How to Overcome Fear of Negotiation: Improve Special Skills


                In previous sections, we discussed a few efficient ways to raise labor productivity. Today, we will observe the problem of overcoming fear of negotiation and ways to improve special skills. Good negotiation skills come handy throughout one’s life, but there are people who simply lack the necessary skills being unable to make a point or conclude a deal. Come to think of it, we negotiate in a number of ways practically every day. The cases of negotiation range from waking up in the morning and asking a parent to let the dog out to resolving conflicts and dealing with customers or distributors. However, the actual challenge of negotiation is to be able to get what we need or want without neglecting the needs and wishes of other people.

                Here are some tips that will help you overcome fear of negotiation and improve special skills in order to always keep to the point. To learn about other valuable solutions to various problems, check our blog.

  • The first thing you have to do is to improve listening skills. Scholars say that an ability to listen to another person is truly an underestimated skill. Listening to other people can be hard at times, particularly if you want to prove your viewpoint. Nevertheless, listening to another person makes him/her feel respected and helps to build trust between you and another person, which is one of the rules of efficient negotiation. If you want to learn how to listen to another person in a right way, you might consider repeating what the other party has said to you to confirm that you are actually listening to him/her and understand the viewpoint of your conversation partner. 
  • You also need to always strive for a win-win outcome when negotiating about a deal. Sometimes you might be too concentrated on proving your viewpoint so that you might completely neglect the opinion of another person. You might also think that a win-win solution goes against the very purpose of any negotiation. However, those who ensure that both parties win in the course of negotiation prove to be the most successful ones. You should not neglect this aspect if you want to learn how to negotiate in an efficient and productive manner. In this way, you will be able to develop necessary skills and overcome fear of negotiation with much ease.
  • Besides, you should try to search for similarities in the course of negotiation. In the process of communication with another person, try to understand his/her point of view and look for similarities that you share with the other party. When there is a common interest between the two people, it will be harder for the other party to disagree with your point of view. That is why it is so important to try to search for similar things, something you share with another person, in order to lead a productive discussion.
  • You need to recognize objections as well. The other person will definitely try to finish the conversation before you get what you need by providing some counter arguments or objections to your suggestion. A lot of people give up their ideas when they hear such arguments, but what you have to do is to acknowledge that there might be some objections to your viewpoint. It is among the most important negotiation skills that will make your conversation partner feel heard so that he/she will not end the discussion abruptly. Don’t neglect this aspect and you will be able to learn how to negotiate without any effort.
  • You also need to pay attention to some other possibilities. Sometimes we tend to stick to a single viewpoint while negotiating with other people. However, this leads to a situation when we miss some valuable possibilities. Considering some other options in the course of negotiation will help you to see the situation from another angle and think outside the box. By doing so, you might realize that you have much more to offer than you initially expected. And this will increase your chances for success while negotiating with the other party. This basically means that you need to be open to other possibilities in order to lead a productive conversation with another person.
  •   The last but not the least, you need to acknowledge that you have a fear of negotiation and try to participate in various discussions more actively to overcome this fear. The most important thing you have to do is avoid being confrontational. You should rather be open to people, listen to then attentively and see the discussion from different perspectives. This will ensure that in the course of time you will overcome your fear of negotiation and simultaneously acquire a number of necessary skills that will help you to learn how to bargain and negotiate in a productive manner.
  • You should also remember that if you are a shy and timid person by nature, chances are that when you think yourself to be too assertive and confrontational, other people may not think so. Instead, they would see that you can be easily intimidated and this will lead to a situation when the other party gains control over the process of negotiation. In this case, your chances for success are minimal. Remember this point next time you will have to negotiate with someone and pay attention to how they take the lead and promote their own viewpoint without being attentive to your own wishes and needs. Such situations should be avoided at all costs. You will definitely learn to avoid such situations if you follow the above rules.  

To conclude, in order to overcome fear of negotiation, you need to come to terms with yourself and start being more self-conscious to see your own mistakes and flaws in the course of negotiation. In this way, you will be able to not only acquire some special skills, but also overcome the existing fears and achieve success in any kinds of negotiations. You will be able to make deals and speak to the point in any situation.

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