Global Warming Essay. The End Is Nigh?


From essays on global warming, we can understand what is it. Global warming is a slow and gradual increase of the average temperature on our planet, which is observed at present. When our planet heats up, the ice top of the earth melts away. When the temperature grows, it leads to the melting of glaciers and because of this the level of the ocean grows. Now the temperature is rising two times faster than it was 150 years ago. In my global warming argumentative essay, I want to write about this problem and to tell about reasons of this disaster. By the way, if you want to find more interesting information and essays, please use this best essay writer service.


Until now, scientists certainty can’t say exactly what causes a climate change. But I tried to find at least some facts and wrote them in essay on climate change. As well as among reasons of global warming, there are a lot of theories and assumptions. Here are the main hypotheses of the emergence of global warming:

  1. The greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect was observed by any of us. In the greenhouse the temperature is always higher than outside; in a closed car on a sunny day, there is the same thing. In the globe, there is all the same. Part of the solar heat received by the Earth's surface, cannot escape back into space, as the atmosphere acts like polyethylene in the greenhouse. If there wasn’t a greenhouse effect, the average surface temperature would be about -0, 4 ° F, but in reality it is about + 57 ° F. Coal-fired power plant, automobile exhausts, smokestacks and other types of environmental pollution, that are described in environmental pollution essay and which are created by humanity throw out in atmosphere about 22 billion tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases per year. Animal husbandry, application of fertilizers, burning of coal and other sources give about 250 million tons of methane per year. About half of all greenhouse gases emitted by humanity remain in the atmosphere. About three-quarters of all anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases over the last 20 years are caused by the use of oil, natural gas and coal. Most of the rest were caused by landscape changes, primarily deforestation.
  2. Solar activity. The cause of global warming is the change in solar activity. All the processes on earth occur because of the Sun's activity. This means that the slightest change in the activity of the Sun will affect the Earth's climate and weather. There is no wonder that the global warming is connected with increasing solar activity.
  3. Ocean. The culprit of global climate change is the ocean. The world ocean is a huge inertial, solar energy storage battery. It largely determines the direction and speed of movement of the warm ocean and air masses on the Earth, which heavily affect the climate of the planet. At the present time the nature of heat circulation in the water column of the ocean is poorly studied.
  4. Volcanic activity. There is no need to explain that the high volcanic activity affects the climate. But on activity also affects global warming. Volcanic eruptions not only greatly alter the topography and vegetative cover on it; it actively influences on atmospheric processes, sometimes significantly changing the gas composition of the air shell of the Earth. That is why some scientists believe that modern global warming is because of increased volcanic activity and not because of an anthropogenic factor. The fact is that active volcanism is accompanied by a powerful release of methane.
  5. All because of a people. Due to the high human activity in various fields there happen great influences on the chemical composition of our atmosphere.  I mentioned that in the beginning of my global warming essay.

Facts which prove global warming

  1. Temperature increase. It is considered that it rose by 33° F over the past century, although there is still a clear methodology for determining this parameter does not exist, as there is no confidence in the adequacy of the data which was made a century ago.
  2. Raising the level of the world ocean. As a result of warming and the melting of glaciers in the Arctic, Antarctica and Greenland, the water level on the planet has risen by 10-20 cm, or even more.
  3. The melting of glaciers. Well, I can say unconditionally that the global warming really is the cause of melting glaciers. This version is still not proven, but maybe it's true.

What effect global warming will have on the world?

  1. The habitat of dangerous insects becoming hotter and the climate of the Northern countries warmer and mild and it will be ideal for their existence. Insects will move North, bringing all the diseases. This effect cannot be stopped, because in fact, scientists have been unable to destroy the dangerous viruses in the countries where they are already present, not to mention those that can still get infected.
  2. When the level of water in the oceans rises, floods will be the first symbols of global warming. If it increases at least by one meter, it will lead to incredible consequences. In addition, the increase in temperature causes more intensive water vaporization, making downpours more frequent and intense.
  3. Drinking water is a luxury in some parts of Africa, but the worst is still to come. The continent most affected by big climate change, as well as the southern part of Europe. The lack of fresh water may cause conflicts and wars. Around the world will disappear small rivers and lakes. And it is a real disaster for living organisms that lived there. They just disappear without a trace with loss of habitat.
  4. It will greatly affect the lives of some animals. For example, polar bears, seals and penguins will be forced to change their habitat, as the current will just melt. Many species of animals and plants could disappear, unable to adapt to rapidly changing habitat. If the average temperature will rise, humanity risks losing as much as 30% of the species of animals and plants. This happens due to desertification, water loss, deforestation, as well as due to the inability to adapt living organisms. Scientists have noted that some of the most resistant species have migrated to the poles to maintain the necessary habitat. People are not protected from this threat.
  5. It is expected growth in the number of climate disasters; longer periods of extremely hot weather; will be more rain, but there will increase the likelihood of drought in many regions; an increased number of floods due to hurricanes and rising sea levels. But it all depends on the specific region.

So, in my essay about global warming, I can conclude that we tend to think that our planet is perfect for life, and we like it. On land, there are all conditions for life that will exist, flourish and evolve for billions of years. To the combat with global warming is given special attention of the world, and if we don't want our blue planet turn into a useless for life Venus, it is necessary to change the global course.

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