Integrity Definition Essay: Honesty and Wholeness


Integrity is a very interesting word. It has several meanings. So, we decided not to devote this essay to discussing only one side of the notion. Let us find out what are the meanings of this word and consider each of them. Integrity means honesty, purity, and decency. Also, this word means completeness and wholeness. The meanings of one word have very interesting and significant ideas. Both honesty and wholeness are vital elements. It is so unexpected to know that one word may reflect such important things. In Essay on Integrity we will talk about these two meanings.

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Integrity as honesty is a necessary part of our lives. We need it for many reasons. Despite all cruelty and lie which people used to see in this world, honesty remains inevitable element of each soul. Conscience has born honesty. Sometimes it brings depression, fear, frustration, confusion, and even death. However, honesty gives people love, future, strength, calmness. It puts an end to every issue. This is the last word of every sentence. Learn how to be honest.

Do people need honesty? It may be painful but in the next moment honesty turns the pain into relief. Integrity which we consider as honesty influences all spheres of someone’s life. It can improve it or worsen. A person is the one who decides how to approach honesty. If he/she accepts it as an absolute matter, a person will stay fine even after a horrible honesty. But if someone looks at integrity as the means of offence, honesty for such person will become the worst enemy.

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Illness sometimes also becomes an enemy. In this case, someone has to be very honest to himself. Check information about breast cancer here:

Honesty is necessary for good relationships. A true friend must be not only wise and reliable. He must be honest. Honesty is a right means of approach to any situation. Be honest to yourself and do not draw illusions. Integrity becomes a friend if you treat it well. Let us discuss what is honesty and look at some interesting examples of integrity.

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1. Honesty means telling the truth. If one says things that are not true, he is not honest. Spreading rumors and gossips means the lack or absence of honesty.

2. Honesty means sticking to facts. While a person claims facts, he is honest. When someone deviates from the fact, he is not honest.

3. Honesty is sincere impressions. Wearing a mask and showing unnatural feelings means the absence of honesty. It can be noticed in some characters of the novel “Pride and Prejudice”. Read our Pride and Prejudice Essay. You would surely find it very interesting.

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Honesty and Relationships

Honesty maintains trust which puts the base for good relationships. If you are honest, it guarantees your partner safe relationships. He/she can trust you. Your partner knows that your word is reliable and you will never let him/her down. Honesty means openness. So, you are not keeping any secrets. You do not hide feelings and dreams about future. This makes relationships very strong. Who would like to have such? It is a personal choice to be honest or not. Someone has to work much to become one. It demands practice and endurance. However, it always brings so wonderful result that one has to try. If you will write a paper about an honest person, we could suggest you our professional essay review service.

Honesty makes world better. It increases the level of morality. Honest people always win. Although nowadays in the world the value of truth and its significance has been distorted, honesty leads to at least spiritual satisfaction. An honest person is a brave person. It is power to say “no” to a lie and to a sin. Not everyone is able to say “you are wrong” when sees or hears untruth. It is a big courage to be honest. Integrity in this sense becomes even a gift. It may deliver many troubles to a person. Still, it will bring a person to the top.

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There is a good example in Russian literature. Dostoyevsky wrote a novel which was called “Idiot”. It tells readers about a very simple man who is little an idiot. This disease shows itself in being honest. He always tells the truth, not only things that he thinks but true things. People consider it as a form of disease and often make fun of him. This honesty brings him problems but at the same time this element gains favor with the main character. People love him and hate because of his honesty. The author writes that his hero is a wonderful man. He admires him as well as readers do. What do you think about such kind of person?

Besides, in “Of Mice and Men” novel there is also good examples of honesty. Read our Essay on of Mice and Men.

Integrity as Wholeness

So, we have discussed the first meaning of the word “integrity”. As you remember, integrity also means wholeness. The best way to explain this notion is to show an example of national integration (wholeness). Imagine a country with different nationalities and worldviews. How this country can become prosperous? It is impossible without integration. The absence of wholeness within one country means destruction. Everyone will long for his own advance. Success will not visit a society where each person believes in his own god and follows his own creed. People need wholeness. It guarantees progress.

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Wholeness does not mean the absence of view or choice. It means the understanding of the centre which is able to turn things right and sticking to this centre. First people have to discuss and to reach agreement. Then they will go the one way. National integration allows people to turn a blind eye to diversity in religious, political, and cultural views. Buy a paper on agreement online any time you wish.

National wholeness means equality of races. Wholeness is unity of people and no discrimination. The development of any country is based on integration. Civil war is the result of separation. Such country has no future. It has to stop war for proper development. Integration is the fuel for rising and prosperity. Every generation must understand the responsibility. We are responsible for the future of our children. Our aim must be integration for it will make the country where we live successful. It leads to a good living of every citizen. Take care of your neighbor not only about yourself. It will make a healthy society. Someone can notice a sort of integration in Europe which is a very good example.

We need integrity in our families first of all. A couple turns into a successful family when they look at each other and fix eyes on the same things. It makes them move the one direction. The result in this case will be always unbelievably great.

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