet in life affect us, change our attitudes, actions, and perhaps our entire lives. For someone such a person can be a mother, someone is changed by friends or teachers, and someone can be changed drastically by the beloved person. The answer to this question will depend on how a person perceives it. Personally I can't easily answer. There are lot thoughts in my head, but I want to choose the right one. Of course, the first place takes my mother. This is the woman who raised me and brought up, laid the foundations of my world. She taught me to be grateful sincerely and for any little thing. Not to count, not to measure, not to think about the consequences – to thank sincerely and joyfully. And, anyway, it turns out that the mother influenced my life the most.

The next person is my father. I am very proud of him! I am proud that he was able to make a long and difficult path. His stories taught me not to give up. A huge motivation is the only way to achieve success, and one defeat is not a reason for disappointment. There is just another chance. It is a chance to become better over the next year and realize past mistakes.  This is the influence that my father did on me. His experience always inspires me to try again and again. And, as said Abraham Lincoln: “I walked slowly, but I never walk backward”.

Next people are friends. The constant friends and communion have done its job in my formation as a person. Teachers in school are those people who have put in my head understanding and logical thinking.

During my life, I met different people. Some of them brought troubles and sorrows, and others – helped, inspired confidence, etc. and these people both are close to me and strangers. It turns out that everyone whom I met and with whom I communicated throughout my life brought or took away something. They changed me to varying degrees. How to choose from the variety of people that one who influenced my life the most? I will choose a completely unexpected person. And this person is me. After all, despite that many people have influenced me, I took actions and chose the path in which I continue to go. This is just an example of third person essay. Hope it helped you.

Famous person that inspires

If there is a famous person who inspires you, then you can write an essay about him or her. Bill Gates is the man who inspired me, and not just because he is the richest man in the world. He is one of the creators of the popular Microsoft operating system. It’s hard to find someone who would not know about it. Might you have read our essay about computers?

Bill Gates will be always known as the richest man in the world. He earned capital only by his own mind. However, he reached a success not immediately. When he studied at school there were serious problems with grammar, civics and other subjects. He considered it as trivial. In elementary school Gates attended a psychiatrist because of his bad behavior. The success story of Bill Gates resembles the American dream. He worked hard and thank to it he achieved the prosperity of the company. Failures were upon him even at University. Gates was expelled from the second year of Harvard University. Trouble turned into the subsequent success. The future billionaire gave more time to the programming. Two years later he founded the company Microsoft. He developed software Microsoft Windows and now we have computers and laptops. And millions of people in different parts of the world are grateful to him for that. A millionaire does not skimp on interviews and tells everyone about the secrets of his success. Bill Gates was speaking to high school students. He told them 11 rules that teenagers, as he thinks, will never learn in school. “Teens should have some vision about real life” – says Bill Gates. His reflections on this occasion he outlined in 11 rules which is addressed to today’s youth. All of this I really like. I like it all, from character to his entrepreneurial qualities. I would like to repeat the success of this man. Also, you can read Bill Gates scholarship essay that will give you more detailed information about this famous person.

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