How Technology Can Change The Way Children Grow Up


Our modern world changes very rapidly. Every day we hear that scientists invent new devices and gadgets. Out life becomes more and more dependant on technology.

Today it is impossible to imagine our life without washing machine, vacuum cleaner, and especially without cell phones and computer with access to Internet. Without these high-tech devices we often feel helpless. Technology has become a very essential part of our daily life. Now machines perform a lot of operations that people used to do with their hands. Thus it is natural that technology changes the way we live and of course it changes the way children grow up.

Influence of technology development on children has both, positive and negative side.

Positive influence of technology on children.

  • Children learn very fast, especially when they are interested in something. Technology can make the process of learning not only very informative, but also amusing, transforming learning into a game. Children have desire to study, they are eager to get more knowledge, and thus the efficiency of the process increases. So technology helps children to learn faster, better and easier.
  • Using technology children get technical skills which can be useful in many spheres of life.
  • Technology develops children’s social and cognitive skills.
  • Technology provides children with different learning activity resources.
  • Scientists create special educational software, elementary encyclopedia, also interactive books, and so on to support children in the learning process.
  • Learning to handle different devices and gadgets children cooperate with their family members, work in team with their coevals and so they develop their social and communication skills.
  • Children with special needs have possibility to study and to communicate with other kids without leaving their homes.
  • Some educators express their worries that children’s social skills and socialization in general may decrease. In spite of that there is a communication increase between children who use computers. Computer helps shy kids to look for and share information, to make friends, to develop their language, and their adaptation in society becomes easier.
  • Blending of technology and different classroom activities shows great academic results.
  • Technology provides unlimited access to the huge amount of information. Today children have possibility to get any information they like with just one click. Although at the same time it is disadvantage of technology, because sometimes kids can watch or read something that is not appropriate for their age.
  • Using computer children communicate with each other, they ask for help, make comments, provide information, agree or disagree with something, and thus they master their critical mind and skills.
  • Children learn to assist each other when they use computer.
  • Children who are able to use computer on expert level can gain others’ respect. They also can help and teach their classmates.
  • Computer provides children with a certain per cent of independence they often look for. In such a way children learn to make decisions, they make their own choices, and they try to solve the problems they face. All these skills will help them in their future grown up life.

Let’s talk about negative consequences of technology as well.

  • A problem of generation gap becomes bigger and more evident.
  • Technology takes all the time of children. They are occupied with their cell phones and computers. It is the only thing they can think about. Children are absorbed by technology and ignore everything else.
  • Children become lazier and more passive. Technology does a lot of things instead of children, that is why they do not feel necessity to do something by themselves or with their own hands.
  • There is a risk that children can become dumber. Machines not only perform many processes instead of people, they also can think instead of us. When our parents studied at school they had to calculate numbers in their minds, they searched for information in books sitting hours in the libraries. Now there is no need to do all of that, cause technology gave us everything that makes our life simpler.
  • Modern children are interested more in technology development than in their relationships with their family, friends, and other people. They spend less time outside and often neglect nature with its beauty and miracles.
  • Everyone already knows that technology, in particular Internet can cause addiction and others psychological problems.
  • Sometimes because of ignorance children may misuse certain devices and gadgets that can lead to unpredictable consequences. It can be even dangerous.
  • Constantly using computer children forget that they have real life, they immerse in the virtual world, so their relationships with family and real friends become worse day to day.
  • Children become very dependent on technology. They can not perform the easiest operations without technological devices. Even modern entertainments are mostly based on technologies.
  • Today children have a lot of health problems caused by technology. We have already mentioned mental problems that different gadgets may provoke, but also they influence physical health. According to research reports there is an increase of problems connected with eyes, spine, posture, blood pressure, headaches and so on. Much more children from very early age have to wear glasses, correct their posture and deal with other health problems.
  • Face-to-face communication loses its value and children often do not know the main and basic rules of conversation, such as an eye contact when they speak to another person. People of older generation think it is rude and impolite. According to their mind it is lack of education and they blame technology.
  • Since children spend less time with other people and more time in front of the screens, so they can not develop important skills of communication and social behaviour.

Both lists of positive and negative aspects of technology can be continued whit many other examples. The one thing is sure: technology has great influence on our life and consequently on the way children grow up. Technology may serve for good or it can cause harm and damage. So it depends on us which consequences technology will lead to.

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