How Modern Technologies Can Transform the Way We Live


Ten years are not so much for a person, but it is like a millennium for the technology. They develop more and more rapidly, constantly interfere with our life and change it. The most of the changes are due to the Internet, wireless and mobile service. These three have made the majority of the world’s population fit into one informational space. Only ten or so years ago only a few per cent of people could go online from their houses, none at the time could boast with a quick working internet on their phones. And now the teacher at school give essays about technology as homework, just to see how the young generation views this growing titan. If you need help with you essay, contact us and we will be glad to help you out.

Everyone daily comes in contact with modern technologies – we need it and already cannot live without it. Internet, radio, and television can be now found even off the beaten track. The technological progress pushes a man to the new bright future. Nowadays we can make a call or send a message to any destination in the world: the quality of the connection is growing daily and the prices are diminishing. This does not reflect very positively on the environment, as the amount of waste is growing and the production of gadgets never stops, however, the scientists are constantly working on the development of eco-friendly machines.

We cannot live a day without going online and checking our mail, the news and the weather forecast. We simply cannot but chat with friends and acquaintances. We became the dominators of our little online worlds. This all couldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t had personal computers at our homes. The development of these magical boxes is unbelievably quick: from a rather heavy multiple part complex they became less than a book in size and easy to carry around.  However, without these little technological miracles we would be disconnected from the world web. Of course, the connection is omnipresent because of the Wi-Fi. It is a rarity to see someone sitting in a café without a phone in their hand and not typing a message. This can be viewed negatively, because the lack of personal communication is constantly growing and soon we wouldn’t be able to talk without a gadget between us.

The Internet is what made the daily suffering of the disabled more bearable and brought some possibilities into their lives: now they can work from home and function as any other people. The current technological progress is, however, not so great as to be able to cure the lethal diseases of our times like cancer. Many disabled people now are able to communicate via the social media, e-mail, skype and many other webpages with the world. Though unable to walk or leave their houses, they can still participate in the socializing.

The benefits of mobile Interne and Wi-Fi made our options almost limitless. We can work from home or any other place, while we are still connected. Now our homes became our working space, we can do our work lying on the couch and wearing comfortable pajamas. There is no rush to go to the office in the morning, to dress fancy and to sit in an overstuffed office for eight hours. Even the higher education establishments would soon become redundant and useless as everyone will receive their degrees in online colleges, without leave the house. It seems that the technological progress is aimed at keeping us always at home.

When you think of it, our money is now only online, so you can always use it from home. You do not have to stand for hour in a line to pay your public utilities, but you must only access your account online and press a few buttons. This way the technologies make couch potatoes out of us and they let us be lazy and somehow home-bound. Online shopping is the fashion of this decade: log in, choose and pay. Then you must only wait when the ordered item comes. The stores are mow relatively empty, especially the clothes stores, because everything can be done from home.

The modern technologies are the saviors of the humanity: they have prolonged the life of our kind. People have developed technology to help them survive and to perform what cannot be done with bare hands. At present, owing to the existence of the advances medical equipment, certain surgical procedures on heart and brain that were earlier impossible are now widely available. There are even artificial organ parts that help some people live longer and more capable life. If you are wealthy or even well-off, you can probably afford to rejuvenate in the up-to-date cosmetic salons that use up-to-date technologies.

There are, naturally, some major disadvantages to the technological development, like humans do not need to work so hard anymore, because all the work is done by the machines and almost no physical labor is necessary. The environmental threat is always an issue that needs to be solved fast. There is also the factor of time: the online surfing takes incomprehensible amount of our time. This time could be spent enjoying the nature or socializing with real people, and instead it is spent in chatrooms and social media.

However many disadvantages of the technological age we may find, the advantages are still greater. Only half a century ago no one could even think that the humanity would make such a rapid progress and develop so much useful equipment. Although, there were some people that believed – the creators of the phantasy movies or the science fiction book writers. These people made stuff up just for fun, perhaps, but the scientists took these ideas seriously and made them come true. What waits for us next? Shall we become half-humans and half-robots, develop artificial intelligence or find a way to live forever? These questions cannot be answered now, but time will show what the humanity is capable of.