Gun Violence Essay


6 Points To Support Your Essay On Gun Violence

Whether you attend a high school, college or university you most likely will be assigned to complete a number of essays during your years of study. You might hate to write and it has nothing to do with your major, but the academic world still considers it to be good for young minds. That’s why the topics often deal with current critical matters and therefore students are asked to write school violence essay or youth violence essay. At our website you could find free samples of essay about violence and other topics as well as receive a professional writing service.

Lately the society has been greatly troubled with a large number of death accidents caused by possession of the firearms. This problem could become a strong subject for a gun violence essay. Such topic is both unsettling and necessary to debate. But what is the most vital thing for the successful paper even if it is a violence essay? Of course it is good and solid argumentation. And here we are going to establish the strongest points and arguments to support your essay on violence.

Point 1 — bring up the statistics. People love numbers. You will not impress or convince anyone that guns are evil simply saying that so many children die every day in gun related accidents. But your readers will get the idea if you say that in the USA every day 7 children die from gun violence. 5 are murdered and 2 kill themselves. By the way, all this is true. You can find more of the numbers on the famous Brady Campaign page;

Point 2 — tell a story. People love stories. It is much easier to touch a person’s heart by telling a story. Human brain is genetically wired for stories because it makes it easier to relate and learn new experiences without actually living through them. I sincerely hope that nothing so dramatic ever happened to anyone you know, but setting an example by telling about a thing that happened to an actual person would make your essay much more powerful. You could consider telling a sadly remembered story of 2012 Aurora shooting, that you could find on Wikipedia. The mass massacre happened in a movie theatre, when an armored man murdered 12 young people and injured 70. Four of the male victims died protecting their girlfriends;

Point 3 — compare. And again the statistics will help you to make this argument. If you want to state that legalization of firearms inevitably leads to the increased number of murders and fatal accidents instead of peace and safety as some might expect, you could compare statistics from all over the world. Or better use the information that somebody has already analyzed and gathered in comprehensible graphs. Like one from Humanosphere — a famous non-profit news organization — that shows how the USA has the highest gun deaths rates in comparison with other countries, in which keeping a gun is illegal, even if the country has high crime rates or in a state of war;

Point 4 — cite a famous person or somebody who knows the issue very well. There are many opinions about firearms owning policies and related to them violence. You can choose the quote of the famous person you like, depending on what side of the argument you want to present.  For example, a well known political writer Susan Milligan argues that most of the gun related crimes are actually committed not by people of criminal background but by ordinary citizens who just had a gun handy with them. She states that when a person gets in a fight and snaps while having a gun, it makes consequences much graver than they would be in a situation when weapons would not be so easily accessible;

Point 5 — bring up the argument of the conflicting side and counteract it. In the case of gun policies there are a lot of people on both sides of the barricade. Some of them present good arguments and support it with plenty of evidence. Your task would be to counteract and preferably destroy their argument. This is a good exercise as well as a good supporting point for your essay. For this purpose you could consider taking a look at this article by Jack Hunter who writes for The American Conservative paper. In it he expresses the opinion of his and of many other people who believe that more gun related crimes could be prevented and lives saved if more people had guns. He brings up the examples how some gun crimes were stopped by another person having a gun handy at that moment. One of the most obvious ways to counteract this argument is to say that those crimes would not be possible on the first place if the firearms would not be so easily accessible;

Point 6 — raise a question? Making a good argument doesn’t always mean stating things; sometimes it could be raising a question. You don’t need to answer it yourself, because the point is not to find an answer but to force the reader to think. It is a nice switch from just agreeing or disagreeing with the arguments you make in your essay, to actually thinking. It turns the reader from a passive observer into an active participant, it involves him into the matter you are discussing in your paper. The question doesn’t have to support any particular side of the argument; its main function is to emphasize the complexity of the topic. For the matter of fact, there could actually be no answer for that question, at least not for now. But maybe your essay will inspire somebody to find it. For such switch you could consider a question raised by an American writer James Q. Wilson who asks, how could or would we ever get rid of the hundreds of millions of guns that already exist in the US, even if the possession of the firearms becomes illegal?

Writing an essay doesn’t have to be a drudge. In fact, it can be easy and effortless for you if you learn some tricks of the trade. In this post I shared one of them with you, which was learning how to make strong argumentative points. You could find more exclusive writing tips at this page. If you need a personal help with your essay, you are very welcome to contact us and our professional writers will be happy to assist you.

But for now, do you think I missed some important points on this controversial subject? Or maybe you have a question about the art of essay writing? If so, please share your thoughts, ideas and questions in the comment section below and we will discuss them and search for answers together.