Internet Addiction Essay: How Not to Become a Zombie


If you don’t have any access to the Net, nearly all your modern devices will lose their applicability. This nuance makes you run around the city in attempt to find a stable Internet connection to log in to the system. The Internet is really one of the most needed things for people of different age, social status, and nationality. Children are playing the online games; teenagers are chatting with their online friends and buy essays via the Net; women are looking for the best partners to get married. None of them can imagine his life with any ability to go online every minute and all of them have one common feature. All of them are the Internet users!

What is the Internet for you? What role does it play in your life? Are there any alternatives, which can make you agree to disconnect from the World Wide Web and never to use it again?

I know that if a poll between different categories of people is conducted, hardly a person, who is ready to continue his life without being connected to the Net, will be found. All the others will shake their heads “No” and will be ready to faint right at the middle of the road as soon as they hear about such a proposition.

Life without the Internet seems to be impossible for milliards of people. The academic essays about Internet, which are written by the students, show that young people are tied down to their computers, though an amount of older people, who go online daily, is not fewer. What makes people forget about all their private affairs, real friends, and work? What power does the Internet have over the mankind? The Internet addiction essay will cover all the secret of an enormous popularity of the Net. Just try not to forget that your exceeding interest in the virtual world is able to zombify you!

The Internet Offers  

What does the Internet offer its users that they send their real lives to hell and spend all time at the computers?

It is enough to look around. People takes their phones and tablets with them everywhere and they are able to stare at their gadgets for hours, swipe the screens back and forth, and pay no attention to time, traffic, and many other dangers, which are in wait for their victims around every corner. Besides, Wi-Fi is everywhere today and it means that all the Internet admirers have one more opportunity to go online. You may do this even from the underground.

The Internet’s ability of sucking people in is known to everybody, though every new Internet user is sure that such a problem won’t stick to him.

Nowadays not all the diseases are treated. The Internet addiction is not a medical problem, though its curing is still a hard thing to do. Who is at risk group? Who can’t control himself and cross the red line between reality and virtuality day after day?

The Net is really a perfect place for those, who have a lack of communication in life, or who are so shy that any necessity to talk to people makes them go pale. If one has a communication or attention deficit, online chatting is for him. Unfortunately, such an escape to the virtual world solves no real problems. The Internet is just the surrogate, which can’t substitute life anyhow.

Life Before and After

Today it seems that life without the Internet was impossible, though I remember the times, when such a word was absolutely unknown to people. Now my memories make me smile. There were no social nets, distance work, and the letters were written on paper. Nobody wrote essay on the Internet, because nobody knew such a term. Nobody bought clothes online, nobody made a booking through the Net, and thoughts about online education visited nobody. Were people luckier without all these modern inventions? A level of happiness is different for everybody. Some people are sure that the Internet’s appearing made people more secretive. Frankly speaking, the Internet is ambiguous. It makes us more liberate by letting us speak freely on all the topics and show our private photos to the world. On the other hand, it makes us suspicious, because we are afraid that somebody will nose out our secret info.

It is impossible to say whether it was better to live before the virtual world became the copy of the real world, or after the Internet appeared and became super popular. The main thing, which you should remember, is not to let the Net make you a zombie that stares at the display for 24 hours a day. The scientists are sure: it is possible not only to protect yourself from being consumed by the Net, but it is in your power to get rid of your addiction if you have already acquired it.

The Main Reason Why You Need the Net

Apart from some nuances, which are typical for the Net but not good for us, it can really be useful! Hey, students! Are you still here? I am going to disclose you the main reason what you need your Internet connection for! I won’t suggest you where to download licensed music freely, or where to find the best software. I want to help you to make your study a bit easier and without it will be impossible!

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