How a Smartphone Can Improve Your Grammar


Older generation believes that modern devices do only harm to our intellectual skills, making us think less and spend more time on useless stuff: social media, newsletters, funny videos on the Internet and so on. But it is up to you to turn your smartphone into your devoted helper in studying languages and not only them. Our best essay writer service prepared professional advice for you. For some tips you will need to install additional applications, but others will not cause you even a bit of a headache if you develop the habits given below. So, here is how you can improve your grammar with a smartphone only.

Use auto-correction when typing

Grammar geeks typically hate auto-correction because dictionaries from a database do not contain all the words. Moreover, if you are good at language, you would want to use author’s neologisms and different puns, but your phone will not let you, correcting your brilliant and smart phrases into something completely out of place.

However, people with poor grammar skills will find the auto-correction tool incredibly useful. When you type messages to your friends, take your time before swiping off another prediction – maybe it is exactly the word you need but spelled in the right way? Start paying more attention to what your smartphone predicts for you, but start with deleting your personal dictionary. The thing is that it may contain a lot of mistakes that you have saved there without knowing the correct spelling variant. Since this moment, you should be more careful in building your user’s dictionary because otherwise it will present a considerable obstacle to your studies.

Install a dictionary

It may be a bilingual dictionary for foreigners or an explanatory one for native speakers. The main objective will be to double-check each word that you are unsure in. This tip works best together with the previous one. When your phone does not suggest the word you need, you should check it with your dictionary. If the latter has the word in its database, you can add it to your user’s vocabulary with every reason. However, if you got the word wrong, then memorize the right variant and use it in the future.

You should not expect immediate results because the process of learning will progress gradually. Probably you will be able to write messages in everyday communication without mistakes on your own only in several months’ time. But we are still there for you to help you out with academic writing. Our essays and papers are always free of mistakes. If you are interested, visit this page for further details.

Subscribe to online courses

You can find a lot of paid grammar courses, but it does not mean that the free ones do not exist. On the contrary, they are numerous; all you need is a bit of patience and a search engine to find something for yourself. When you have subscribed, you can spend, for example, your commuting time on doing exercises for your courses. They usually give you pleasant perks for completing everything on time, so you keep motivated all along.

Take earphones with you, and you will also be able to do listening exercises. It is very convenient, taking into account that you do not need anything apart from a phone and Internet access to engage in online courses from any point on earth.

Read grammar blogs

Our blog is a perfect example how blogs on the Internet can help you improve your grammar. Here you will find a lot of useful tips on different subjects.

What we suggest when it comes to learning English by means of a smartphone:

  • subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to learn about new posts;

  • check your mailbox right from your smartphone;

  • read new articles on the go.

You do not need to spare extra time in your busy schedule on reading our educational blog. You can do it in elevators, in queues or in public transport. You keep your smartphone close to you anyway, so now it will also help you learn more about English grammar.

Listen to educational podcasts

Do not brush off this idea straight away. You should know that grammar podcasts vary depending on your level, so it is very likely that you will find something for your needs. It is the easiest way to use your smartphone for learning grammar because you will not have to interact with it physically. Earphones will do perfectly, which makes it possible to practice this method in various situations.

Foreigners may consider podcasts on English grammar in their native language because it is much easier to take in. If necessary, listen to the same recording several times. You can even put it on repeat and switch on when you do other things. Grammar will soak in gradually, and even without your noticing.

Consider Skype lessons

You will have to pay for these, but a personal tutor is one of the most rewarding investments. Provided you choose a qualified teacher, the first results will not make you wait for them: your grammar will be improved in a matter of weeks. Moreover, you do not necessarily need a PC to take up Skype lessons (and we already mentioned how much a PC can help you in education in our computer technology essay). Your smartphone will do just fine, too, if you install the application on it.

The main advantage you get is a specialist who works only with one student at a time. It means you will get his undivided attention in the process of:

  • getting familiar with new words;

  • learning grammar rules;

  • correcting your mistakes in speech.

If you find it hard to learn on your own, the Skype method is definitely going to help you.

Now when we have covered several methods of improving your grammar with nothing more than a phone and an Internet connection, we can suggest step number two for you. It is checking what you have learnt. When you create another piece of writing, send it to our essay editors. They will analyze your work and correct all the mistakes in it. If you do it regularly, and take notice of the number of corrected mistakes per page, you will be able to see for yourself which learning strategy works for you and which one does not. We wish you perfect papers and only the best grades!