How To Make Essay About Myself Interesting For Readers


People like talking about themselves a lot, not because they don`t care about other people, they certainly do, but because all of us tend to have egoistical nature. Admitting such fact, every human being puts his own personality on the top. Practically, being selfish neither good, nor bad quality, it`s just a part of our human nature.  The emergence of egoism goes far back to the history, when we didn`t know much about psychology or manners, we used to live the way we felt. Uprising of egoism started exactly at that time. Egoism is a very important quality, without it, people would have behaved carelessly and wouldn`t have cared about themselves, about their posterity, as life would have meant nothing. Thus, going back to the present time, people like to be praised, they like to be conspicuous and flashy. Even shy people desire someone to notice them. They might never tell or show this, but they want to be noticed, so-called silent desire to be distinguished.

There is another side of this issue – people don`t want to listen much about others. Even your friends don`t want to and it`s not because they aren`t interested in you, it`s because they might feel a bunch of emotions at the same time while listening to your amazing life story. These mix of feelings and emotions make them tired and they can`t concentrate on what you are saying. They can feel anything, starting from jealousy, sadness, excitement and going to sympathy or regrets. Such different, yet strong feelings would definitely influence their mood and state of mind. People might not understand why, but they may desire to stop listening to you and go back into their inner world. Just to leave you and be silent for some time. At this moment, if you are empathic enough, you can notice, that your interlocutor doesn`t show any interest and attention in what you are saying. Thus, talking about yourself isn`t an easy task and you should deliver information partly, dividing it on portions. The size of portions should not be large and there must be a pause between the parts of information. During these pauses, you can give your interlocutor a chance to say something about himself. This will increase his interest in communication with you. If we are interested in someone`s life or achievements, if we sincerely desire to learn more about the person and vice versa, it leads to a wonderful bond between two people.

Thus, we should follow certain rules while writing essay on myself. Obviously, writing is absolutely different thing than oral communication. Of course, you can go further and refer to different useful services, that will help you to compose your essay online. In case you insist on writing it yourself, first of all, you, as a writer should remember, that about myself essay should be interesting for readers - this is the main goal of all the essays. No matter, you are writing about love, technology or some historical facts, you should make it breathtaking and intriguing for readers. How to make essay about me terrific?

  1. You can divide your essay on several parts. How many parts you want to divide your essay on – you should choose yourself, as nobody knows you better than yourself. You can give titles to each of these parts. For instance, you can answer each question in a certain part: who are you, what is your background, what are your interests, what are your talents, what are your achievements, what challenges have you faced? The answers to these questions will give a reader basic understanding of who you are what they should wait from you in your essay.
  2. Be humble in your about me essay. You can be talented, wealthy, creative even extraordinary, but keep balance between all about me essay example and the most talented person you`ve ever known is me. Readers will definitely feel if you are a bit vain or even narcissistic. Acknowledging your achievements by others – is what every person needs, but boasting won`t help to get this acknowledgement. On the contrary, if readers feel that you are braggart, they won`t accept you and your essays seriously anymore and your very shy and reserved myself essay in the future won`t help to change their mind.
  3. Don`t try to be too good in your essay. As you might noticed, nobody is perfect and it`s impossible to find a perfection nowadays, which is probably a good thing. Nobody believes that you can be good at figure skating, chemistry, geometry, painting, rugby and playing piano virtuously at the same time. Thus, don`t be afraid to say that you used to have difficulties at certain areas of your life. It will make your story sound real and you – genuine. Even if it`s true and you are really good at the abovementioned incompatible activities – go to the tip and 2 – be humble. It`s better to diminish your achievements a little bit, rather than earn fame as a `big talk` person.
  4. And finally, give examples from your life. Just facts and information might be a little boring for about me essay example, it would be much more vivid if you use some funny, thrilling or even dangerous examples from your life. For instance, if you are talking about your first trip abroad, say how hard it was for you to earn and save up money for this, very first trip. You studied during the day and worked hard at night, because you were unstoppable and your goal was indestructible. Your opinion is that every person should rely on himself first of all, be independent in his decisions and free from any prejudices and superstitions.

If you feel, that it`s really hard for you to talk about yourself, you can take an advantage from our site and order introduce myself essay online. Keep in mind, that you can go further and find some advice how to write persuasive essay yourself. It will increase your level of consciousness and will widen your world view on certain topics. Go for it!

Thus, you can see four main rules that should be followed while writing introducing myself essay. I would say, that talking about myself, is one of the most difficult tasks. Most people can talk about their disadvantages and bad sides, but it`s even harder to describe your good sides. Only 3 people out of 10 could name their 5 good qualities they are proud of during 10 minutes after they were asked the question. The rest of them could name only 3 or 4 qualities and it took them much more than 10 minutes. Don`t be shy to talk about your accomplishments, but be fair and sensible while describing yourself.