Health Care Essay: Write and Follow the Advice


Early in our life, we do not think about taking care of our health, because our parents are the ones responsible for it. When we go to school, our lives become a bit independent, but still we do not stop to think what is healthy for us. The environment we grow up in gives us the answer and we automatically accept it. If given an assignment to write health essays, the children usually come to their parents first, but modern society dictates other rules: they look it up on the internet. Modern children know far more about healthy lifestyle than the children 20 years ago, yes still not many choose to follow it, but rather fall into the usual patterns of their families.  To share your lifestyle preferences with us, follow here.

Everyone knows what the right thing to be written in a healthy lifestyle essay is, but the problem is that not everybody believes what they write. An essay on health that has strong author’s conviction behind it is much more interesting to read, the reader feels the author’s passion, knows that the writer believes in what he says.

Sleep – A Key Point in a Mental Health Essay

If the topic of the assignment is something like a mental health essay, there is no better start as writing about sleep. The sleep take one third part of our entire life and it is more that important to our mental and physical health. When you stop getting a good night’s sleep, it is the sight that something is wrong. All sleep-related problems are generally mental and should be solved in a shrink’s office. In movies we often observe that people are manipulated through their dreams. The concept is not entirely fictional. Our dreams reveal both our greatest desires and our deepest fears, even the ones that we are not aware of.

When a person continuously receives the balance of positive and negative dreams, it also helps maintain the balance in the conscious life. However, when our subconscious starts feeding us nightmares that shake up our nervous system every night, we cannot function normally during the day: we become jumpy, irritated, stressed or even fall into a depression. Unless you start doing something to reduce the stress in your life, like working out regularly, you risk getting caught in a loop: stress means no sleep, and lack of steep predicts loads of stress.

We Are What We Eat: Healthy Eating Essay

There has been written tones of articles on healthy eating. On the outside it appears that there is nothing more to write about. Of course writing an essay about health implies mentioning the eating habits of people and their pros and cons. Healthy eating can become a separate subject if you work on a health project, but it also can be a paragraph or two in your essay. Depends on how much information you want to include.

To make your point, you can go on a healthy diet and observe the changes in your body during two weeks. It is always exciting to read about someone’s experience. The bet is this trick will score you some additional points and show that you are willing to make an effort. There is no need to choose some strict vegan diet. Find something that is similar to your food preferences, but excludes complex carbs and fats. You want to show how beneficial healthy eating can be, and not exhaust yourself.

Do not forget to edit your essay. Here are some advice on editing or just register and have your essay edited by professionals.

Physical Activity: Keep Fit and Health

The standard procedure is always to mention how beneficial sports activities are. And here again it is advantageous if you have the taste of your own medicine: go out there work out, write from your personal experience. It is always easy to sit behind your computer and write how great it is to do regular morning exercises when all you do in the morning is lie in bed and play computer games.

A two hour work-out is pretty heavy stuff for a beginner, so start with ten minutes and work your way to the top gradually. If you are the kind of person that easily gets bored with routine, you can vary your exercise routine, do different exercises every day: cardio, yoga, fitness, calisthenics. The choice is so wide that you may need a month of daily work-outs to try-out every technique, but you wouldn’t manage to try our every exercise.

Being a phone person, you know that lots of exercise apps can be found in the Play Store, both free and those you have to pay for. Download them in urns, try them out and chose the program that suits only you. You don’t have to do the sets you do not like, chose special exercises that bring you satisfaction and work your butt off until you feel you are proficient enough to write about the advantages and disadvantages of fitness.

Sports centers and gyms are a great help in your research. You may even conduct a poll, asking people of different age and body fitness to express their opinions on the topic. This way you assignment will turn into a small research paper, which is great. You thoughts will be either backed up or contradicted, and you will be able to compare them, to decide which one is more correct.

After the personal health come the topics of public health care, health insurance and health care services. The modern health care system does not lack the flaws, but it count a lot more benefits than it used to in the past. This subject is practically like a bottomless well and you can go on writing and explaining. There will always be those who would like to contradict you. Remember, your task is to support your opinion on the matter, and not to please everyone. If you have something particular in mind and would like to read about it, please let us know and we will try to live up to your expectations.