Homework Essay: Why Kids Need Homework and Why They Don’t


Persuasive essay about homework is meant to answer the question of whether homework is an important part of school educational program or whether it should be restricted or even completely eliminated. Writing an argumentative essay on homework might be tricky unless you have a well-defined opinion as for why homework is important or why it is not. Essay on homework should contain your ideas on the given topic and provide a clear overview of the question. Homework essay should consist of various arguments supporting your point of view. The evidence provided in your essay about homework should be persuasive enough for you to get a high grade for your paper. Your paper might represent either a less homework persuasive essay or the opposite. You might also consider focusing on the importance of writing essay homework as a part of school curriculum. Before writing a homework essay, consider learning about some effective essay writing techniques that will help you compose a well-structured and well-written paper. Check our blog to find out how to write other types of papers.

Here are some arguments in favor and against homework that can be included into your persuasive essay on homework.

 The benefits of homework have been a topic of vivid debates among parents and teachers for many years as the very notion evokes quite negative meaning for all parties involved. Although most students think that homework does more harm than good bringing much unnecessary stress, others consider that homework has a number of advantages for students encouraging them to learn how to work independently while outside the classroom.

  • The first and foremost benefit of homework is the fact that it allows children and their teachers to cooperate with each other solving mutual educational tasks. Both students and teachers can discuss various assignments during the classes. This allows students to express their own ideas on this or that issue discussed in the textbook.
  • Secondly, homework helps to bring families closer as children have a chance to ask their parents or other family members to help them solve some educational task as a part of their homework. This does not only help students to better understand the task, but also allows parents to get involved in the educational career of their kids.
  • The third benefit of doing homework is that it helps children to prepare for various important tests and checks. If a student fails to do the assignment, he/she will learn what is required for the future test without a threat of being punished. Homework also gives students a chance to practice in order to achieve success in school. This can be justified by a well-known saying: practice makes perfect.
  • In addition, doing homework is a great way to start feeling responsible for one’s educational progress. By being tasked with an assignment one day and learning to complete the task by the following day, students learn how to be punctual by submitting their works on time.
  • The last but not the least, homework allows parents to see the progress of their children in the educational field and get a better idea of how to help their child overcome difficulties. On the other hand, some students and even their teachers feel like it is quite unfair to expect children to work for several hours after coming back from school. Still, both teachers and parents will be able to monitor the progress of children if the latter are tasked with various home assignments.

There are also quite a few disadvantages of homework as will be discussed below.

  • The first reason why students should not be tasked with home assignments is that they need some time to relax after a busy school day to take their minds off work. Instead, students are constantly being exposed to pressure of having to do homework day after day, so that they do not have time to relax and refresh themselves by engaging in some physical activities.
  • The second reason why there is little need for homework is that children should have enough time to spend with their families. This time is of great value for a growing child and if a child is deprived of family time, the social problems will aggravate and the family unit itself will be compromised by the inability to spend enough time together. For this reason, homework can cause potential harm to the family leading to disunity between the family members.
  • Thirdly, home assignments can be a cause of conflicts between parents and their children in case a parent wants their child to do homework, but encounters disobedience as homework sometimes can be an excessively overwhelming task for children.
  • If there is too much homework to be accomplished, it can encourage children to cheat because they end up copying from one another in order to be able to complete all the given assignments. Cheating does not benefit students and should be avoided at all costs. That is why there is no need for homework as it encourages cheating among students.
  • Finally, many teachers do not always have time to grade writing assignments properly as they are usually too busy with preparing for the lessons and consulting various educational resources to manage with the classes. That is why by the time students get their written tasks back, the class will have moved to another topic. This leads to a conclusion that homework should not be included into the educational curriculum so as not to overwhelm both teachers and students with various writing tasks and a necessity to grade them.

The above benefits and drawbacks of homework indicate that there are both pros and cons of giving home assignments to students. With all this in mind, you will now be ready to compose an argumentative essay on homework in a consistent and efficient manner. However, if you do not want to spend additional efforts, you can always order a paper on our website. We provide cheap essay writing services to everyone who wants to get a high-quality paper for a minimal price. Read our blog to find out the benefits of buying papers online.