How Owning Pet Can Change Your Life


Animal impact on human health

The fact that animals influence our health is known from ancient times. Today hundreds of experiments have proved this fact. According to statistics the owners of dogs and cats live on average 5 years longer, budgerigars can ease heart pain, horseback riding helps people with mental disorders… Zootherapy becomes more and more popular all over the world. For example, in the USA animal therapy is used in children's hospitals, nursing homes and even in the army. Australian scientists discovered that blood cholesterol level decreases when dealing with pets.

The British, in their turn, noticed: in the house where pets live children grow healthier, with sanity and excellent immunity. They not only study at school better, they also have a strong sense of responsibility. According to scientists most of all pets influence 5-8-year-ols children. But the “mechanism” of such therapy is still unknown. Someone says about bio-energy rhythms of the brain, others about biofield. Actually, important is not the principle of the therapy functioning, but the fact that fluffy “doctors” really honestly earn their bread (or rather, food).

How it all began

At the end of the XVIII century, a psychiatric hospital in England used animals as “treatment”. Conservative British do not refuse their traditions today: you can buy white healing cat at almost any chemist's shop! The so-called “horse” therapy is widespread in Scandinavia, and many disabled children are brought to Israel, hoping that doctors-dolphins will help. Today zootherapy is in its peak and animals are trained in a special way by the team of specialists: veterinarian, medical doctor and psychologist. In our days it is not something new for America or Europe when a cat officially “works” in a hospital as a nurse, a team of 12 dogs works for example on the rehabilitation of patients with brain and spine injuries. There are even special companies in the USA who train dogs-doctors: Therapy Dogs International in New Jersey and Delta Society in Seattle. But in fact any pet, whether it is a dog, a cat, a white mouse or cold-blooded, but so “useful”, reptile can influence human positively.

Cat therapy is available to everyone

Common housecat is one of the most perfect creatures of the nature. These fluffy lumps are able to reduce blood pressure, get rid of migraine, and stimulate treatment of injuries and inflammatory processes. They also relieve fatigue and stress, help with rheumatism, gastric ulcers and insomnia. It is hard to say what exactly helps: some special cat energy, a gentle massage with cat “acupuncture”, the warmth of fluffy body or this calming and relaxing purr. By the way the medicinal abilities of the cats were proved scientifically. For example scientists discovered that a couple of minutes of a pet cat stroking normalizes blood pressure and pulse. Also fluffy pets help those who suffer serious mental disorders, heart disorders, and brain injuries caused by hemorrhage and mechanical injury. Moreover, “girls” treat better diseases of the nervous system and internal organs, and “boys” are excellent healers of osteochondrosis, radiculitis, and arthrosis. There is no common view on what cats heal better; some believe that the most healing are short-haired “brunettes”, and in England “blonds” are preferred more. There is also another point of view – each breed is specialized in a certain disease. Thus long-haired cats have “inclination” to neuropathology and can successfully cure your depression, insomnia and irritability. Cats with medium length of hair are “specialized” in heart diseases, and short-haired and bald treat well liver and kidney diseases, gastritis and colitis. By the way Siamese cat can also protect you from colds, because it has an ability to kill pathogens that accumulate in the house. Scientists still can not explain how Siamese cats do that.

Fish treat “nerves”

Watching aquarium fish reduces stress. That is why doctors advise people who suffer from depression and neurosis to get aquarium with fish. Also fish cause a sense of joy and well-being, contribute to the intellectual level increase, help to avoid serious life mistakes and even strengthen family relationships. Ant there is more! Aquarium perfectly adjusts microclimate, evaporated water humidifies the air, makes it useful for the health and easy to breath, what is very important for the prevention of asthma and colds.

Rodents psychologists

Interaction with rodents helps unconfident people to overcome complexes and stage fright. Moreover, hamsters, mice and rabbits treat diseases of the joints, and white rats are “specialized” in neuroses.

Dogs therapists

These masters with four paws can help you to get rid of arrhythmias, peptic ulcer disease, chronic bronchitis, heart failure, spinal osteochondrosis, preceding infarction condition, normalize the pressure, help to recover after a stroke, and contribute to weight loss. It is also mentioned that dogs help to prevent nervous breakdown. A course of treatment is very simple – stroking, walking, training and rest together. Although, “dog” treatment has contraindications. The fact is that four-legged friend is very sensitive to human emotions; that is why neurotic owner unwittingly transmit his fears to the dog. As a result there is no treatment but suffering.

Birds therapy

Twitting pets change people completely. The owner of feathered healers becomes joyful, efficiency and creative activity also increase. What is more, songs of canaries perfectly relieve stress, soothe the nerves and improve the mood. Budgies ease heart pain, and their big relatives are excellent healers of stuttering, skin diseases and neuroses.

Cold-blooded “paramedics”

Reptiles strengthen the nervous system, help with epilepsy and neurodermatitis. Even simple visit to the terrarium is useful for neurasthenia, chronic pneumonia and congenital dementia. And it is also not that difficult to be treated by reptiles, because there are good terrariums in almost every zoo.

Rehabilitation on a horse

The healing qualities of hippotherapy are quite scientific. Horses help to treat cerebral palsy, polio, muscular dystrophy, and multiple sclerosis. “Horse” rehabilitation of the spine injuries, paralysis of the legs and arthritis can not be doubted. When a horse moves it makes us constantly use vestibular system and muscles. Maybe hippotherapy can not cure disease completely, but it will certainly give serious improvements. And besides horse riding treats mental disorders, alcohol and drug addiction. Love to horses arouses interest in the life of the terminally ill people. And there is no wonder, because only thanks to horses people with missing limbs are able to move, deaf and blind get new world of feelings they have not experienced before. For the health both, horse riding and specialized treatment programs as well as regular walk horse riding in the suburbs are efficient and useful.

Dolphins are amazing healers

These mammals are nature miracle. People know about their “medical” abilities for a long time. Interaction with dolphins not only helps to calm down, improve emotional state and remove the psychological tension, but also cures very severe diseases. Dolphins help a lot with autism, mental retardation, brain injuries and spinal cord. Plus today there is no problem to visit dolphinarium.

So if you can not take a hamster, you can get a photo of a “healer”, it will also help but with less efficiency. For example, psychologists recommend to decorate the home or workplace with the picture of an elephant to train endurance, diligence, calmness and kindness. Anyone can check and without consequences whether such treatment is useful or not. Zootherapy is almost the only natural, painless and publicly available procedure that absolutely eliminates medical errors.

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