Identity Essay: Who We Really Are


We understand ourselves by comparing our identities to those of other people; we inevitably find similarities and differences, and the latter make us conscious of who we really are. This essay on identity deals with self-identification: how we perceive ourselves and why it is important to be self-conscious. This topic is only of the many that we can write for your studies. You can learn more about our services on this page, while here we will share with you several working methods how to reveal your inner self, but first of all let us introduce you how humans decided to identify themselves by means of paper documents (and the plastic ones of course, if we consider the modern world).

Formal identity

Each of us has a number of documents that tell us and other people who we are. These are a passport, a driver’s license, a social security number and so on. Fraudsters may have several sets of them, as we can often see in detective movies and read in similar books. If you look through any identity theft essay, you will learn a lot of ways of doing it, along with a long list of punishments for it.

All these documents should have created a perfectly arranged world. It seems as though the society has been trying to classify itself, to find each person a place in this big world, but can we really do it by merely giving out numbers to people? Does a passport give you a sense of who you are? We doubt it. It is not about your formal data: name, date of birth, names of parents etc. Identity is what is inside. It does not matter what your name is or what photo you have in your documents if you have special talents and can tell straight away (even during an important job interview) what your strong sides are. Being self-conscious means being able to express how you feel and what you have achieved in such words so that other people can understand. Individuals who can easily do it probably never had problems back at school when they had to write My Identity essay.

How to acknowledge your identity

The first thing you should start with is taking it for granted that each person is unique, and you will never find anyone with the same skills and talents as you possess. We have come a long way to who we are right now, and wishing to be someone else is a meaningless and time-wasting activity (and almost as exhausting as editing your essay without professional editor’s help).

Then, try to think of your strong and weak sides. But remember that you do it not because you want to find something to blame yourself for. People often find this type of pastime amusing: looking for their faults and then examining them as if under a microscope. However, focusing on something bad brings this bad to your life; the more you think about your problems, the more they pursue you. But the list we were talking about is for you to acknowledge that you actually have a lot to boast about, while your not-so-good features must show you that there is no limit to perfection. You may also present the list in the form of an identity essay in which you look at yourself as if from a distance. Stay positive, even if you find it hard to accept yourself as you are right now.

Google up upcoming trainings, seminars and other events in your area or online aimed at discovering your inner self. There are several things you should pay attention to:

  • the presenter must be a well-known or at least certified psychologist;

  • you had better avoid pilot meetings and webinars, choosing instead organizers who have experience in what they do;

  • check what is included in the sum of money each participant has to pay.

If you want a result without having to leave your apartment, try best self-help books. However, the risk of selecting the one written by an amateur is extremely high, that is why avoid buying books without reading reviews about them first. It is ironical how many self-help books available for sale nowadays are actually worthless. In 2013 Irish writer Cecelia Ahern have picked up on the subject and wrote a novel “How to Fall in Love,” in which you will find lots of ironical remarks on this type of literature. But it is all vice versa with works by experienced psychologists. Books and essays on identity written by professionals usually give you what you expect, and this is proved by at least 4 stars out of 5 on social networks and lively comments how the author changed somebody’s life for the better.

Surround yourself with successful people who know what they are doing with their lives. It always works because a human is a collective animal. We tend to copy each other’s actions in order to feel a part of the society. That is why having ambitious individuals in your daily communication helps a lot. You will learn from them how to develop your strong sides and become more successful. You can find one more way how to do it in our essay on goals. Setting short-term and long-term goals always brings you closer to success.

Always try something new. Stereotypes surround us everywhere, but actually they present a huge danger. When you act automatically, for example ignore a person who offended you once or refuse to eat fish because in the childhood you choked on its bone, you deprive yourself of many joys of life. You will have no idea how versatile the world around you is unless you explore it by yourself. Take a tour to a remote country, try something from exotic cuisines, do shopping in new locations. This will be enough to make your life brighter; plus, you will discover something new about your identity. It may result in taking up a new hobby, for example.

We hope that this self identity essay showed you the way of discovering who you really are. Although each of us has a collection of documents with our photos, numbers, names and so on, it does not mean anything in terms of personal development. You should try to acknowledge your identity, reveal more facts about yourself that were previously hidden even from you. It will make you a well-rounded individual who is interesting to talk with when it comes to having discussions. Knowing more about yourself will fill your life with valuable experience.