Helping Others Essay: Steps Towards Kindness


“Help others!” is my life credo. It is not just a combination of empty words for me and I don’t try to attract the overall attention to my personality in such a way. I am not a public person and I am not going to be shortlisted into the Forbes list of the greatest philanthropists of the year. I simply don’t need everybody to whisper, “Oh! He is so kind!” I don’t boast of myself, when I am asked about my own criteria of happiness and give an honest reply that “Helping others makes me happy.” I don’t shout about my kindness, I just don’t keep silent, when I have an opportunity to speak to people and ask them to be more attentive to other living beings.

I just tell about the parameters of mine, which were formed long ago: my parents were the kindest people, whom I ever knew. Our house was always full of homeless cats, dogs with broken legs, hungry puppies, and birds which fell from the nests. Almost every day we were visited by our neighbors, relatives, and friends, who needed my parents’ help. It was fantastic, though each of those people and animals was helped! We were not super rich and my father didn’t have the newest Lamborghini, though we were happy without any material goods.

Being Merciful

I try to continue our family tradition to be merciful. I just help all those people, who need my help, and the biggest thing, which I can do then, is to tell about my actions in my essay on helping others. Frankly speaking, I preferred not to mention about my good deeds at all. I am sure that the real helpers keep their merits unnoticed. A necessity to write an essay about helping others made me start discussing this topic in public.

Being merciful is really happiness. If you commit good deeds, don’t wait for any praises and verses in your name. Be ready that nobody will dedicate any songs to you and paint your portraits. Helping others is your mission and the sooner you understand this, the faster you start getting satisfaction from your deeds.

The biggest present, which you can be given for you kindness, is the happy eyes of the helped and encouraged people. Don’t wait for any mountains of gold. Money is really not the biggest treasure.

Making the World Better

Millions of people try to make the world better day after day. The celebrities are among them. Who are these people, who worry about others more than about their own lives? Who are those, who are not afraid of visiting the most troubled and hot corners of our planet? Who transfer millions of dollars to the accounts of the orphan asylums and adopt children from the problem families?

Nobody makes Angelina Jolie travel around the world and help poor countries. Nobody makes her adopt children and take care of those, whom she can’t take in.

There are still a lot of international problems and poverty, cataclysms, and wars are still in need of the kind people’s interference. It is not in our power to change the world so radically. None of us can stop the war, or give somebody as much money as he needs. We can make tornado stop destroying the buildings and killing people, though the general situation in the world depends on us! Each of us is able to make it a bit better and for this he shouldn’t apply too much effort. Just ask your neighbor about his life, tell him a kind word, and listen to his problems. If you make at least one person a bit happier and you don’t stop helping others then, the world will become better and people will soon become kinder.

I have one dream and I tell nobody about it. I am afraid that it will never come true… I am an adequate person, so I know that it is really impossible for me to become a… I want to be a goodwill ambassador. It sounds crazy, isn’t it? I am not a celebrity. I have no title of Miss Universe, and my education is not enough to take such a post. As nobody forbids me to fly high in the clouds, I continue dreaming and waiting for my lucky day to come.

How to start loving people more? How to start helping others, if you have never done this earlier? It is never late to make the first step and change your attitude to life and people.  

Total Upgradation

My essay helping others was started. I didn’t think for too long what to tell about, because helping was my life. I am not able to imagine another style of behavior. Life with no volunteering is not full for me. It is poor and if I led such a primitive and egoistic life, I would go mad long ago.

Do you have the same task as me, but you still don’t know how to start your helping others essay? Is your life deprived of mutual aid and you don’t have a list of good deeds to boast of?

If you have never thought about people around you and you don’t know how to write your essays on helping others, if there is no place for good deeds in your life and you really have no idea what to write about, of course, you can buy your essay at any writing service’s website. This method is really quick and trouble-free. But when a professional writer helps you and prepares your essay instead of you, think about your life upgrading. Maybe there is somebody, who is waiting for your aid like you were waiting for a professional writing help.

It’s really time to finish writing my post. I hope my confession made you change your views and you are ready to take a phone and call your friend right now. Who knows, maybe he is in trouble right now and your voice will make him forget about his problems for some time.