How to Start Essay on Success Writing


What is success essay and how to start writing it? How to give the definition of success essay correctly and make your paper really perfect then?

As soon as I was given a task to write an essay about success, I began to think about it and about my own achievements. Can they be called successful? Who is a referee, who determines the level of success, and who gave him the right to judge people? How to understand whether you are on the right track, or your actions should be corrected?

I hear a question “Are you successful?” more than often. It sounds from TV in primetime, nearly all the glossy magazines contain the headlines about success, and my relatives try to dig into my soul each time when they meet me. I doubt that those, who pose such questions, really mean something, when they give this quiz. It seems that they want just to ask, but not to hear an answer about what a respondent really feels.

It seems that all the recommendations how to be successful and appeals to march confidently towards success are just the PR stunt, which has nothing in common with a real life. It is just a smart advertising method of how to attract the buyers to purchase the books on success, to make the TV viewers stare at the screens in attempt to find some super useful counsels, and to make people visit more and more workshops under the high-sounding names “How to conquer your problems and become successful”. Are modern people really so trustful that they are ready to confide in all these recommendations?

Unlike a lot of my fellows, such a question never disturbed me. I simply live my life and it doesn’t bother me what the others think about me. I feel comfortable and this is the main indicator of my happiness. I set the targets, reach them, and it is enough for me to feel good. Soon I was able to give my own definition essay success and I was going to tell about this in my personal philosophy of success essay.

Success is…

Success is different. What is success for you? What do you mean when you are going to say “I am successful”, or “Oh my God, I am far from success”? What will you write about if you are asked to tell about success? Can you give a definition essay on success, or it is still an impossible mission for you? Are you ready to receive such a task and explain your own notion of success, your way to successful life, and your examples of those lucky men, who are the idols for you in your success definition essay?

I was preoccupied with all these questions and went online to clear up the situation.

According to the Business Dictionary, success is achievement, which is reached in a definite period of time and within specified parameters. It is a brief definition of this notion, though it’s enough to understand the main thing: success is in your head! It is you who put the targets, choose the parameters and time within which you need your goal to be reached.

I guess it is impossible to say right after the first glance at a person whether he is successful or not. His own parameters of success may differ from those, which are in your head. You can dream about snapping at Bill Gate’s heels, while he can dream just about pass his exam satisfactorily. You are ready to forget about sleep and work like a crazy horse to earn 1 million dollars, while your opponent can have a desire just to get married tomorrow.

People are different and their demands and desires are different too.

You are free to define success essay as you like. Nobody is able to limit you in your thoughts. Don’t you still know what to write your success essay about? Are you ready to tell everybody about your plans and your own way to success? Do this and your essay on success will hit the mark.

Successful Studentship: Is It Possible?

As you are a student now, I am sure that the only question, which worries you, is: How to be a successful student? This thought is always in the heads of millions of young men. I thought about it too. Everybody knows that successful student is he, whose marks are excellent. It means that if you want to achieve this, you should study, study, and study all the time. Are those students, who are glued to their armchairs and computers, really happy? Is it really a success, after which they were striving so much? No! Such a life is not for me!

I don’t have a desire to outrun all my fellow students. I am satisfied with my academic raking. I need my energy for some other things. I know my parents are proud of me, because they feel me perfectly. My happiness is much more important for them than an opportunity to boast of my success to their friends.

I have my own aims and high grades take the last position in the list of things, which can make me successful.  I told about this in my college success essay. I hope that my new concept will make my friends reflect on their lives too. It’s time to change the priorities!

Kill Two Birds with One Stone

If high marks are so important for you and it is really one of the main parameters of success for you, I want to tell you: it is possible to improve your marks and stay happy! You can start receiving the best marks every day. How to do this? Just read this post. It will help you to change your life and do this quickly.

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