Honesty and Integrity Essay: One Story about Honest Person


I had a task to reflect about honesty as one of the main human qualities. I foretasted that my honesty essay would be perfect after all. I had some skills for forecasting and my intuition never failed me. I hoped that this time everything would be as marvelous as usually. I thought for a while and…. went online. I knew that although the virtual world was considered to be filled with a lot of trash, I was sure that sometimes it was able to give one or two cute ideas to start with. I need to be inspired to begin my narration and it was hard to find another place, where it was possible to get it. Soon I was really ready to begin.

What I Expected to Find

Generally, my head was full of various ideas and to catch a couple of good thoughts about honesty was not a big problem for me. When I went online, I had just one aim: I wasn’t able to overwhelm my enormous desire to get know what the other students wrote their honesty essays about. How did they start their texts? What conclusions did they finally make?

Frankly speaking, I preferred not to clutter my head with such info. I knew that if I read somebody’s essay, it would be very difficult for me to get rid of its plot, ideas, and the thoughts of this essay’s author would follow me wherever I went. As for me, it was much better not to let any ideas enter the head at all. I had to find my own conclusions inside me and write them down then. Thank God, honesty was among my good qualities and I knew what to write about.

To Be Honest

When I was a kid, I was always told, “Never lie!” My mother tried to bring me up in the best traditions. She wanted me to be a good and morally faultless person. She can applaud me. Her efforts were not senseless. I am big and I am always truthful. I know my mom is proud of me!

Of course, there were some incidents in my childhood, which troubled her greatly. When I grew older, I became more and more honest with people. It meant that I never told lies. Until I was a kid, I fantasized like all the other children but I did this with no bad intention. I just imagined various situations in my head and sometimes the reality confused with my wishes. Mom was told that it was normal for such a small girl as me, though she tried to tell me about honesty daily.

What do people mean when they say “Be honest?” Do all of us understand this notion correctly or there is something, which we don’t know about honesty?

Honest person should not only tell the truth, but he should keep to the moral rules and never break them. Honesty is a much deeper notion than we think of it. It is the basis of our living on this planet. Just imagine: everybody is honest and never deceive each other. It will be a real paradise on the earth, won’t it?

If People Never Lied…

In fact, such reflections have no sense, because it will never be so that people stop telling lies. It is just my dream, which seems to be unfeasible. It doesn’t mean that we should stop striving for perfection, though each of us should understand clearly: a day, when people become ideal, will never come.  

I thought about this and the deeper I went into my reflections, the better I began to understand: we didn’t need everybody to be so ideal. Our life is many-sided. Yeah, it is too severe from time to time, too changeable, but nobody can say that it is uninteresting, boring, and insipid. If all people were too moral, I am sure that life would be too boring. It’s just my opinion and you may accept it or not.

Striving for being better is our main goal, though dreaming about everybody being flawless is just a time killing.

I was writing and writing my academic honesty essay and couldn’t stop doing this even for a moment. My thoughts doubled every second and I had a lot of my own observations, which I wanted to share with the readers. When I lifted my head and took a break, I had so many pages of text that one more problem arose in front of me: I had to abridge my writings. It was extremely difficult for me to delete my paragraphs, though I had to do this.

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I always wanted to know what do those, who have no ideas how to write their essays on honesty. How do they extricate themselves from such a delicate situation? An absence of writing talent was not a sufficient reason for showing no essay at all. Any student should prepare his essay no matter what the level of writing talent he has.

Once, I asked this question to a person, who hated writing. He smiled on me and took his iPhone from the pocket. I kept watching over his gestures and understood nothing. He unlocked his phone, went online, and typed just several words: importance of honesty essay. Then he followed one link and showed me the website. It was the writing service, which was ready to offer him its help right at the moment. It was really cool! Just a couple of easy gestures determined his fate. It was beyond the reach of the reason.

This conversation made me feel happy. Of course, I felt a bit confused over the fact that he bought the essays online and got such high grades for doing nothing, though his honest answer made me happy. I was surprised that he told me about this and didn’t beat about the bush. He was an honest person and this fact was able to make me believe that the world had already started getting better.