Health Care: Why We Should Eat Fruits


How to eat fruit?

Everyone knows that fruit are an indispensable source of many vitamins and other nutrients. That is why everyone tries to eat more fruit, and kids from the early age eat fruit purees. But to get the maximum use of fruit it is important to eat them in a right way. What does it mean? It means that every person should know in what form and at what time it is better to eat fruits so that all nutrients are digested as well as possible and give our body great usefulness. We are going to tell you basic rules of eating the fruits, which will help you to make your diet in a correct way. Moreover, we will offer you simple pieces of advice on the fruit eating for all occasions.

In what form is it better to eat fruit?

Most people perfectly understand that it is better to eat fruit in the form that nature created them, namely, we should eat fresh fruit. Most nutritionists support this opinion. Fresh fruit contain many nutrients that can be destroyed in the process of heat treatment, that is why they are much more useful than boiled or canned. For example, vitamin C decays not only at boiling, but even at the contact with air, so to get the vitamin more the fruit must be eaten fresh and uncut. Also fruits that were stored for a long time are less useful. It was discovered that long-term storing may lead to changes in the chemical composition of the pulp. That is why fruits stored for a long time in the refrigerators or brought from distant countries are less useful comparing with the fruits just plucked from the branch. Of course, in winter we do not have many options and buy imported exotic fruits or local fruits that were stored in special storehouses. By the way, even in such situations it is better to buy local fruits, because there are more vitamins in ripe fruits, and exotic fruits are gathered green so that they ripe during the transportation.

There is another curious question: is it better to eat whole fruit or cut? Cut fruit is definitely easier to eat, and you can also make different fruit salads. But eating the whole fruit is much more useful. As we have already mentioned, some vitamins are stored better in the whole fruit. Besides chewing helps to clean the teeth from plaque and even stone, and stimulates laxation and enzymes secretion. Additionally intensive chewing helps to remove wax from the ears. Are there cases when fresh fruit are not useful? Yes, in cases of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract they can harm. Nursing mothers also should not eat fresh fruits.

When is it better to eat fruit?

Different foods are digested differently in different times of day. Many people know that foods rich in carbohydrates are better to eat in the morning, and dairy products are much more useful in the evening. So when is it best to eat fruit to get maximum of use? In fact you may eat fruit in any time. More often it is advised to eat them for breakfast or as light meals during the day. It is not very well to eat sweet fruits before sleep. This rule is especially important for those who have extra weight and who should eat less sweet fruits in general.

It does not matter what time you decide to eat fruit, it is important to remember that it is more preferable not to eat them with other products. You may eat some fruit 30-40 minutes before main meal. Then the fruit will have time to leave the stomach before meals and will perfectly increase the appetite. If you decide to eat fruits as dessert, it is better to wait about 30 minutes after the meal before eating fruits. Mixing fruits with other products can lead to worse digestion of food. In such case fruits can provoke flatulence and as a consequence, distended stomach.

How much fruit should we eat?

Most people reasonably think that fruit are very useful and try to eat them as much as possible. But “more” does not always mean “better”. In fact eating fruits every person should take into consideration individual tolerance of the human body to the product. What is individual tolerance and how can we define it? Most of fruits contain a lot of cellulose and other components that stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. If you eat more that your body can digest, there can be diarrhea, which not only leads to loss of useful nutrients got from fruit, but also to dehydration and loss of electrolytes and other valuable components from other foods. So it is important to know what amount of fruit you can eat without harmful consequences and try not to exceed your dose.

There is another unpleasant side effect of eating the fruit. It is constipation, which can be caused by eating pomegranate, for example. So choosing fruits for your ration you should be careful and take into account all the features of the organism. If you choose right fruits and their amount, there will not be any harm to your health, instead they will give your all the necessary vitamins and other important nutrients.

How to eat fruit that are not in season?

As we have already mentioned the most useful are local season fruits. Unfortunately in our climate it is impossible to get fresh fruit all the time. So sooner or later you will have to buy import exotic fruits or local stored in special conditions. So what fruits should we buy in winter to get maximum use and minimum harm? In winter the most useful are citrus fruit. The most popular are tangerines that ripen in the late autumn. You can also buy kiwi fruit that also ripen in the late autumn.

What about pineapples, mango, papaya and other exotic fruits, it is better to refuse eating them. Sometimes you can buy these fruits, but remember that there is a high chance to get unripe or tainted product. Besides such products are often undergo excessive chemical treatment for better storage and transportation. Likely such fruit does not have many vitamins and its taste differs a lot comparing with the fresh one.

Several rules of eating fruits

It is better o eat fresh fruits. If you do not have possibility to buy “season fruit”, you should prefer frozen, not canned. In this case it is better to buy fruit in the season of its ripening and freeze it yourself.

Canned fruits contain to much sugar and other not very useful elements.

It is better to eat fruits in the morning or before the main meal. Do not eat fruits right after meal, it can lead to digestion problems.

Citrus fruit is a great option for the breakfast. It gives a great energy charge and raises the mood for the whole day. You can eat some kiwi, in which vitamin C is 5 times more than in oranges.

Eat apples before meal to improve digestion. Apples cause enhancement of gastric juice, and promote more complete digestion of food. Apples should be eaten 30 minutes before or after main meal.

It is very important to chew thoroughly the fruit.

As a dessert you may choose grapes or raisins. You should eat them at least 3 hours after the meal and never before sleep.

“Heavy” calorie fruits such as bananas are better to eat in the afternoon, for example, but not before bedtime. In the afternoon your body is ready to digest heavy food and it can cope with bananas.

Those who keep a diet may eat plums for evening meal. They have positive effect on peristalsis of an intestine, so if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, two plums for dinner is a great option for you.

So once again this essay on health care proved that we should eat fruits. There are just some rules you should follow to get maximum use of fruits. For more useful essays visit our website. Our supportive team will answer any question you might have.